Curly Headed Cutie

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Epilogue: "WE LOVE TRIFFANY!!!!"

7-8 Months Later...

May 12, 7:30pm

Travis's POV:

I style my hair in the mirror, running a comb through it. I run my hand through my wavy, trimmed locks of hair, and fidget with my tie again. I smile, feeling pleased with the way I look.

I'm glad I bought extra thing to add to this tux.

It was boring at first...

Just a regular black and white fancy tuxedo with a tiny, black bowtie. I also got some loafers and cut my hair. I added jewelry.

Like I always do.

I smirk at myself in the mirror, "I am one sexy motherfucker~"

Hopefully Tiffany will think the same.

I usually don't dress in formal attire, but It's Prom.

Gotta dress accordingly, right?


I almost forgot, if you're curious about what's going on, I'm getting ready to go to Prom.

Yeah, Prom.

I'm surprised I'm going too.

Originally, I wasn't going to go, but then I met a beautiful woman named Tiffany Green who changed my mind about everything.

I wanna take her to show her a good time. Plus, she genuinely believes that I'm incapable of being formal. So we made a bet.

Pfft! I'll show her...

I adjust my tie and find myself thinking about my girl. I smile dreamily and my chest flutters at that, but suddenly I start feeling on edge.

I have to dance with her tonight.

Slow dance with her tonight.

I take a deep breath, my chest feeling tight, "Dammmmmnittttt."

I hate feeling nervous...

"It's okay, Travis, it's cool. You've slow danced before..." I try reassuring myself, but that only makes me feel worse, "just...not with her...and you were 12...and kept stepping on your Mamma's feet..."

I'm royally fucked...

"Look at my handsome boy!!!"

I jump, looking over my shoulder. Mom and Samantha, Samantha holding Jaxon, my nephew, standing in my doorway. Samantha grins brows softening, "Aw, Travis!!! You look so good!!"

"Aw!! I'm soooo glad you decided to go to Prom instead of doing what you usually do!!!" Mom swoons, bringing her hands to her chest.

"What do I usually do??" I ask, raising a brow curiously. "Complain about how much you hate your job and mess up the house," Mom replies, shrugging, her hair pulling back into a bun.


I do hate my job.

The people there try to test me, and one day they're going to regret it...

"Yeah, well..." I mumble looking back at myself in the mirror, "I hate having a job."

But it's better than street-fighting...


"TRA!!!" Jaxon coos, reaching out to me; his black loose curly hair bouncing, "TRA!!!!" I chuckle at him and his grin widens.

He looks so much like Oscar.

When he was born, he looked like the spitting image of him, it was scary.

He had no resemblance to Sam.

"Thanks for the compliments by the way..." I state, looking back in the mirror, still fiddling with my tux. The nervousness from earlier returns and I tense up trying to relax.

Fuck me...

It's just a dance...

With the girl you're in love with...

What's the big deal??

"You seem on edge, Travis, what's wrong???" Mom asks, walking up to me, grabbing my shoulders, and I sigh. "If I told you, you have to promise me something..." I reply, still playing with my tie, "Promise me you won't laugh."

"Sure, neonato," She says, face full of concern as Sam walks in and sits on my bed, bouncing Jaxon on her lap.

I blush, feeling embarrassed as I turn to face her. I clear my throat loudly, as she stares at me curiously, and Sam stares with the same curiosity.

I look between them and just blurt out in one breath, "I don't know how to slow dance really well and I don't want to screw this up, especially not with Tiffany, you know she means the absolute world to me. And I'm also unbelievably nervous about tonight because I know she's going to look amazing, no, better than that, gorgeous, like always, and I always say some dumb shi-STUFF when I'm nervous around her. So...what I'm asking is how do I UN-feel nervous so I don't end being a total screw-up??"


Didn't think I'd admit all of that...

Word Vomit, am I right??

Wait...doesn't Tiffany do that when she's nervous???

Mom smirks, trying to hold back her laugh, and Sam does the same. Somehow, my blush deepens and I quickly look away, "Nevermind. Forget I ever said anything-"

"Travis," Mom says laughing, grabbing my face and forcing me to look back at her, "I'm not laughing at you because I'm making fun of you if that's what you're thinking. I'm laughing because you're so stinking cute~"

She squeezes my cheeks and stands on her tippy toes to plant a big, sloppy kiss on my cheek. I protest, trying to pull away, "AGH!! Mamma!! I can't go to prom with lipstick on my face!!"

She laughs, letting go of my face, "I'm just saying, neonato, Tiffany sees something in you! Don't be so self-criticizing. There's no need to stress out. She loves you, and you love her, and there's no need to complicate things."

"I know, I know, I just want things to go perfect tonight," I reply, taking a deep breath, trying to relax a little.

I might've gotten her a pretty pricey gift, and I need the perfect moment to show it to her.

I just hope she doesn't think it's too soon...

"I'm sure your night will go swimmingly!! I know mine will~"

"Mamma..." I grumble, disgusted as she swings around her red-lace, maxi dress, grinning dreamily, "You hang around Richard way too much. You don't usually say 'swimmingly'."

She's going out on a date with him tonight.

Richard fucking Hampton.

"Stop being a butt, Travis," Sam interjects, making silly faces at Jaxon as he runs his fingers through her hair. "I'm not!" I retort, narrowing my eyes at her. I look back at myself in the mirror, and mutter under my breath, "I just think Richard is a bad influence on Mamma..."

"You really are one to talk about bad influences aren't you??" Mom chimes in, and Sam laughs. I shoot Mom a look from the mirror, and she simply grins at me and shrugs, "Just saying."

"Anyway, aside from Travis being a butt," Sam says, still kind of finding laughing, "Did you get her a corsage??"

"A what?" I inquire, brows furrowing with confusion as I turn around to look at her. "You know. A Corsage? The flower bracelet thingies you get for your prom date??" Sam asks as she sits Jaxon on her lap. He reaches down to play with the ring on her finger and tries to mimic, "Coosaa!!!"

"Um...was I supposed to?" I question, staring into her deep brown eyes. She gasps loudly, and I jump back slightly, "TELL ME THAT THAT WAS A JOKE!!!"

"It was a joke..." I reply, genuinely lost. She continues to stare at me dumbfounded for a long moment, and I stare back awkwardly.

"I'm..." I mumble and emphasize, "I'm lying if you hadn't caught onto that-"

"TRAVIS!!!!" Sam stomps, and Jaxon giggles, bouncing a little, "CORSAGES ARE IMPORTANT!!! I THOUGHT YOU KNEW THAT ALREADY!!!"

"YEAH!!! I DID!!! BUT I DIDN'T THINK THAT THEY WERE THAT IMPORTANT!!!" I explain, defensively, looking her up and down, "AND WHY ARE YOU YELLING AT ME?!! I NO LIKE WHEN YOU YELL AT ME!!!"

"Corsages signify that Tiffany's your date to Prom and most importantly, they signify love!!! They're a gift for her to cherish for the rest of her life if she doesn't lose it in storage!!!"

I raise a brow at that, and she sighs, reiterating, "That's how I lost storage. I was depressed for a week, but that's beside the point!! They're traditional!!! You have to buy her one!!!"

"Yeah, Travis, they are pretty important..." Mom mumbles awkwardly, avoiding my gaze. I look between them, absolutely shocked and they both either look back at me with a knowing look or look away.

I throw my hands in the air, and grab my keys from my dresser, "And why the hell did nobody tell me about this?! I thought those little things were optional!!"

"Well they're not!! Now go!!" Sam exclaims, standing up. She suddenly slaps my butt, and my eyes widen.

"HEY!!!" I yelp, jumping away from her, "I'M YOUR BROTHER, NOT OSCAR!!!"

She grins, nodding along happily, "And as my brother, it's my job to make you uncomfortable. No get a move on!!! You have 30 minutes until you have to pick up Tiffany!!!"

I sigh and speedily walk out of my room, gripping my keys in my hand. I walk down the long hallway and jog down the stairs.

"Looking sharp, Travis!!!" Emily shouts from behind me at the top of the staircase. I make it to the bottom of the stairs, and look back at her as she dusts off some photos of my Mom and Richard, "Thanks!!!"

I turn back around and make my way to the front door. I unlock it, and pull it open only to jump back in surprise, "Officer Lawrence, hey!"

She and Mom have gotten to know each other, and are pretty close friends now. Mom usually doesn't invite her friends over because of me.

Let's just say I have a history of pranking her guests...

And then they get pissy and storm out, but that only happened 5 times and I was 15.

I'm 18 now.

I've matured some.

Emphasize on the some...

"Travis! Hey!!' She replies, awkwardly, looking up at me. She looks me up and down, and her eyes widen, "Wow, Travis, you look handsome. You going to Prom?"

"Yep. Taking Tiffany as my date and thank you," I reply smiling at her. I grin smugly, rubbing my hair back, "I know I look good~"

Officer Lawrence laughs, rolling her eyes, "I'm glad you know that about yourself. Is your Mom home by any chance? I need to talk to her about something but didn't know if she had work tonight or not."

"No. I didn't have work."

I turn around and Officer Lawrence looks around me. Mom stands behind me, a cheeky grin on her face. She looks up at me, and motions for me to get to my car, "Travis, I'm sure you should be getting go before Samantha has something to say about the corsage again."

"Later!" I yelp, and make my way around Officer Lawrence and make my way to my car.

Andrea's POV:

I laugh, shaking my head.

I love him...

I look back at Becky, and my smile instantly fades, "Becky...I thought I told-" "I know! I know! I know!" She exclaims, shaking her head, "I know that you said you need time to wrap your head around this whole situation. And I know that what I said to you the other day sounded...outlandish, but hear me out."

I cross my arms, feeling uneasy as she goes on to say, "I know I should've mentioned that sooner, but it's not easy bringing up a topic so sensitive in a casual conversation. Especially regarding a child. I'm not using you to get closer to Travis, although I am trying to get a better grasp on this whole situation myself."

I nod, sighing, "I just...I just don't understand..."

"Me either," She admits, brows furrowed, "But believe me when I say...I pretty sure Travis is my son..."

"And you believe in that theory because of a ring?"

"I...I..." She stutters and takes a deep breath. I notice the sadness in her eyes as she says, "Travis had told me that his biological parents had given him that ring when he was a baby...and I'm assuming that...that Travis isn't-"

"My biological son? Yes, he's not." I interrupt, nodding, and she awkwardly agrees. "Yeah! And...well...a long time ago..."


Travis's POV:

"Daniel, stop staring at me like that, it's making me uncomfortable..." I mumble standing on the porch with the white corsage I bought 10 minutes ago.

It was hard to decide what would look best on her.

I didn't want it to look like just any old flower on her hand.

Something that I know she would love.

I know her favorite color is yellow, white, black, blue, and red. And I know that Tiffany's Mom's favorite flowers were-

"I'm not staring at you in any way, Travis..." Daniel interrupts my thought, eyes narrowed as he intensely stares me down; he tugging at his tux, his date standing next to him texting away on her phone.

She's a member of the cheerleading team, I think her name is Cassidy or some shit like that...

"I FOUND MY CAMERA!!!" Tiffany's Dad chirps, running out of the house, camera raised high in the air. He stands next to me and grins excitedly, "I can't believe my baby girl is going to Prom..."

"What about me, Dad?" Daniel says looking over at him, brows furrowed, "Are you excited for me?"

"Yeah, yeah of course..." Mr. Green says, preparing his camera, and I snort as Daniel's face drops. "Damn..." I whisper under my breath. "Shut it..." Daniel snaps, glaring at me.

"OKAY!!! I'M COMING OUT!!!" Tiffany shouts from inside the house, and my heart nearly skips a beat.

Holy shit, she's coming!

Relax, Travis!!!!


"WE'RE READY WHENEVER YOU ARE!!!!" Mr. Green shouts, enthusiastically, wiggling. I swallow hard, breaking out into a cold sweat, and Daniel notices. He grins smugly, and I glance over at him, eyes narrowing, "What?"

"You'll see when Tiffany walks out..." He grins, wiggling his brows. I raise a brow at him and look back at the doorway.

Suddenly, I hear soft footsteps, and I notice black heels walk out first from around the corner. My eyes widen as she walks out and my breath gets caught in my throat, "Oh my-Jesus..." My eyes seem stuck on her, my eyes scanning over every inch of her in this dress.

A red off the shoulders dress and some black heels. There's also a slit in the leg of her dress, and my god. Her hair is as curly as ever, but styled to frame her face.

God she's...

She looks up, a nervous look on her face as she smirks at us. She stops in front of us and asks timidly, "So...what do you all think???" I simply stare at her as she stands in front of me.


I'm dating this girl~

Why can't I breathe??

I take a deep breath, as everyone begins praising her in compliments. "Tiffany!!!" Mr. Green swoons, eyes watering, "You look stunning!!"

"I'm jealous..." Cassidy adds, looking up from her phone, shocked. "Yep. That's my sister," Daniel grins, proudly, "You look beautiful Tiff."

"Thank you..." Tiffany says, shyly, taking a deep breath and slicking a strand of her curly hair behind her ear.

More than beautiful...

Soooooo much more than beautiful...







I jump, pulling my eyes from Tiffany and looking at Daniel as he asks, "What do you think?"

A lot of things~

Things that I know can't say around her Dad and Daniel...

"I-uh-I-she-yes." I stammer, looking back at her.

Shit...may the gibberish begin...

I blush with embarrassment as Tiffany giggles, and everyone laughs a little, "Yeah...I'm probably going to be talking like that for the rest of the night..."

"You're so cute, Travis, I swear," Tiffany laughs, smiling up at me, "It's cute."

God, I'm obsessed with your smile...

"Well...I highly doubt that I'm cuter than you."

Blushing, Tiffany looks down at her feet. She then looks me up and down, and back into my eyes. Biting her bottom lip, Tiffany murmurs her eyes fixated on me, "You clean up nice, you know that~"

"You too~" I murmur back, walking up to her, "Better than me~"

"So, maybe I was wrong," She admits, voice soft and tempting. Slowly, she slides her hands up my chest, causing butterflies to erupt in my stomach, "I guess you can be formal."

"I told you that I could," I reply, grabbing her hands and kissing them, "Did you doubt me?"

"No. I didn't doubt you. I knew you would win this bet," She says, smirking, and I raise a curious brow.

"You knew I would win? So why make the bet?" I ask, holding her hands tightly in mine.

"Because," She says, then leaning in to whisper in my ear; lips brushing against my ear, "remember what you promised me if I had lost the bet? Hopefully you keep those promises tonight~ 'Cause I know I'll keep mine~"

Chills shoot down my spine, as she stares up at me, a playful smirk on her lips. I chuckle, images filling my head of all sorts of possibilities.


I should do bets more often if this is the reward~

I bite my lip and grin, "Bet." I look back at her dress and sigh, feeling excited, "I need a full 360 of the whole dress because goodness~"

Tiffany's POV:

I laugh as Travis spins me around in a circle, saying, "Damn~ Red is definitely your color~"

Suddenly, he tugs me closer to him, and I yelp surprised. He plants kisses all over my face, and I giggle loudly, "TRAVIS!!"

He smiles, planting a kiss on my nose, then whispering, "I look breathtaking, baby~ It's kind of hard for me to not want to kiss you~"

"Why didn't you treat me like that when I came out in my dress?" Cassidy whines, tugging on Daniel's arm, "Travis looks at her like she's the only girl in the whole world!! Why don't you do that for me? We've been dating for 5 months."

He looks down at her, awkwardly, and she crosses her arms, pouting, "I, uh...already knew you'd look good??"

"Alright, kiddos! Let's take some photos!!!" Dad says, now standing off the porch, waving his camera.


School Gym...

9:30 pm

Travis grabs me by the waist as the slow music starts. He pulls me closer to him, as I grab his shoulders, "So, you were telling me about how you suck at slow dancing??"

"I'm awful at it," I admit it, laughing awkwardly, "I'm the type to keep stepping all over your feet, and awkwardly apologizing and, ugh! It's terrible."

He chuckles, "Well, don't feel bad about that, because I'm pretty bad at slow dancing myself."

"But weren't you telling me that you were good at that only minutes ago??"

"Whaaaa?? No....??"

I roll my eyes, laughing as we slowly sway back and forth to the music, "Right, sure."

Versace On The Floor, Bruno Mars is currently playing right now.

I loveeeeeee this song!!!

I gaze up into Travis's eyes, feeling like the happiest woman in the world. A calming silence falls over us, and butterflies swarm my stomach. Slowly, Travis's hands slide down onto my hips, and he grabs them.

He pulls my hips into him, and I wrap my arms around his neck. I lay my head on his shoulder, and he lays his head on mine.

One hand slides up my back and his fingers lightly trace my skin. I smirk and sigh happily, closing my eyes.

We stay like this for a long moment, just swaying with and holding each other. Suddenly, I find myself saying, "You smell nice..."

Travis chuckles softly, "You too, Sweetness. Just like strawberries..." I giggle a little, Travis kissing my shoulder then my neck softly, "You always say that."

"It's my favorite smell~"


We both look up and find Stormy slow dancing with Joshua. Joshua's eyes are fixated on Stormy, and devilishly smirk on his face as Stormy says, "I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! TRIFFANY FOR LIFE!!!"

I laugh, brow furrowing with confusion, and Travis does the same as Stormy and Joshua rush out of the gym.



We look to our right and find Daniel, Sebastian, Simon, Luka, and Christian all stand by the punch bowl sipping on their punch. Sebastian shouts raising his cup, "LOVE YOU GUYS!!!"

"YOU CUTIES!!!" Simon chirps, face softening, "HOW COULD WE NOT LOVE YOU GUYS?!!!"

"REMEMBER!! WE'RE POPPING FIREWORKS AFTER THIS!!!" Christian adds, chugging his cup.

"We said we'll be there!!!" I shout, laughing at them. "Just making sure!!!" Luka chimes in, texting away on his phone.

He moved out by the way, and we still keep in touch.

We're good friends again...

As for Luka's situation, his Dad finally accepted what Luka wanted to do with his life even though it isn't football. So, Luka officially quit football.

And he's determined to not go back.


We look to our left and find May dancing with Jamie, Jamie smiling happily at us.

"WE LOVE TRIFFANY!!!!" May chirps, and Jamie agrees. "And Travis!! Don't forget what we talked about the other day!!!" Jamie shouts, giving Travis a knowing look.

"I haven't forgotten!! Thanks!!" Travis replies, face flushing, and Jamie nods looking back at me. I look between them, confused.

What are they talking about??

"Good!! You two love-birds enjoy yourselves, alright? Alright!!" Jamie sings, before dragging May away into the crowd of other slow-dancing students. They disappear, and I shrug confused, "That was weird..."

"Tiffany, I'm going to be sappy right now..." Travis announces, nervously, and I look up at him. "Okay," I laugh, his nervously kind of rubbing off on me. I stare into his eyes, seeing the care in them, and the uneasiness.

"Okay..." Travis mumbles, clearing his throat, "I...I'm not very good at this kind of stuff, and I don't want to come off as...abrupt, so I'm going to say it slow...I love you. I love you so damn much, and I honestly don't know where I'd be without you. I'd probably still be streetfighting or some shit like that."

"And...I can't imagine...still doing that...I'm glad you changed my life for the better. You're the best thing that's ever happened to me, and I'm graduating in a few weeks as you already know. All of the teachers keep asking, 'What going to do after high school'? I have no idea what I want to do. Hell, I don't even know if I'm going to college. I don't know where I see myself in the next 5 years of my life...but I do know one thing for're in it."

I blush, my ear burning as his face softens. He continues, his eyes searching mine, "I see you in my life 5 years from now. Even-Even 10 years from now, and I know that that's far off into the future, and I know that you've started your catering career again, so you'd probably be an amazing baker or something like that by then. With your own bakery, selling those tasty baked goods, looking cute and shit."

I giggle and he chuckles. His hands subtly grab my hands, and he grips them firmly in his.

He stares down at my hands and says, voice softer than I've ever heard it, "And...we've only been together for 9 months and it's been the best 9 months of life. And...all I want to show to you how much I want you to be in my life, and promise you that...I'm gonna stay by your"

He digs into his pocket nervously, and I watch, feeling tense. He pulls out a small black box, letting go of my hand.

Oh my god...

Is he gonna!!!

"I'm not proposing!! By the way!!" Travis quickly says, laughing nervously, and I calm down, "I saw the panic on your face, so I figured I should clarify that I am not least not right now..."


My anxiety...

" is a Promise Ring," Travis explains, opening the box. I gasp as a silver ring shown in front of me.

A really pretty, silver ring with small diamond pieces on it. Plus, there's a large diamond piece in the center. I look up at him, speechless and he says, "I want to give you show you that I appreciate you..."

"Travis...this ring...looks expensive," I mumble, my heart racing, and he nods. "Yeah. It's the real deal." He states, and I raise my brows at him.

"Wait! It's real!!"

"Yeah, I wouldn't buy you knockoff. My Mom helped buy it, so..."


He pulls out the ring and grabs my hand. He slips the ring on my finger, and my eyes water, "Travis..."

"I love you, Tiffany Green. With all of my heart, I love you," He explains, sincerity in his voice. I look up at him, and my bottom lip quivers.

Why am I about to cry?

I take a shaky breath and asks, "Why are you so sweet to me? It's honestly unreal..." I sniffle, staring at the ring on my finger. I look back up at him, and whimper, "I love you too!!!"

He chuckles softly, "Don't cry, baby!! You deserve this, and so much more."

"You're gonna make me cry even more!! Stop!!!" I whimper, my vision blurring, and his face softens. I grab his face and press my lips against his, and he kisses me back. His hands slip onto my hips, and my heart flutters.

He gently pulls away, and I plant a gentle peck on his lips. I smile up at him, as he kisses my cheeks, "I love you, Travis."

"I love you too, baby."

"It just sucks that I still have one year left in this school..."

He laughs, and I roll my eyes, smiling, "Don't laugh at me..."

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