Curly Headed Cutie

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Chp. 47: "Rude."

The sound of soft snoring fills my ears, as I groggily open my eyes. I squint, as sunlight comes in through the window curtains, bright yet dimmed due to the curtains being in the way.

I yawn and suddenly feel Travis wrap his arms around me loosely and pull me closer to him. He buries his head into the crook of my neck, and I smile and look over my shoulder at him. He softly snores as the sheets and blankets slowly fall off his shoulder, his hair messy, and face resting peacefully.

Angelic looking...

I roll over onto my other side pulling the blankets closer to me; they smell like his cologne and my perfume. He stirs a little but doesn’t wake up as I stare up at him.

My handsome boy~

I watch as the sunlight outlines his face, recalling last night’s events. There’s only one word I can use to describe it.

Hot ’n heavy~

Some pillows lay on the floor, including our clothes. The bedsheets are out of place, pulled off two corners of the bed. The blankets are completely out of place and I and Travis’s hair are messy looking.

Last night was not like anything I’ve ever experienced. I never knew Travis had that side to him, and honestly, I didn’t know I had that side to me either.

It was magical experiencing that with him. And to make it all the more better, there was not a single other person in sight to ruin that moment for us.

Plus, it’s brought Travis and me closer together...

I look down at the tattoo on his chest and begin to trace it with my finger, noticing the hickeys I had given him last night. I can’t help but giggle, remembering that vividly.

I look to his shoulders and arms, noticing the scratches. My face flushes, recalling that memory especially. I look back up at his face, his hair falling all in his eyes. The sunlight hits his face just right, outlining his sharp jawline and nose.

He softly snores and mumbles under his breath, “Tiffany...”


He’s dreaming about me!!!

I gently play with his soft, wavy hair. I rub it back, revealing his forehead, and his entire face. A smile forms on his lips and I smirk.

He’s so cute...

“I love you~ ” I lean in a little and whisper, planting a kiss on his cheek.

“I love you too~ ” Travis whispers back, his voice deeper than the norm. I jump, it catching me off guard.

Holy shit, his voice is

I move my hand from his hair, and he chuckles. Slowly, he opens his beautiful green eyes and smirks at me, “Did I scare you?”

I laugh and reply shyly, “I thought you were asleep.”

“I was until I felt someone drawing circles on my chest,” He states, playfully glaring at me. I laugh, as he pulls me closer to him, “I didn’t think you could feel that. You seemed like you were in deep sleep.”

Leaning forward, Travis presses his forehead against mine and I sigh happily. “Obviously, it wasn’t deep enough,” He states, staring profoundly into my brown eyes.

He stares dreamily at me and slicks a strand of my curly hair behind my ear. Slowly, his fingers trace my lips, and I blush.

“God, you are gorgeous~” He mutters, softly, and I smile at him, a blush creeping across my face. He glances down at my lips and laughs, wiping the corner of my lips, “Even with a little slob on your face, you’re gorgeous.”

I roll my eyes at that last remark and state, laughing, “Aside from that last little comment, thank you, baby. You’re sweet.”

I lean forward a little and position my head in the crook of his neck. I kiss him there, whispering, “And not to mention, sexy~”

“Oh?~” He purrs, a glint of mischief in his eyes, “So you think I’m sexy?~”

“If I hadn’t, would I be laying here with you?”

He breaks out into a seductive smirk and rolls over on top of me. I look up at him, laughing as he hovers above me.

He stares into my eyes, biting his lip, “I think you’re sexy too~” I ask, raising a brow, grinning, “What are you doing?”

“What do you think I’m doing?~ ” He whispers, huskily. He presses his lips against mine, and I giggle in between kisses, “Travis~ I have to get up~”

Giving in, I kiss him back, savoring it, but pull away.

“NooOOOoo!!!” Travis whines, frowning down at me, “We don’t have to leave the bed! We could just stay here...and...just be...”

“Just be?”

“Yeah, no distractions, no nothing.”

He leans to whispers in my ear, “Plus, I’m kinda in the mood~ ” He nibbles at my ear, and I continue to laugh, “Travis!! No!! As tempting as that sounds, I’d like to get up and have some breakfast first.”

I’m kinda hungry...

He pulls away and gasps, a dramatic look on his face. I raise a brow, beaming up at him as he stares down at me with feigned offense on his face. He gives me a look, before asking, “You’d choose food over me?! How could you?!”

“Oh my gosh! No, Travis-”

“I knew it!!!!”

Suddenly lays on top of me, and I laugh aloud coughing. My eyes widen, I surprised at his weight feeling like I’m being crushed, “TRAVIS!!! GET OFF!!!”

God, this boy feels like he weighs like a thousand pounds!!

“I should’ve known not to take you out to eat so you love food more than me...” He complains, his face buried in between my bare breasts. I grab his shoulders, trying to push him up, but he doesn’t budge.

“UGHHH!!! Travis!!!” I groan as he looks up at me, a playful grin on his face. “Get off!!!” I laugh, grunting and trying to push him off again, “You’re heavy!!!”


“You’re rude!!! Now get off!!!!”

Grunting, I shove Travis as hard as I can off me, and he yelps surprised. He rolls off of me, then the bed, dragging pillows and sheets with him. He crashes into the floor with a loud thud, and I gasp, sitting up and bringing the blankets close to me.

My hair falls into my face as I lean over the bed to look down at him and laugh loudly, “Oh my god!!! Travis!! Are you okay?! I didn’t mean to push you that hard!!”

He lays on his back wearing just his boxers and his hand lazily thrown on his face. He moves his hand away and playfully glares up at me, “OW!!!”

Daniel’s POV:

I step out my car and sigh, staring at Luka’s house. I close the car door and shove my keys into my hoodie pocket. Adjusting my clothes, I mumble, “Alright, Luka...hopefully you’re okay....”

I haven’t heard or spoken to Luka since the football game. He hasn’t been to school either, so I haven’t had a chance to talk to him. I’m not sure where he is but I intend on figuring that out this morning.

I look at the garage and notice his mom’s and Dad’s cars are both missing, leaving just Luka’s.

So maybe he’s home...

I look back at the front door and step onto the sidewalk. I walk through the yard and approach the porch. I jog up a few steps and eventually walk up to the front door.

I freeze up, remembering how long it’s been since the last time I’ve been here.

I haven’t been to this house in what feels like forever...

I hesitantly raise my hand to knock but freeze up. I feel anxious just thinking of knocking on this door. Mostly because of the fear that this is just a mistake and I’m wasting time.

I finally build up the courage to knock and stuff my hands into my pockets. I wait a second or two, but those seconds feel like minutes slowly turning into hours. I rock on my heels, swallowing hard.

“HOLD ON!!!” Someone shouts from behind the door, and I break out into a cold sweat.

A little more time passes, and the door unlocks and opens. Luka stands in front of me, wearing some grey sweatpants and a blue Rugrats hoodie.

He stares at me, surprised, and I stare back, feeling awkward and nervous. I pull my hand from my white hoodie pocket and give Luka a slight wave, “Hey, Luk.”

“Daniel! Hey! I wasn’t expecting to see you here...” He replies, looking me up and down subtly. He looks around and takes notice of my car, “You came...alone I’m guessing??”

“Yeah. It’s just me. I, uh,” I stutter, shrugging, “I just wanted to check in on haven’t been to school since the whole Jackson thing, and I just wanted to see if you were alright.”

“Oh, yeah!” He responds, laughing slightly, “I’m okay! Thanks for coming over and checking in. I just haven’t been to school in a while because I’ve been busy at home, need to worry...”

I nod, feeling slightly relieved, “Cool...”

A tense silence falls over us, we just staring at one another and waiting for someone to make the first move. I clear my throat, loudly feeling uncomfortable in this dreadful, awkward silence, and Luka does the same.


This was what I was hoping wouldn’t happen...

He awkwardly runs a hand through his curly hair, and nods, “Yep...I’m okay...”

Another moment of awkward silence come back, and I simply gnaw on my bottom lip to try and ignore the tension that had built.


“ you mind if I come in???” I ask, gesturing to the house, and Luka jumps. “OH YEAH!!! COME IN!! COME IN!! COME IN!!!” He says quickly, stepping aside to let me in.

As soon as I step in, I can’t help but notice large boxes next to the couch; they’re filled with Luka’s clothes, trophies, and many other things I remember seeing in his room. My stomach drops, I feeling nervous all of sudden.

I look back at him, as he closes the door behind him and saying, “Sorry about that. Probably should’ve invited you in sooner. It is chilly outside.”

I plop down on the couch shaking my head, “No, it’s okay, honestly.” Luka sits on the couch across from me, my eyes fixated on the boxes next to me as he says, laughing awkwardly, “If you say so-”

“Are you moving?” I abruptly ask, interrupting. Luka pauses, brows furrowing, “Am I moving??”

I look back at him, feeling a sting of sadness at that thought, “I don’t mean to be nosy, but can’t help but notice boxes...” I motion to them, and he looks over his shoulder at the various boxes stacked up behind him.

Luka’s cheeks redden and an awkward look spread across his face, “I...yeah...I’m moving out.”

Moving Out??

Damn, it really has been forever since the last time we talked...

Now the bastard’s moving out...

My brows furrow with confusion, “You’re...moving out?? Where to??”

He takes a deep breath, “Yeah. I’m moving out. I’m graduating early, December 15th to be exact. Turns out I have all of my credits, so I figured I should go ahead and move out. I’m not going far, though...just an apartment complex near the mall down by 12th street...”


Tell me why I was worried he’d move somewhere far like California or Brazil?

I let out a silent sigh of relief, “Oh...thank goodness. When are you moving out??”

“Next Sunday. Why are you worried about that???” Luka asks, curious. I pause, feeling tense. I look down at my feet, thinking of a way to say this without it being too abrupt.

Just say the truth, Daniel...

“I...didn’t come over here because of that, that was just a conversation filler...” I state, truthfully. I look back up at him and continue to say, “I actually came over to see...if maybe we”

“Talk about what??” Luka asks, raising a brow. “Everything. I want to talk about everything and apologize for being a douche to you that night when you were only trying to help. Plus, I want to thank you for I guess. Honestly man...I feel like I should be saying so much more thank some thank you and sorry...”

Luka chuckles, shaking his head, “Daniel, it’s cool. You don’t have to do that...I was simply returning the favor.”

“Returning the favor?”

“Yeah. After that night at the party, before Tiffany and Travis were together, I’ve had some time to think...I was an asshole...mega asshole that night all out of rage and jealousy. There’s no excuse for that. I can’t fix what I broke. AKA, my relationship with you, the boys, and Tiffany. I’ve also realized why I was so angry that night that I probably should’ve mentioned...”

I cock my head to the right, confused as he goes on to say, a sad look in his eyes, “My Dad and I fought that night. I was telling him I was quitting football and-”

“Wait!! You were quitting football???” I interrupt, eyes wide, “What...why were you-”

“Because Daniel! You know as well as I do that I’ve never been a fan of football!!” Luka retorts, angrily, “That was always my dad’s thing!! Not mine!! And I went along with it to appease him!!”

I forgot about that...

Luka and his dad never really agreed completely when it comes to Luka’s career choices.

His Dad felt like he should carry on the family tradition and play football as everyone else did, but Luka wanted to do something else.

He was more interested in education and being a teacher rather than sports.

“So,” He mumbles, relaxing a little and continuing the story, “I was telling him that I was quitting but he wouldn’t let me. I told him I wanted to do my own thing, and he had told me that what I wanted to pursue was pointless...and that I should just stick with football...”

He shakes his head, frustration on his face, “We argued and argued, and the fighting wasn’t getting us anywhere, so I stormed out. I went to the party with you to try and get my mind off the shitty night I was already having. But, lucky me, the night only got shittier because the next thing you, I take all of my anger out on Tiffany. Plus, me being jealous wasn’t helping...”

“I was pissed. It felt like nothing was going my way that night, and I was so hopeful that I’d at least get one thing that makes me happy rather than continue with something that only makes me sad...miserable...depressed...I’m not saying any of this to try and get back into the friend group, I’m simply saying this because...I needed someone to tell this to.”

I frown, my mind instantly wandering back to Tiffany and how she was sad even though she didn’t want to show it.

“I knew my mom wasn’t going to listen, she’s always busy, so I didn’t want to bother her with it. And you already know why not my dad, he can be a total douche when it comes to me not wanting to play football. So, I simply figured I’d have to deal with this on my own...and you see how that turned out...I lost all of my closest friends...”

“You were upset, and you didn’t tell anyone??” I ask, raising a brow, and he nods, awkwardly.

“Yeah. I bet if I wasn’t already slightly pissed that night, I would’ve taken Tiffany turning me down a lot easier. Instead, I pulled a dick move,” He explains, sadly, “I guess I probably should’ve told at least one other person about my issues...”

I nod slowly, processing all of that.


Poor Luka...

“Do you think Tiffany would ever forgive me?”

I look up at him, noticing staring down at his hands. “I not asking for her to take me back or anything like that...but to simply forgive me...for being an ass-hat...”

I tense up, unsure how to answer that. He stares at me, hopeful yet doubtful all at once. I swallow hard, and reply truthfully, “I...I don’t know...”

Jonah’s POV:

“Tiffany!!! Tiffany!!! Sweetheart!! Are you awake?!” I shout from the kitchen and hear no response. I sigh, feeling sad that my little girl is still down in the dumps about everything.

It’s a lot for a teenager...

I should know...

Before Daniel went out to run a couple of errands for me, he had told me that Tiffany was still cooped up in her room, and I instantly felt upset at that thought. So, I did what any dad would do when their daughter is sad.

I look down at the Hershey chocolate bar in my hand and a plate of a piping hot breakfast sitting on the kitchen table. I smile, feeling pleased with myself. I sit the Hershey bar down next to the plate, setting it perpendicular to the plate.

“TIFFANY!!! I MADE SOMETHING FOR YOU!!!!” I shout, feeling hopeful. I pause, hoping to hear something, but nothing.

I sigh again, feeling slightly concerned. I walk out of the kitchen, to the living room, and eventually down the hall. I arrive in front of Tiffany’s room door, and knock, “Tiffany?”

I grab the doorknob and twist it. It opens, and I peek inside only to find an empty bed.

I glance around the room, finding Tiffany is nowhere in here. Immediately, I begin to hyperventilate, “WHERE’S TIFFANY?!!!”

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