Curly Headed Cutie

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Chp. 5: "It's Tiffany."

The sound of the door closing echoes throughout the empty room.

“Please don’t scream...” A voice sighs tiredly from behind me, letting me go. I nod, simply too afraid to turn around.

I’ve been dragged into an empty classroom by some stranger!!

And not even once did I try to fight back!?

I take a deep breath, closing my eyes.

Alright, Tiffany, it’s time to fight back...

“AHHHHHHH!” I swing around, dropping my textbooks and notebook. I raise my fists, “TAKE THIS, BITCH!?!”

I begin throwing punches, aimlessly, praying this will at least freak my attacker out enough to scare them off.

I’m not hitting anything!!

Where’d they go?!

“These are just for show, huh?” A deep voice says, somehow grabbing my glasses from off my face.

“HEY!!! GIVE THOSE BACK!!!” I shout, opening my eyes, my vision completely blurry. Taking a step forward, I trip and land on a man’s chest.

I yelp, jumping back, and nearly falling onto my backside; but he grabs hold of my hands, pulling me back upright. I blush at how warm his hands are compared to my clammy ones.

He chuckles, gently gripping my hands in his. I yelp, as he yanks me forward. His minty breath fanning against my face as he states, “Geez, you’re clumsy~ ”

Why did he say it like that?!!!

All seductive like!!!

I snatch my hands from his, feeling flustered. I shout at him, angrily, “GIVE ME BACK MY GLASSES, YOU THIEF!!!”

I glare at what I think is him, raising my fists, “Give them back!! Give them back right now!!!”

“Okay! Okay!” He laughs, grabbing my arms, “I’ll give you back your glasses, Little One.”

Little One?

“My name is Tiffany,” I reply, annoyed.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, Tiffany, got it.”

Slowly, he places my glasses onto my face, “You better be lucky you’re cute as hell, or else I would’ve never given these back.”

I blush at that comment as my vision returns. My eyes widen, as I stare up at him.



“Travis! Travis Reel!”

“Yes. It’s me,” He replies, slowly, raising a brow.

There’s a long pause following after that, we staring at one another in complete silence.

Is it hot in here, or it is just me?!

“Um...” Travis mumbles, awkwardly, “Look, I just want to talk to you somewhere more private-”


His face contorts, uncertainty in his eyes. He nods slowly, denying, “What? No, I-”

“It was Jennifer’s fault, she was being a major bitch to me, like usual, and I put that obnoxious hoe in her place!! So, I’d blame her for distracting me! If it weren’t for her, I would’ve never spilled my drink! Hell, we never would’ve even met! Isn’t that funny?! I think it’s hilarious! Wait, no! That’s not funny! Your shirt was ruined because of me! I’m sorry again! I know I would’ve been pissed if my favorite shirt was ruined! Hell! I was pissed when my shoes got ruined that night!!! Am I rambling? I think I-”

Groaning, Travis flicks my nose, hard. I jump back, and yelp, “Ouch!”

I rub my nose, and he simply shrugs, “I didn’t know how else to get you to stop talking...”

He stares at me, his enticing green eyes boring into mine, and annoyance etched across his face. Sighing tiredly, he rubs his forehead, “Listen, Tiny, I’m not mad.”

I nod, still rubbing my nose, as he continues, “I never said I was mad, and, I don’t think you know this, but you talk a lot.”

“Sorry, I ramble when I’m nervous...” I reply, awkwardly, looking down at my fingers as I play with them.

“I can see that...” He sighs, a tired look on his face, “You say sorry a lot too...”

Do I really?

I look back up at him, noticing how much taller he is compared to me. I’d say around 6′4 at most, while I’m just 5′0 no inches. The guy is huge, at least to me he is, and not just in height but in muscle too. It’s obvious he works out regularly.

I notice his small studs on both of his ears and a cartilage piercing on his right ear. Not to mention the one on his left eyebrow. He also has a ring on his middle finger. A large silver band with roses engraved into it.

I never noticed the amount of jewelry he had before...

I notice his outfit, a simple black jean jacket, a grey shirt, and some black skinny jeans. Accompanied with a clean pair of timberlands. His skin is a soft tan color, and it seems to pop thanks to all of the dark colors he’s wearing. He also has a very light stubble on his face, and I’m usually not a fan of men with facial hair.

But he’s definitely cute with the stubble, and cuter up close.

As cute as they come, and usually the whiteboys at this school tend to try a little too hard to be something they’re not. Instead of it being seen as cute it’s annoying.

At least to me it is...

“Hey, you-”

“I’m here!” I reply, loudly, being pulled from my thoughts. He jumps back a little, surprised by my outburst.

He stares at me, light amusement in his eyes. He chuckles, shaking his head slightly, “Lord, you are strange...”

“I wouldn’t say I’m strange, more so just really awkward. I can’t help it when it comes to certain people. I get really nervous and all sweaty and I’m pretty sure I can’t stop talking. Ya’know? I start rambling-”

“Stop.” He interrupts, grabbing my shoulders, “You’ve said this before.” He lets go, and I bite my bottom lip, “RIGHT! I knew that...”

I gulp, trying to somehow avoid his gaze.

Slicking his hand through his short, messy hair, Travis suddenly asks, “What’s with you over-sharing?”

“I’m not! You’re the one who kidnapped me! If anything, you’re under-sharing!”

He raises a brow, and I simply frown. There’s a long pause as we continue to stare down one another. His eyes soften, and he sighs with defeat.

Looking the other way, he scratches his chin, cheeks turning a light shade of pink, “Alright, fine. Though kidnapped may be a little dramatic, you make a good point...”

Is he embarrassed that I was right, and he was wrong?

That’s funny...

I smile, feeling confident, “Thought so.” He looks back at me and laughs a little, smirking. He crosses his arms, “Yeah, yeah, yeah. You were right, and I was wrong.”

“Yep! Well, now that that’s been settled, I think I’ll-” “However, that’s not the only reason I ‘kidnapped’ you.” He interrupts, in a sarcastic tone, and I tense up.

“I just want to talk to you, but you keep dodging me like I’m the plague.” He states, “And I just want to know...Why?”

“Why?” I ask, and he nods.

“Yeah, why?”

“That’s all you want from me?”

“Pretty much, but that can be hard when you keep running away from me like a lunatic...”


If I tell him who my brother is, maybe he’ll leave me alone...

“Well?” He asks, eyes slightly wide. I sigh, knowing that I wouldn’t be in this situation if I had just been more careful.

“Technically, I’m not supposed to be talking to you, but here we are...” I whisper to myself, thoughtfully.

His eyes narrow, “I don’t think I heard you.”

“Because!” I groan, in frustration. I take a deep breath, “You’re you! You’re Travis Reel, the biggest ‘badass’ in the school. The guy who potentially is involved with gang activity-”

“Gang Activity? What the hell are people saying about me...” He interrupts, concerned.

I nod, “Yeah, that’s just one of the many rumors...but! You’re known for a lot of shit! Lots of people don’t like you, and my brother just so happens to be one of those people. And since he’s one of those people, I figured it’d be best if we just not talk to each other…”

There’s a long pause, as Travis stares at me, thoughtfully. He raises a brow, “So....your someone who hates me. And since he hates me, he doesn’t want you hanging around me?”

I nod sheepishly, and he pauses to think. After a long moment passes, he states, “Daniel Green?”


“I knew it!!!!!!”

Travis pumps his fists into the air excitedly, “I see you hanging out with that arrogant douchebag all of the time. So that’s why you keep avoiding me. Your brother would hate seeing us together...I understand you now, Tiny.”

“It’s Tiffany.”

“What did I say?”

I roll my eyes and he continues to grin.

“I’m so smart for figuring out Dan is your brother,” Travis states, proudly, “Originally, I was going to ask you that at the party when you spilled your drink on me the first time. But, you freaked out, spilled more drink on me, and then ran off.”

My cheeks flush with embarrassment recalling the memory, and he laughs a little.

God, I’m so embarrassing...

I look away, “Can you not remind me of that...” He chuckles, “Aw! It’s not that bad, Tiny. We can laugh about it now.”

“Again, it’s Tiffany, not Tiny.”

“Yeah, that’s what I said.”


I roll my eyes, annoyed, “Anyway, I should be going now. Class is going to start soon...”

I turn around and grab the door handle. I pull open the door and walk out into the hallway, hurriedly. Travis follows behind me, “Wait up, Tiny.” I walk down the hallway, head low, trying to ignore him, but he keeps calling out to me.

“Damn, you move fast!” He shouts, and my blush deepens. I look at him over my shoulder, “Go away. I gave you the answer you wanted. Why are you still wanting to talk to me??”

“But Tiny-”

“My name is not Tiny.”

I glance around the hall, noticing people looking in my direction. I gulp, feeling uneasy as Travis groans.

This must look strange...

“Okay, fine. Tiffany,” He grabs my hand, and I stop. I turn and look up at him, feeling flushed, as he says, “You dropped your stuff back there. I don’t know if you want it back or not.”

He lets go of my hand, handing me my books. “OH! I did!” I laugh awkwardly and take them from him. I push up my glasses, “Thank you.”

I glance around the hallway, noticing people still staring. I look back down at my books in my hands, feeling nervous again.

Again, this must look odd...

Travis suddenly replies, flatly, “Yeah, might wanna be more observant next time.”

“I am observant!” I snap, looking back up at him, defensively. “Oh yeah.” He states, sarcastically, shaking his head. Placing his hands in his hips, he states, amusement in his eyes, “You’re a clumsy mess, Little One.”

“I am not!”

“Then you must be in denial then...”

We stare at one another, as he tries to hold back his smile. I continue to frown and open my mouth to protest, “All have you know-”



I gasp, as people hurry off to their classrooms, “OH MY GOD!! I’M GOING TO BE LATE TO CLASS BECAUSE OF YOU!!”

Travis raises a brow, “It’s not that big of a deal-” “It is for me!!!” I interrupt, holding my books close to me. I turn around and run down the hall, my mind wandering off to earlier events.

Travis dragged me into a classroom to talk because I kept running away from him...

Now that he knows why...

Maybe he’ll leave me alone...

Travis’s POV:

I’ve never met someone so strange before...

I watch as she turns a corner, her long kinky curls flying behind her. She disappears behind the wall, leaving me all alone in the hallway.

“Hm,” I say thoughtfully.

She’s prettier up close...

Her skin almost seems like it’s glowing and her hair is probably the softest thing I’ll ever touch.

If she’ll let me...

“Mr. Reel!”

I look over to my right, seeing my Calculus 2 teacher.

I don’t even remember his name...

He angrily stares at me, his thick bushy eyebrows, furrowed. “What?” I reply, staring at him blankly.

“Class! Now!” He shouts, giving me a dirty look.

He never liked me.

Like most people.

I groan, rolling my eyes, “I’ll go when I’m ready.”

“Excuse me?” He asks, raising a brow.

“I’m sure you heard me. I said I’ll go when I’m ready. Now isn’t there a lesson you need to be teaching?”

A vein forms in his shiny bald head as his face reddens with anger. He stares at me for a long moment before saying, “I’m reporting you to the principal!!”

I shrug, replying in a questionable tone, “Okay? You do that...”

He huffs, as he slams his classroom door shut. Chuckling, I shake my head, “God, I love seeing him pissed.”

I look back down the hall, still thinking about that girl...

Tiffany Green.

You’re nothing like I’d imagine you’d be. Especially considering who your brother is...

I smirk, as I turn and walk down the other end of the hall, “I definitely want to get to know her better...”

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