Curly Headed Cutie

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Chp. 48: Last Chapter

Tiffany’s POV:













I suddenly snort and burst out into a fit of giggles before finishing my sentence. Travis joins me as we walk down the sidewalk together, hand in hand.

As of currently, we’re heading out to get some breakfast in the strip mall area.

This morning has been nice, but I feel like I’m forgetting something...

And it’s important for whatever reason...


I’ll remember eventually.

I threw on my leggings and grabbed one of Travis’s hoodies and threw it on.

Plus, it covers the hickey’s on my neck from last night, so yay!!!

“Oh my god!! We have to watch that movie together!!! You didn’t tell me you liked The Wizard of Oz,” I giggle looking up at him, and Travis nods.

Never would’ve guessed. He just doesn’t seem like the type.

“Um, yeah! It’s a classic!! That’s one of the few movies I watched as a kid,” Travis explains, grinning, looking down at me, “I wasn’t super into movies and TV shows as a kid. It was boring to me.”

“Weirdo...” I mumble, a playful look on my face. He narrows his eyes at me, a smirk playing on his lips as I go on to say, “You were weird as a kid.”

“Hell yeah I was and I’m not ashamed to admit that...” Travis retorts, truthfully, and I laugh, “I was more of a loner as a kid, so....”

A loner as a kid??

Why do I not believe that???

“Really?” I ask, curious, and he nods. “Oh yeah! It’s a wonder I made friends,” He chuckles, giving my hand a light squeeze.

“I don’t know, Travis. I can’t see you being a loner. You’re too extroverted for that.”

“You’d be surprised.”

As we continue down the sidewalk, we arrive in front of a coffee shop and walk in. As we walk in, we’re greeted with quiet chatter from mostly college students, employees, and business owners.

Most of them are just sitting at their tables, minding their own business. I look toward the cashier and immediately notice a familiar face standing at the cashier buying a coffee.

“Officer Lawrence!” I exclaim, pleasantly surprised and waving to get her attention. She turns around, her wavy, black hair pulled back into a ponytail, and soft, hazel eyes wide.

“Oh hey!!!” She replies, grabbing her coffee and walking in our direction. She stands in front of us, smiling softly, “How’ve you guys been??”

If you remember, Officer Lawrence was the cop who helped us with Jackson and getting him taken care of.

She was super sweet.

“We’ve been good!” I state, grinning. “And also, just so you know,” Travis chimes in, “Thank you for helping out. It means a lot.”

“Yeah. It really does. Thank you.” I agree, nodding and grabbing Travis’s arm. “Aw. You guys don’t have to thank me. Honestly. I was just doing the right thing.” Officer Lawrence smiles, holding her coffee with both hands, “And please, call me Becky. You don’t have to be so formal.”

Becky’s POV:

“If that’s okay with you,” Travis replies, a slight grin on his face, his black hair messy in his face. I nod, taking notice of him and Tiffany holding hands.

Teenage love...

I remember those days...

That’s how I met my husband.

“So, how have you guys been holding up??” I ask, smiling, and slicking a strand of hair behind my ear. “We’ve been good!! Things at school have been a little crazy, but we’ll be okay.” Tiffany explains, her soft brown eyes gazing into my hazel-green ones.

She shrugs, her pretty, black, curly hair falls in her face, “I’m thankful that I have supportive friends and family.”

“I’m glad. It’s always good to have a supportive family.”

They continue talking and I listen. I look at Travis’s neck, noticing light bruises. I glance over at Tiffany and notice the same bruising, but it’s hidden under the oversized hoodie she’s wearing.

Which is obviously not hers.

I smile, trying to keep myself from giggling at that.

And I remember those days too...

I continue to listen to them, but suddenly something catches my attention out of the corner of my eye. My eyes glance down at the ring on Travis’s finger.

His middle finger to be more precise.

I’m aware Travis wears a lot of jewelry as it is. I had noticed it when I first met him. Various ear piercings and a brow piercing.

But I never noticed the ring before...

I keep glancing from the ring to them as they keep telling stories. I notice the roses engraved on it, and it looks oddly familiar to me.

I used to own a ring just like that until...

Well...let’s just say in high school, I made a decision that caused me to give my ring away.

I don’t regret it though.

“Say, uh, Travis,” I suddenly blurt, curious. I motion to the ring on his finger, and he looks down at it, “Where’d you get that ring? It’s awfully pretty.”

“Oh, this old thing??” He replies, taking it off, “It was a gift from my parents. Although, I don’t know much about them, I’m assuming that this was one of their valuables or something.”


He what??

“You don’t know much about your parents??” I ask, warily. “Yeah! My biological parents. I don’t know much about them, but I got this from them as a keepsake.”

His biological parents??

So Andrea isn’t his mom by DNA...

“Wow...must’ve been expensive,” I laugh awkwardly, clutching my coffee cup in one hand as I stuff my right hand into my pocket, “I, uh...I used to own a ring just like that one when I was younger but lost it...”

“Whatever happened to it??” Tiffany asks, curious, brows furrowed. I pause for a moment, feeling awkward. Well, I can’t tell them that...

That’d be...TMI, wouldn’t it?

It probably would...

I never thought I’d see that ring again...


He got that from his...parents...

Suddenly, Tiffany’s phone begins buzzing, and she pulls it from her pocket. Her eyes suddenly widen as she reads her screen, “Oh shit!! Travis!!! We have to go!!!”

He looks down at her, concerned as she grabs his hand trying to drag him toward the door. He doesn’t budge, as he grips her hand tightly in his, “Woah!! What’s wrong?!”

“I forgot I snuck out last night!! I never came home, and Dad and Daniel just realized!!!”

“SHIT!!” Travis replies, eyes also widening. He looks back at me, a nervous look on his face, “Hey!! It was nice talking to you again!!! See ya!!!”

“See ya...” I mumble as they turn around and run out of the shop. I watch as they book it down the sidewalk, disappearing into the crowd. I stand there, frozen and consumed in my thoughts.

That ring...

Could it be...

Could Travis be...

I gulp, feeling shocked and confused, “If what I’m thinking is true...that would mean Travis”

I shake that thought out of my head before it could manifest into something that would be impossible. I take a deep breath, feeling overwhelmed with guilt, hope, sadness, and well everything if I were being honest.

I swallow hard, and simply walk out of the shop, head down.


Tiffany’s POV:

“You don’t want to show it off? You were when you were at the coffee shop.”

“Yeah I was but technically I was wearing this hoodie and it was covering my neck for the most part. But this is my Dad we’re talking about here!! I don’t want him seeing this!! Not even a little!!”

Travis nods understandingly, watching me as he sits on the counter next to the sink. I continue to pile on the foundation on my neck, concentrated on making sure this looks presentable. I stare into the mirror and set down the beauty blender.

We went out and bought some make-up to put on.

Travis’s Mom’s makeup is too light on my skin, naturally, and all of my makeup is at home.


study the makeup look on my neck. I nod, not seeing any sign of a hickey being there.

Or should I say, hickies.

“Thankfully this hoodie covers my neck or else I would’ve had to really cake on the makeup.” I mumble, sighing with relief, “I didn’t know you had put that many on my neck.”

“I didn’t know you had put all of this on my neck and chest,” He retorts, motioning to his neck, “And may I just say, damn you did one hell of a job. I wasn’t expecting you to do that.”

I giggle, looking up at him. He leans in a little close to my face, his nose brushing up against mine, “It’s sexy~”

My eyes glance down to his lips and I grin, “Yeah?~”


I grin and lean in a little closer, and Travis does the same. His lips brush against mine, and I gently press my lips against his, and he kisses me back. His lips slowly move against mine sending my heart sky-rocketing.

Butterflies swarm my stomach as he deepens the kiss. After a few minutes pass, Travis pulls away, licking his lips, and whispers huskily, “Damn~ You do things to me, you know that?~”

I laugh aloud, Travis grinning as he plants sloppy kisses all over my face. He leans to whisper in my ear, salaciously, “You fill my head with all of these thoughts~”

“And you do the same to me~” I murmur, smiling softly at him and gently tracing his jawline. I then reach and gently trace his bottom lip. His eyes stay fixated on my lips as I whisper, “And as much as I would love to stay here and continue this, I have to go home.”

“Right now?” He pouts, his thick brows furrowing. I nod, “Yeah. I’m sure my Dad and Daniel are worried sick.” He nods, grabbing the hem of my hoodie and pulling me closer to him.

I now stand in front of him, wrapping my arms around his neck. He wraps his arms around my waist, and whispers, “Okay...but do you wanna at stuff before you leave?”

I raise a brow at the question, “What kind of stuff??” He grins, cheeks turning a light shade of red, “Bedroom stuff.”

I laugh, my cheeks burning up, “Bedroom stuff? That’s what we’re going to call it??”

“Mhm. Do you wanna???”

“Travis, I just put makeup on to cover the hickies on my neck.”

He nods, wiggling his brows at me, “Yeah, I know...and I won’t ruin it, promise.” I narrow my eyes at him, thoughtfully, “Promise??”



Why not?

I kinda wanna too.

Plus, I’ll be home quickly right after.

I bite my lip and nod, feeling excited, “Okay.” A wide devilish grin spreads across his face, “Okay~”

Hopping off the counter, he scoops me up into his arms, and I yelp in surprise, “TRAVIS!!!”

He holds me in his arms, bridal style, and carries me out of the bathroom. He plants kisses all over my face and lays me on the bed. I laugh as he crawls on top of me, “I see someone’s excited~”

The first thing he goes for is the hoodie, and he unzips it, smirking, “Who wouldn’t be?~” I smile up at him, biting my lip feeling aroused, “Well, c’mon then, Mr. I’m Excited~ Show me how excited you are~”

He leans down and presses his lips against mine aggressively, and I do the same. I moan as I slip my hands under his shirt, his muscles flexing under my touch. His hand slips onto my thigh and he grips it, his other hand pulling at the hem of my shirt.

I raise and pull off his shirt eagerly, and we both aggressively pulling on each other, breathing heavily. His tongue slips into my mouth, and I moan loudly, “Mmm~”

I tug off the hoodie, and Travis tosses it off the bed, grinning. His hands slip under my shirt, and butterflies swarm my stomach. His fingers trace the curves of my body and slide further down into my leggings. They slip into the edge of my leggings, and he pulls them down.

I kick them off, and Travis’s tongue explores my mouth. Mine does the same as I trace the outline of his muscles and down to his grey sweatpants. I begin to untie them, my fingers fidgeting quickly to get them undone and off.

Damn, why does it feel like I’m not moving fast enough?


Travis and I jump, pulling apart. We look up to find Andrea, Oscar, and Richard standing in the doorway. I gulp, panting, and Travis grins awkwardly, “Hey! Guys...”

We stare at one another, I feeling really uneasy and tense. “Wow...Travis you sly-dog~ ” Oscar swoons, bringing his hand to his face. Andrea looks between us, stunned, and Richard does the same. My cheeks flush with embarrassment, and Travis’s does the same.

He swallows hard and slowly crawls off me. I slowly sit up, squeezing my legs together and pulling my shirt down to cover my underwear.

The tense silence only thickens as Travis, and I stare back at Andrea, Oscar, and Richard.

I gulp, feeling sweaty from awkwardness.

Lord, help us...

“I was just...uh...” Andrea mumbles, awkwardly, clearing her throat, “I just figured you were here Tiffany since your dad had texted me asking where you were. I told him I’d check since I stayed the night at Richard’s.”

“Ugh, Richard,” Travis mutters, rolling his eyes. “I’m right here...” Richard says, shooting Travis a look, and Travis simply gives him a stank look.

“Anyway,” He says, looking back at Andrea. An awkward smile spreads across his lips, and he says, nodding slowly, “I read your text about that last night...I just didn’t respond...”

“Naturally,” Andrea states, rolling her eyes at that. “That’s where she went???” I ask, looking over at him, and he nods. “Yep,” He agrees, looking back at me.

“Why didn’t you tell me that?”

“Forgot to...”


“Geez, Tiffany, you gave me a fucking heart attack when I realized you weren’t home...” Dad mumbles, holding me close to him as I continue to awkwardly apologize for leaving out without saying anything.

He thinks I left out earlier this morning.

Little does he know; I’ve been gone all night.


“Sorry, Mr. Green,” Travis chimes in, stuffing his hands into his pockets, rocking on his heels, “Didn’t mean to make you worry.”

“As long as Tiffany is here now, that’s all that matters to me,” Dad replies, unwrapping his arms from around me and grabbing my shoulders.

He stares down into my eyes, seriously, and asks, “Are you okay? I know yesterday you weren’t feeling great and whatnot.”

“Yes, Dad. I’m all right.” I reply, nodding and a soft smile on my face, “I’m way better than I was yesterday. Just needed some time alone, that’s all.”


“Okay, if you say so,” Dad says, nodding, relief written on his face. He lets go of my shoulders, and suddenly the front door slams open. We all turn around and find Daniel and Luka standing in the doorway panting.

I look between them, confused as they both stare at me, eyes wide and full of worry, “What the hell...”

“I RUSHED HERE AS SOON AS I HEARD TIFFANY WAS MISSING!!!” Daniel yelps, car keys jingling in his hand.

“YEAH!!! DANIEL TOLD ME *pant* THAT MR. GREEN *pant* SAID YOU WEREN’T HOME!!!” Luka breathes, hunching over, hands on his knees, “I WAS, PARDON MY LANGUAGE, WORRIED AS SHIT!!!”

I laugh, and Travis joins me, we both shooting each other looks. I look back at Daniel and Luka and smile, feeling happy. Suddenly, my eyes begin to water as I glance at Luka.

God...I miss having him around...

He was my best friend...

I sniffle, happy to him standing in my living room again after so long.

Or what feels like so long ago...

I’ve missed him a lot, but with everything that happened, I wasn’t sure if I should ever forgive him.

But I’m definitely willing to try and fix it...and maybe try again with our friendship...

My vision becomes blurry as I walk up to them both and wrap my arms around them. They both yelp surprised, as I pull them down into a hug. We stay like this for a moment, and Daniel suddenly asks, sounding concerned as he wraps his arm around me, “ good, Tiff?”

“You’re not still sad are you?” Luka asks, curious as he wraps his arm around me. I shake my head, and mumble, “No...I’m not sad...I’m actually really happy...thank you...”

I let go of them and look up at Luka. He grins awkwardly at me and says timidly, “I know...I know I was a dick to you a while ago, and I know...that there’s little to no chance of you wanting to try and fix...this...”

He looks to Travis, and Travis stares back at him, “And that goes for you too, Travis. I’m sorry I was an asshole to you and didn’t bother to try and get to know you because I was being a jealous bitch...”

He looks back at me and sighs, guilt written on his face, “I’m sorry...I’m sorry for everything. I should’ve just...admitted that to you instead of...making excuses...I’m so-”

I pull him into a tight hug interrupting him, and whisper, “It’s okay. Luka...I want to try and fix this too...that’s not to say that things will be the same as they were before...but I want to try and bring you back into my life...I missed you...”

He tenses up for a moment, before hugging me back. Sniffling, he whimpers, “Th-Th-Thank you, Tiffany...”


The Spot, 9:50 pm





“No!!!” He retorts, sitting in the grass as Travis, May, Stormy, Joshua, Jamie, and I all swim in the lake staring and poking fun at Christian for not hopping in.

“That water is everything but safe!!! It’s filthy!!!” Christian states, texting on his phone as Sebastian, Simon, Daniel, and Luka run behind him, sticks held high in the air.

“GET HIM!!!” Sebastian declares, and Daniel and Simon roar as they chase Luka into the woods.


“WE LIED!!!”

“But filthy water is usually fun water!! Just ask local pools that let little kids pee in the water and not clean it up,” Travis explains, grinning, his arm wrapped around me as we float in the water, “Why not live life on the edge? You might find that you like it!”

“Hell no!!” Christian retorts, standing up, stuffing his hands into his pockets. He throws up the peace sign as he heads into the woods, “Later, Alligator.”

“After a while, Crocodile!!” Joshua chimes in, excitedly, and Stormy giggles.

Travis looks back at me and rolls his eyes, “Christian’s a wuss...”

“Oh well. He’s missing out,” I reply, wrapping my arms around Travis’s neck. I plant a kiss on his lips, and he grins down at me, staring dreamily into my eyes.

We’ve been at the spot for a while now.

3-4 hours to exact.

We’ve been just chilling and letting loose the whole time.

It’s been nice.

Gently, Travis leans in and presses his forehead against mine, and says, voice barely a whisper, “Hell yeah he’s missing out he’s been single since freshman year.”

I laugh, and Travis smirks at me, “Well, maybe he’s just not the type to date around like Daniel does.”

“You mean sleep around?” He corrects raising a brow, and I hit his arm lightly. I snort, rolling my eyes, “No!!”

“You know he sleeps around a lot; I doubt he’d ever be in a serious relationship.”

“Well...I can’t disagree with you there,” I reply, shrugging, my bra strap falling off my shoulder, “However, he and Jennifer lasted a little while before she called it quits.”

“That’s true...” He agrees, pulling my bra strap back onto my shoulder, “Which is surprising. He basically sleeps with anything that moves and breathes.”

I laugh again, shaking my head, “You are awful, you know that?”

I gaze up into his eyes, my eyes completely fixated on his green ones. We stay like this for a minute or two, before I find myself asking, “Can I tell you something??”

“Always.” He says, kissing the tip of my nose.

“It’s going to suck when you graduate and leave me in school all alone...” I pout, my brows furrowing. Travis chuckles, pulling his head from mine. He bites his lip, amusement in his eyes, “Aw, baby.”

“It is...I’m going to be all sad and alone when you, May, Stormy, basically everyone else graduate,” I reply, frowning up at him, and he cups my chin, tracing my bottom lip.

All of my friends are Seniors in high school...

And I’m a Junior...

The only Junior in our friend group, and, well, I just made that realization.

“It’s not going to be that bad, Bella, I promise. I won’t let it get bad,” Travis states firmly, kissing my forehead, “And if it does get bad, you just tell me, and I’ll handle it. With minor violence of course.”

“Mhm. Just minor violence.” I agree, sarcastically. “Yeah! Just minor,” He says, grinning at me, “Do you not believe me when I say that??”

“Not entirely, no.”

“Well, I don’t play about my baby girl...”

He suddenly spins us around, and I laugh hysterically as he says, “My mission is making you happy, seeing you happy, and keeping you happy. If you’re not doing any of that, I’m failing at my job as your boyfriend.”

We stop spinning and just sit in the water gazing at one another. A soft breeze passes by and ripples through my and Travis’s wet hair. Trees rustle a little, filling in the calming silence between us while May, Stormy, Joshua, and Jamie play in the water wildly.

I mumble, voice barely a whisper, “Well, I think that you’re doing one hell of a good you’ve always been...” His cheeks turn a light shade of pink, and his face softens up, “I hoped I was.”

Another moment of silence comes in, nice calming silence between us at least and I feel my heart flutter sitting here with Travis in this space.

“I love you,” I whisper, my hair falling in my face. “I love you too, Sweetness,” He replies, as I kiss his nose.

Even with all of the chaos that’s happened recently...

I would be more than happy to go through all of that again if it meant I’d get to be where I am today.

I look around us, seeing May and Stormy tag-teaming Joshua by splashing him constantly as he tries to swim away. Jamie just watches, laughing his head off, and shouts, “HA!! Joshua, you wimp!!”

I’ve made some of the closest friends I’d ever have in a lifetime...

And done things I never thought I’d ever get to do anytime soon because I was a nobody...

Before I met people who saw me as somebody.

Somebody more than just this awkward mess who worries too much about everything. Somebody more just Daniel Green’s little sister and the girl who spilled her drink on Travis Reel the ran away.

Someone more than just an awkward black girl...

I can finally resume my dream of being a baker to fulfill a promise made to mom.

Who would no doubt be proud...

I love my life...

And I’m thankful for the drama that happened, and the people I’ve got to meet.

Even if they were shitty at the end of the day...

I’m happy.

Happier than ever before.

I look back at Travis and unwrap my arms from around him. I splash him in the face, and he yelps; his already wet black hair becoming soaked and falling into his eyes, “AGH!!!”

“You’re still bad at this game!!” I snort, pointing at him. He playfully glares at me and suddenly splashes me in the face.

I squeak in shock, my already wet hair becoming soaked. I toss my hair of my face, and he quickly swims away, shouting, “SLOWPOKE!!!”

I narrow my eyes at him, and chase him through the water, “HEY!! YOU CAN’T JUST SAY THAT AND SWIM OFF!!!”

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