Curly Headed Cutie

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Chp. 7: Life Mottos and Expensive Rides

A phone number.

This man gave me his phone number?!


I stare at the napkin sitting on my bed in front of me. I sit with my knees to my chest, unsure of what to do with it.

Is it real?

When did he write it?

When did he slip it into my pocket?

I bite my bottom lip, contemplating if I should call it or not.

Well, to catch you up to speed on things, Daniel drove us home, interrogating me on why Travis and I were together.

I simply stated that it was a coincidence like Travis said. We both know what would’ve happened if I had told him the truth.

All hell would break loose.

Anyway, I got home, took a nice, long, hot shower, made dinner, and finally took a peek into my pocket like Travis had asked.

Which brings us here. He gave me his phone number. Or at least I think it’s his phone number...

I don’t know! I’m just really flustered!

I swallow hard, “Well, it wouldn’t hurt to try and give it a call, ya know? To make sure it’s authentic...”

I reach for it, and suddenly my bedroom door opens. I yelp, grabbing the napkin, and slipping it under my pillow.

I lie down, pulling my blankets over me. I grab my phone, and scroll through my various notifications, as Dad walks in, plate in hand, “Hey, Anni? You awake?”


I look up from my phone, and to him “Ye-yeah! What’s up?”

“Great job on dinner! It’s fantastic!” Dad states, pleased. I nod, happily, “You’re welcome, Dad!”

He nods, “Okay! That’s all I wanted. I’ll leave you alone now. You have school in the morning.”


“Goodnight, baby. OH! Also, I’m working night shift tomorrow, so I won’t be home until around eleven.”

I nod, as he continues, “Plus you know Daniel has practice, so you’ll have the house to yourself.”

“Okay, cool, thanks for the heads up,” I reply, and he smiles.

“Alright, Anni, goodnight.”

" ’Night.”

He walks out, turning off my light, and closing the door behind him.

I let out a sigh of relief, as I reach over and turn on my lamp. I plop back down onto my pillows, pushing up my glasses, “I hate sleeping in the dark...”

I stare up at my ceiling, thinking about Travis and the phone number he had given me.

I blush, profusely, remembering him, and earlier.

He’s so persistent...

I look to the picture frame of Mom, and sigh tiredly, “Oh Mom... I’m afraid that this going to be harder to get rid of than I hoped...”


I stare out the window, as Daniel drives me home since he has practice this afternoon.

The whole school day went by fairly quickly. Pretty uneventful, and boring as always. I saw no sign of Travis today, which made me leap with joy.

But I doubt that just because I didn’t today, doesn’t mean I’m completely rid of him...

OH! I also saw Jennifer and her lackey Pearl she was trying to say something to me, but I didn’t care enough to stay and listen...

“You sure you’re going to be okay at home by yourself?” He asks one more time, concern in his eyes as he pulls into the driveway.

I nod, “Yeah, I’ll be fine.”

He turns to face me, “You sure?”

I giggle, “Yes, Daniel, I’ll be fine.”

“Okay, if you say so. But, if anything happens while I’m gone, just give me a call, okay?”


“Don’t say that, and then not call.”

“OKAY! I’ll be sure to call you!”

He grins, pleased, “Good! Also, I won’t be back home until around 10-ish, so I’ll just give you a call when I’m on my way.”

“Wait,” I reply, confused, “Why won’t you be home until 10-ish?”

“Well...this girl named is Sylvia, Captain of the Cheer Squad, ” He replies smugly, wiggling his eyebrows, “is throwing this party at her place, and the guys and I are meeting up there after practice.”

He grins devilishly, reminiscing, “She said she wanted me to put my-”

“Nope!” I interrupt, shaking my head, “I don’t want to know what she wanted you to do. Have fun, be safe!”

Daniel always has girls say something to him that he just thinks is appropriate to tell me about...


“But Tiff!”

Grabbing my backpack, I yelp, “See ya!”

I open the car door and hop out. I wave a final goodbye and I walk off into the garage. I dig into my jean pocket, pulling out my eyes, and unlock the door. Pushing it open, I step inside.

I close the door, I shudder at the thought of what Daniel was going to say, “Gross...”

Sometimes I hate being treated like one of the guys. ’Cause then, the boys will tell you everything.

And I mean everything .

I drop my bag on the floor near the door and make my way to the kitchen to eat leftover bagels from this morning.

I walk up to the fridge, pulling it open, and search through it. “Where the hell are the...bagels??”

Hopefully, Dad didn’t eat them all...

He always does that when I bake bagels...

Suddenly, a piece of paper falls from my pocket landing on the tile floor. I stare down at it, confused. I bend down and pick it up and flip it over revealing the writing on the back.

I tense up, recognizing it, “Travis’s phone number. I forgot I slipped it into my pocket this morning...”

I wanted to call it just to see if it worked. However, we were running late, so I didn’t quite get the chance to.

Then, I completely forgot I had slipped it into my pocket.

I take a deep breath, as I grab my phone from my pocket. I stare at my phone and the number for a moment, and finally gain the courage to dial the phone number.

Very slowly.

I stare at the call button for a moment, feeling stuck.

Should I be calling this?

What if it’s a joke, and I’m wasting my time?

That’d be a sick joke...

I gnaw on my bottom lip, as I set the phone down on the counter, closing the fridge behind me. I sigh, grabbing the edge of the countertop, “Maybe I shouldn’t...”

I lean forward, staring at the number. I tap my foot repetitively, now biting the inside of my cheek.

Maybe I shouldn’t...

What am I doing??

Reaching over to press the back space and my hand accidentally presses the call button. I yelp, realizing what I just did. The phone begins ringing, and I step back, grabbing my kinky hair to cover my face.


Damnit, Tiffany!!!!

After two rings, someone answers, “Hello?”

That all too familiar voice...

Shivers shoot down my spine, recognizing that husky tone from anywhere. I pause, as I hesitantly pick up my phone. I turn off the speaker and press it to my ear, “He-He-Hello? Travis?”

“Tiny! Hey! I see you found the thing I slipped into your pocket.” He replies, excitedly.

“Yeah, I did.” I state, biting my thumb, “Why’d you give your phone number?”

He sighs, “We talked about this, Little One, I wanna get to know you regardless of your annoying brother. So, I gave you my phone number. I knew you wouldn’t give me yours...because you’re”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I ask eyes narrowing into slits.

“Nothing, really, I’m saying that based on what I’ve seen you do...”

I arch a brow, “What?”

He chuckles, “Listen, I’m trying to say that you don’t seem like the type to give out your phone number. You’re pretty anxious about everything.”

“I am not!!”

“You so are!!”

“Look,” I retort, annoyed, as he begins to crack up at the other end of the phone “I don’t like how you’re trying to label me.”

“What? I would never label you, that’s just plain mean of you to even think that.”

“Right...” I reply, finding myself smiling. He laughs a little, before asking, “Hey, what are you doing right now?”

I pause, thoughtfully, “ Home doing nothing but talking to you. What about you?”

“In front of your house.”

“No way...”

Suddenly, I hear a loud engine rev loudly outside. I jump, and look toward the living room, “No...”


I run to the living room and unlock the front door. I pull it open, revealing Travis leaning against a black, sleek Ferrari sports car.

My jaw drops, as he grins at me, the phone still pressed to his ear, his other hand in his pocket.

His outfit a white t-shirt, and skinny jeans. He’s also wearing black sunglasses, and his hair messy.

I look back towards the car, noticing how clean it looks.


Definitely, the most expensive thing I’ve ever seen...

“Told ya’ I was here,” He replies, hanging up. I drop my phone down to my side and close the door behind me.

I step off the porch, staring in awe at this boy and his car, “Oh my-” “I know right.” Travis interrupts, smugly, “She’s beautiful, isn’t she?”

“What the hell are you doing here?! How do you know where I live?”

“1: I came here because I wanted to and two; Your brother threw a party here a few weeks back. You nor your dad were there and thank God you weren’t.” He states, casually, slipping his phone into his pocket.

I continue to stare at him as he replies, “Booze, everywhere. I’m surprised Dan and his Football Friends cleaned it up before you got back.”

“Daniel invited you to his party?”

Suddenly he begins belly laughing, rubbing his hair out of his face. He calms down after a few seconds, “Of course not, Tiny, we crashed it.”


“Christian, Joshua, and I. We crashed that bitch. James wasn’t into that whole thing, sooo...”

Who’s James??

“Anyway!!!” Travis suddenly, jumping back on topic. He sighs reminiscently, “You should’ve seen Dan’s face. He was pissed when he found out about us being there.”

I shake my head, “Okay, well...” I take a deep breath as I turn to walk back inside, “Thanks for stopping by-”

“Wait!” He yelps, grabbing my hand, “I didn’t just come over here because I wanted to.”

I stare at him, blushing from his touch. I try not to pay too much attention to that and just stare at him curiously. He suddenly sighs, face softening.

He pulls his hand away, looking everywhere but at me, “You just love staring at me look at me like that, don’t you?”

I arch a brow, confused more than flustered, “Like what?”

He groans, annoyed. He rolls eyes, “Nothing, look, I actually came over to ask if you wanted to hang out.”

My blush deepens, brows furrowing, “Hang out? Why would you want to-” I stop myself mid-sentence and shake my head.

Don’t ask that, Tiffany...

I suddenly start feeling extremely nervous because Travis just stares down at me concerned.

I haven’t said anything yet, say something damnit!!!

“I mean,” I yelp, my eyes going wide, “I don’t know, I have homework, and someone has to be home when Daniel gets home. And I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want to actually do that!! You’re awfully nice you know that? Wait, that’s jumping off topic, I mean, sure it’d be nice to hangout, but I’m-I’d just be a burden to take back home, so-”

Travis suddenly flicks me in the nose, hard, and I yelp. I jump back, rubbing my nose, “HEY!!”

“You were asking for it when you started doing that thing where you can’t seem to stop talking,” He states, shaking his head, a bored expression on his face, “Plus, it all just sounded like a bunch of excuses to me, and they were only getting worse.”

I glare at him, frowning, “They weren’t all excuses!! I really do have homework, and someone does have to let Daniel in-AGH!!”

He grabs my arm, interrupting me. He drags me to his car, I stumbling close behind, “Excuses, excuses, sure do like to come up with them...”

“Wait! Travis!!” I protest.

Why am I such a pushover?


“Loosen up, Tiny.”

“Loosen up? How am I supposed to loosen up when you’re driving like a maniac?!” I reply bitterly, holding onto my seat.

My hair flies all over the place due to the wind from out the window.

I just had to grease my hair today, didn’t I?

It’s getting all on my glasses, everything looks blurry...

Travis chuckles, switching on his turning signal, “I always drive like this.”

“Speeding?!” I ask, wide-eyed. I look over at him, as he adjusts his sunglasses.

He shrugs, nonchalantly, the wind rippling through his wavy locks, “If that’s what you wanna call it, then yes.”

He then says, sarcastically, ” ‘Speeding’ .”

I roll my eyes, annoyed.

He suddenly makes a sharp right, and I squeal, “I can’t believe that I let you drag me into this death trap!!!”

“Deathtrap might be a bit of an exaggeration, Tiny.”

I shake my head, “I am not over exaggerating!! Cars are dangerous when going at high speeds!”

I turn back to stare out the window, gnawing on my bottom lip. There’s a long silent pause, Travis glancing over at me. I start to calm down a little.

“No hands!” Travis suddenly shouts, removing his hands from the wheel. I look over at him, and he grins. My stomach drops, “W-WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!”

“It’s a trick.”

“No, it’s not!”


“TRAVIS!!!” I scream, glaring at him and stomping my foot.

He laughs, placing his hands back on the wheel, “It’s a joke, love.”

We slow down, and my hair falls back into my face, messy of course.

I push up my glasses, breathing heavily, noticing we’re still speeding. I relax a bit, relaxing my grip on my seat, “H-h-how were you even able to get this car?”

“My Mom finally got it for me after I wouldn’t leave her alone about it.”

Well then...

The car falls silent as we continue through the streets at high speeds. I grip my seatbelt tightly, as we speed through yet another neighborhood.

I glance over at him, as he only drives with one hand on the wheel. His other hand rubbing his black, messy hair back.

I blush, noticing how strong his hands, and arms are. Slight veins protrude from his hands, as his ring shimmers in the sunlight. Though his outfit is simple, something about it makes me swoon~

God, Tiffany, stop it...

This is Travis Reel. The school’s biggest asshole, and notorious for every damn thing known to man.

Don’t go and start crushing on him, he’s no good...

I look at his arm holding onto the wheel, noticing a tattoo trailing down his forearm.

I never noticed it before...

I stare at it, precariously, noticing it’s wording but in another language.

“What’s that say?” I ask, absent-mindedly. Slightly turning his head in my direction, Travis asks, “What?”

“The tattoo on your forearm,” I reply, still staring at it, “What does it say?”

He looks down at his arm and suddenly laughs, “Oh! This one? ′Non m’ importa un cazzo’. It’s Italian for ‘I don’t give a fuck’. My life motto by the way.”

I giggle unexpectedly, “Your life motto?”


I shake my head, smiling a little, “Are you even sure that’s what it says? People make up shit all of the time, ya’know.”

“Um, yeah,” He says in a matter-of-fact tone, “I’m sure. I grew up in an Italian household.”

After a little small talk, we finally arrive in a neighborhood, one that’s for the rich people.

At least, that’s what my dad says...

As for what Travis and I talked about, it was completely randomized.

Surprisingly, we had a semi-normal conversation. Aside from the part where he made fun of me for freaking out about his “trick”.

Which was not a trick...

He’s nothing like how people describe him at school.

It’s so weird...

I’ve grown so used to what others say about him that I almost feel bad for believing them.

I didn’t even know the guy until now...

I stare at all of the huge houses as we pass by them. With their big fancy fences, and gardens. 10- 12 windows per house for no damn reason. Hell, some even have fountains sitting outside.

All of these houses make my house look like a shake.

It’s only one story high...

But she still cute!!!

Just not big...

“Woah...” I whisper as we turn right. I look back at him, raising a brow, “Where are we going?”

“To meet up with the gang. They’re apparently at my house.”

I’m going to his house?!

“Relax, I can see the panic on your face,” He states, finally taking his sunglasses off, his green eyes seeming brighter as the sun hits them. I freeze up, feeling sweaty, as he hooks his sunglasses onto his shirt collar.

He pulls in front of large metal, black gate at the dead-end of the street, and rolls down his car window.

He looks over at me and smiles, “We’re not staying here, we’re just meeting up with them, and heading out.”

He looks over at a speaker on the side of the gate and presses a little silver button.

There’s a short pause before a man with an Australian accent answers, “Hello?”

“It’s Travis. May I have an entry please?”

“But of course, Mr. Reel.”

“C’mon Gabriel.” Travis chuckles, “We’ve talked about this, you don’t have to call me ‘Mr. Reel’. Just call me Travis.”

The man chuckles, as the gate slowly opens, “Yes, Travis, I’ll be sure to refer to you as such.”

“Thank you.”

As soon as the gate is open, Travis steps on the gas a little, and we slowly drive through.

My jaw drops at the sight of this giant house. Large windows, and a birdbath out front. The house is absolutely stunning.

“Oh my-wow!” I gasp, and Travis chuckles as we drive around the back of the house, “You live here?!”


We drive down this little hill past a pool area, I noticing more decorations. He curves around to a large garage area full of three other cars.

All of them being an expensive brand.

He parks the car next to the others, and I whip my head around to face him, “What does your mom do for a living??”

“She’s a big-time Attorney. Gets paid a lot for it.” He states, pulling the keys out of the ignition, “So, here we are.”

Grabbing his phone, Travis opens his car door and steps out. I open mine and step out too. He closes the door and turns to look at the balcony on the second floor.

He shakes his head, “Joshua! Christian! You assholes!”

I look toward it and find two guys peeking down over the balcony at us.

Joshua grins, “FINALLY YOU’RE HERE!!!”

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