Curly Headed Cutie

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Chp. 46: Night Owls

"No!!! No!!!" I protest, hitting Travis's arm lightly as he chuckles, "You will not pin that on me!!"

"I can and I will," Travis retorts, running his hands up and down my thighs as I lay my legs across his lap, "If you were to ask me, it was definitely your fault that you tripped over thin air. You overthink everything."

"Not...all of the time..." I mumble, awkwardly and he chuckles, "I just thought maybe if I had taken a different route-"

"Uh-huh," He nods, leaning in a little closer to me, our lips becoming inches apart, "go on."

I narrow my eyes at him and he simply stares nonchalantly at me, a lazy smile on his face. "Anyway," I roll my eyes, grinning, "I figured if I had just walked around, I wouldn't bother her. Plus, I feel like if that woman were a little nicer, I wouldn't have been all nervous..."

"Right, of course," Travis agrees, winking at me, "I believe you." I playfully glare at him, as he mischievously smirks at me.

"What?" He asks, looking me up and down, wiggling his brows, "Do you not believe that I believe you??"


"Oh..." He replies, thinking. Suddenly an awkward look spreads across his face, "Well...there might be some truth-"

"STOP BEING A BUTT!!!" I interrupt, laughing and feeling annoyed. I lightly hit his arm again, and he jumps, "I knew you didn't believe me!"

He's been annoying me all night, I swear.

"That's not true, Sweetness," Travis snorts, flinching, a playful look in his eyes, "I do believe you!!" He grabs my arm and tugs me closer to him. His lips gently meet mine, and I kiss him back before he pulls away, murmuring seductively, "I just like teasing you~"

"I bet you do!! You big bully!!" I retort, scrunching my nose at him. He makes the same face, mocking me, "You're the bully!!"

"I don't sound like that..."

"Mhm, right."

"I don't!!"


We've been talking for a few hours now. We were sitting outside at first but then headed inside when I realized I was kind of hungry.

So, we headed inside to get some food, and now we're sitting on the couch in Travis's room.

It's been nice so far. Just him and I sitting here with no one else around.

"You're annoying..." I huff, and he chuckles. I roll my eyes and find myself looking up at his hair. I notice how floppy it is, and can't help but think it's cute.

I pull my arm out of his grasp and reach over to touch his hair. I rub his thick, black, wavy locks out of his face, and he stares dreamily into my eyes. I continue to play in his hair and mumble, "Your hair is so soft..."

"Yours too, Bella," He replies, as I pull my hand away. He reaches and grabs a strand of my curly, black hair, and gently runs his hands through it, "But your's much softer than mine..."

"I wouldn't say that." I deny, shaking my head, moving my hand from his hair. "Why not?" He asks, his hand gently running down my shoulder, "You're hair is one of my favorite things about you..."

I grin goofily at him and state, "You're too sweet to me, I almost feel like I don't deserve it..."

"You deserve to know how wonderful and beautiful you are," He states, truthfully, "And not only deserve to know how I see you."

I search his eyes, and he does the same. We gaze at one another for long for a long while; my brown eyes pinned on his bright, emerald-green ones. His eyes give off a tenderness as they continue to study mine. His fingers dance up my leg and eventually to my inner thigh.

Shivers shoot down my spine at his touch and I simply bite my lip, blushing. I look down at Travis's hand and move my hand closer to his, and slowly intertwine our fingers together. He looks down at our hands, we now playing with each other's fingers.

"Y'know, Tiffany...this is the happiest I've ever been in a relationship..." Travis admits, his voice barely a whisper as he gently grazes his thumb over the back of my hand.

I watch him closely and reply, voice soft, "Me're the best thing that's happened to make me happy..."

He looks up at me under his long lashes and grins. Sudden, he pulls me to sit on his lap, and I yelp, surprised at the sudden change of events. I burst out into a loud giggle, wrapping my arms around his neck as I stare down into his eyes, "What are you doing?"

He smirks, his nose brushing against mine, "I want to kiss you but you were too far away..."

"Oh," I draw out, my eyes flickering down to his lips, "But what if I do not want to kiss you??"

"Then you're not just lying to me, but yourself~"

His eyes glance down to my lips, as he slowly leans in and gently presses his lips against mine. I kiss him back, slow and passionate as my eyes close. We continue like this, I feeling like I'm on cloud 9 sitting in this space with him.

After a few minutes pass, the kiss becomes a little more intense, I pulling him closer to me, and he slips his hands onto my hips. My hands slip into his hair, pulling and tugging at it. Moaning, Travis's fingers slip under my shirt and he starts drawing circles on my lower back.

I find myself moaning softly at his touch, and the kiss starts to become aggressive. Our lips melt into one another as Travis deepens the kiss. Suddenly, I feel his tongue slip into my mouth, and I jump at the new feeling.

His tongue meets mine and they start dancing with one another. I moan loudly at that, his tongue exploring my tongue and mouth. Mine does the same, and Travis smirks as my hands pull his hair again.

Pulling away, Travis pants, breathless and I do the same. He leans and whispers in my ear, "I love you, Bella."

He nibbles at my ear, and they tingle and burn a little, "I love you so much~" I nod and reply biting my lip, "I love you t0-"

I let out a sharp gasp, as he plants soft kisses from my jaw down my neck. Slow and full of desire.

I feel his lips slowly moving against my skin, leaving a burning sensation behind every part of my neck he kisses. My whole body trembles as shivers shoot down my spine at this familiar sensation. He begins nibbling at my neck, and I squeeze my eyes close at the pinching feeling.

I tilt my head back, panting slightly and allowing him more space. All of my muscles relax as Travis whispers in between kisses, sensually, "You have no idea how much I love seeing your beautiful face~ And tasting your lips~ "

He gently pulls away and whispers, breathily, "How much I love holding you close to me and feeling your curves~"

I swallow hard, feeling really sweaty.

"I love teasing you~" He murmurs huskily, his lips brushing against my neck, teasingly, "And seeing you flustered~"

I squeeze my legs together and bite my lip at the sound of his voice; it sounding low and sexual as hell.

It's gruff yet smooth...

Looking into my eyes, Travis pins me in place with his intense gaze. His eyes grow dark as they meet mine, I feeling aroused, "I want you, baby~"

My eyes search his, I still trying to catch my breath. I notice his eyes seem predatorial looking, his pupils dilated so much so that I can see my reflection in them. I begin feeling a little nervous, yet excited. I bite my bottom lip, swallowing hard.

I've never seen Travis like this before. He almost seems like he's hungry.

And it's most certainly not for food~

Before I could react, I feel his lips begin kissing and biting my neck again. I moan involuntarily, as they suddenly land on the sweet spot. I let out another soft moan as he kisses me softly there. I pull him closer to me, urging for him to continue.

My hands find the back of his shirt and I grab it, pulling.

"Travis~ " I whisper breathily, biting my lip, and he bites a little harder. He continues this for a few more seconds, repeating the same motion. Pulling away, Travis pants, I feeling multiple hickey's on my neck where his mouth had abused.

He licks his pink lips, clearly wanting more. Looking back into my eyes, he grins lustrously, and I press my lips against his, desperately.

His hands suddenly slide under my shirt and up my back, and he lightly scratches my back and I moan softly.

I lean back a little and onto my back and Travis moves his hands from under my shirt. He ends up on top of me, all of his weight pressing against me and his body in between my legs.

He grabs my hips as I grab the collar of his shirt. After a few minutes, he pulls his lips from mine and plants a chaste kiss on my nose, grinning. His eyes scan over the length of my body, and I instantly start feeling insecure.

He whispers, voice sounding gruff and salacious, "I want to make you feel good, Babygirl~ "

Butterflies immediately erupt in my stomach at that statement, it sounding very tempting. My eyes search his for a moment, I breathing heavily.

A few seconds pass, I nod, my eyes fixated on his pink, plump lips, "Make me feel better than good."

Aggressively, I crash my lips back into his in response to his request. He kisses me with the same amount of aggression and moans loudly. My heart feels like it's about to pound right out of my chest as the kiss becomes MUCH more aggressive. Our lips, noses, and chins becoming wet as we continue to kiss, bite, and suck on each other's lips.

Our bodies begin grinding on one another, Travis's hand grabbing onto my waist, the other used to prop himself up above me. His right hand slowly slides under my shirt. Shivers shoot throughout my body feeling Travis's fingers drawing circles on my skin, causing butterflies to erupt in my stomach.

My left leg slowly slides up the back of his, and he grips the hem of my shirt.

Suddenly, I find myself eagerly unbuttoning his shirt and try to pull it off. Immediately, Travis quickly removes it and throws them off the couch. It lands on his floor as I find my hands rubbing up against his muscular frame as he presses against my body. His broad shoulders flex as my fingers slide up his muscular abdomen and chest. I trace his muscles and I feel his hand slip onto my lower back causing my back to arch.

My fingers trace the large tattoo on his chest, feeling the warmth of his skin against and his cologne consuming every ounce of my senses.

God the smell is driving me crazy~

Travis begins tugging at the hem of my shirt again, mumbling between kisses, "Your turn~"

I smile, pulling my lips from his. I smirk up at him and slowly pull off the shirt. He kisses my collar bone, and I instantly start feeling nervous again, my stomach doing flips.

I toss my blue t-shirt off the couch, it hitting the wall, and grab his face. I crash my lips into his again, trying to ignore the anxious feeling. He moans, his hands gripping my bare waist.

Somewhere along the way, we end up standing, my legs wrapped around his waist, and his hands grabbing and squeezing my butt. He sits me on his dresser roughly, knocking items off onto the floor. I unwrap my legs from around him, his hands slipping onto my thighs.

Desperately, his hands slide up the sides of my thighs and onto my hips. With that, he begins tugging at my black leggings, and, eventually, he pulls them off, revealing my black lace underwear. He tosses my leggings off to the side, they landing next to the couch. His hands slip onto my bare thighs, goosebumps forming on my skin. He caresses them, and I giggle loudly between kisses at his touch.

After a little while, I reach for the belt buckle of his pants. As I start to unbuckle his pants, Travis's hands explore my figure, his hands tracing the curves of my body lightly. One hand slips in between my thighs and I feel his fingers rub against my underwear. I moan loudly, pulling my lips from his.

He smirks, titillatingly, as I whisper, "Oh my god~"

Why does that feel so good?~

Yet, so aggravating?~

Sweat trickles down my face and neck as I continue to breathe heavily. Travis slides his other hand up my back and into my hair. He gently pulls and leans in to nibble at my ear.

The tips of my ears burn as he pulls away, his breath fanning against the side of my face. I lean in and plant wet kisses on his chest. I begin biting, sucking, and proceed to leave behind multiple hickeys on his chest. He groans, his hand sliding onto my hip, "Shit, that feels good~"

I make my way up to his neck and trace his jawline with my tongue. I pull him closer to me and aggressively plant wet kisses in the crook of his neck, slowly yet intensely.

I begin to suck and bite, and continue this all over his neck. He pants wildly, as I take his skin between my teeth and bite a little harder.

He moans aloud, tilting his head back slightly and digging his nails into my back, "Fuck~ Tiffany~"

Leaving behind a few hickeys on both sides of his neck, I completely unbuckle his pants. I pull at them and tug my lips from his neck, my lips wet and pink.

Quickly, he removes his pants and I just stare up at him, breathing heavily; he doing the same. Eventually, he kicks them off, revealing his black and red boxer briefs.

I glance down at his briefs, and somehow, my blush deepens at the sight. My stomach starts doing flips, and I begin feeling excited.

He's pants-less!!!

Relax Tiffany!!!


I study his features, seeing the scars, and a few tattoos here and there. I look down and notice the v-line, and oh my goodness~

Before I could process anything, Travis smashes his lips into mine again, completely interrupting my thoughts. I moan, feeling him grab my legs and pulling me closer to him. His body presses against mine, as I dig my nails into his shoulders.

He picks me up, wrapping my legs around his waist as we make our way to his bed. He lays me on it, pulling his lips from mine. He smiles excitedly as he crawls on top of me.

I laugh at his excited facial expression, "Your face!!" He grins, smugly hovering above me, "Don't laugh at me! I'm excited, and once I'm excited there's no turning back~"

I laugh at his response, he scattering kisses all over my face. I grab his face, pulling him back to me. His lips meet mine, they melting into one another. He grips the sheets with one hand, as I deepen the kiss.

His fingers lightly dance over my skin, Travis pulls his lips away, he panting. He looks me up and down, biting his lip, and I stare up at him, kind of confused, panting.

Why'd he stop?

Eyes lighting up, Travis suddenly positions his head in the crook of my neck again and kisses me very slowly. His lips travel down to my collar bone, and I pant and squirm at the feeling of his lips traveling further down to the cleavage of my breasts.

He bites and sucks, and I continue to squirm, moaning. After a few seconds, he plants a gentle kiss there, leaving behind a hickey on my right breast. His fingers slip onto the back of my bra, and he unhooks it. I slightly jerk at that feeling of my bra becoming loose, as he continues kissing down my body.

Eventually, he reaches my stomach and plants kisses, his hands grabbing my waist. The feeling ripples throughout my body, the sensation of his lips on my skin burning. He leaves behind wet kisses, his lips traveling down my body, he licking, biting, and sucking.

My back arches in response and his fingers trace the curve of my back. I pant wildly, slipping my hands into his hair as my bra straps begin falling off my shoulders. I squeeze my eyes close, my body quivering with anticipation.

I didn't think I would find this so damn arousing~

I feel his lips smile on my skin as his kisses travel down to my lower abdomen and he nibbles. He grabs my legs and presses his lips to my inner thighs. My legs lock and shake as he kisses down my thigh near the edge of my underwear.

The last piece of fabric keeping him from going any further...


My body throbs as I whimper, "Travis~ " He smirks, a desiring look in his eyes. He pulls his lips from my thigh and crawls back up to my face. Slowly presses his lips against mine; passionate and slow.

I press my body against him, sweat rolling down our bodies. Travis's hand slides down the small of my back and onto my butt. He squeezes and I giggle loudly in between kisses.

My heart begins banging against my chest wildly, I start feeling his finger graze my thigh, near the edge of my underwear again.

I moan loudly at his touch, feeling as if all of my senses are heightened. Slowly, Travis's finger slips into the edge of my underwear. He begins to tug them down, and I tense up.

That nervousness from earlier returns.

I start feeling extremely awkward and honestly kinda embarrassed.

I've never done anything like this before...

And now that it's happening...

I feel like he should know!!!

"Travis, wait!" I say, grabbing his hand and stopping him. I stare up at him, panicky, and he stares down at me, we both breathless.

He raises a brow, concerned, "What's wrong?" I awkwardly stutter, "I've...uh...I've never...." He cocks his head slightly to the right, as I blush with embarrassment.

I let go of his hand, taking a deep breath, "I've never...done...this...before..."

I think I just killed the mood...

Great job, Tiff...

Smiling softly, Travis mumbles, "Tiffany, we don't have to do this if you're not ready. We can wait."

I smile up at him, feeling way less embarrassed. He caresses my face, staring lovingly into my eyes, "I'm more than okay with waiting if that's what you want. We don't have to rush anything."

How did I become so lucky??

I continue to smile as he gently traces my jawline, "Aw, Travis..." I gently caress his face and ask, " doesn't bother you that I've...never done this before?"

"No, of course not," He explains, brows furrowing softly, "It doesn't bother me at all. Why would it?"

"I don't know...I guess I was reading too much into I usually do."

He chuckles, face softening, "Of course you were..."

I laugh loudly and roll my eyes at him, "Stop being mean to me!!" He laughs and mocks me, "I'm not!!" I narrow my eyes at him, "As if you're not..."


I find myself just staring up at him, studying his eyes and how soft they are. I find myself getting lost in thought.

He stares back, a content look on his face, "What are you thinking about?" I continue staring at him, and I can't help but continue to think of one thing.

What was about to happen only minutes ago.

The kissing and touching, and how my body reacted to his touch felt addictive. The feel of his lips on my skin burned, I desiring more than just his touch. All I could think about at that moment was him.

I didn't want him to stop.

I stare into his eyes, they soft and compassionate. His soft black hair, vibrant green eyes, as well as his soft plump lips.

Despite being unbelievably nervous...

I want to experience this with him.

I want to know what it's like with him.

I lean forward and whisper in his ear, "I want you to be my first, Travis~ " His eyes widen and his cheeks blush a crimson red. I smile at his surprised face and plant a kiss on his nose, "I love you~ "

His face softens, "I love you too, Tiffany~ More than you could ever imagine~ " He plants a soft kiss on my lips, and I kiss him back. The kiss is innocent and sweet, and he gently pulls away and plants a kiss on my forehead.

His fingers trace my skin, and I bite my lip at the feeling. Slowly they make their way down to my lower abdomen near the edge of my underwear and my body throbs.

He looks up at me and asks one more time, in a serious tone, "Are you sure you want to do this, Bella?"

I nod, unable to comprehend a response to his question. The tension heightens between us as Travis plants a kiss on my cheek.

Slowly, Travis pulls down my underwear, and my heart jumps. I swallow the lump forming in my throat as sweat rolls down my neck. I start feeling super self-conscious as his eyes scan over my body.

He whispers, face softening as he looks up at me from under his long lashes, "Your body is perfect Tiffany~"

He places his hand on my bare hip, and shivers go through my body. He plants a kiss on my shoulder, "Every inch of you is perfect~ Like a work of art~"

He then plants a kiss in the center of my chest, tugging my bra off. His eyes lock on mine as he says huskily, "You don't have to feel shy around me~ "

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