Curly Headed Cutie

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Chp. 8: New Besties??

They look down at us with wide smiles, I recognizing their faces from school.

“Yeah! We were wondering where you were!” Christian says, rubbing his dirty blonde hair from his face.

Christian Thompson. Aka, Linebacker for the football team at school, and the school’s coolest quiet kid.

He doesn’t say much in his classes as people say around school, and the complete opposite of Travis, and Joshua.

Daniel and the boys really don’t like him either because he’s friends with Travis. Plus, he’s known for being the best player on the team, which Daniel felt threatened by that.

Joshua Parker, he doesn’t play any sports, but he’s known as an asshole too. Not as big of an asshole as Travis, but still an asshole.

He’s also really loud, and rude from what people say about him around school.

He and Sebastian get into it every time they see each other. They don’t physically fight, more like screaming at one another.

“Yeah, well,” Travis replies, closing the car door, “I went to pick up a friend.”

Joshua, and Christian both shift their stares at me. I awkwardly wave at them, and Joshua blurts out, “You’re Daniel Green’s sister, ain’t ya’??”

“Yeah! This is the one who spilled her drink on me!!” Travis states.

Christian begins laughing, and Joshua joins him. Travis frowns, rolling his eyes, “It’s not that funny.”

“It was by accident...” I awkwardly state, crossing my arms.

“You paid $60 dollars for that damn shirt!” Christian wheezes, “Only for it to be stained!!!”

“AYE!” Joshua chimes in, pointing at me, “Why’d you spill your drink on pretty boy over here?!”

“Don’t fucking call me pretty boy, ass-face!” Travis growls, fists clenched. Joshua chuckles, and Christian does the same.

Joshua smirks, scratching his small beard, “What are you gonna do if I call you pretty boy, dumbass? You’re down there, I’m up here.”

“What do you think I’m gonna do, shit for brains.” Travis retorts, grinning maliciously.

“Real mature, Travis, real mature. Only what we can expect out of the school’s biggest dick.”

“I may be a dick, but at least I don’t talk shit while on a balcony like a little bitch.”

“I’m not a little bitch, asshole, I can promise you that.”

“Then come down here and say that shit to my face if not too much of a bitch to.”

“Can you idiots stop. We don’t want to scare our new friend off,” Christian sighs, rolling his soft, baby blue eyes.

“No, Christian, let him come down here and say that shit to my face.” Travis states, raising a brow.

Joshua stares at him, his confidence wavering as Travis asks, “Are you coming down, or am I coming up?”

“I was kidding, man, chill,” Joshua says, quickly, his mahogany brown eyes narrowed. Christian chuckles, and Joshua elbows him. I find myself laughing a little too, and Travis smirks smugly.

“That’s what I thought,” Travis states, triumphantly. He then holds his car keys up, and waves them, “Tell the others that we can head out now. Oh! Is my mom here?”

“No. She and Samantha left out earlier,” Joshua replies, thoughtfully, “That’s how we got in.”

“Samantha?” I ask, and Travis looks over at me. “She’s my sister.” He replies, and I nod.

I would’ve thought he was the only child...

“So, my mom nor Sam are here?” Travis repeats, and the boys nod. He smiles, “Neat. Is James here?”

Christian laughs, “Yeah, he’s here. You know he hates it when you call him that.”

“And that’s exactly why I say it.” Travis states, grinning. Christian rolls his eyes, “Of course that’s why you say that, of course...”

He turns around, shaking his head, as he walks into the house. “We’re coming down!” Joshua shouts, running after Christian.

There’s a long silent pause as we wait for the boys to return.

I glance over at Travis as begins texting on his phone.

“So,” I mumble as I walk over to stand next to him.

With some space in between us of course.

“Where are we going?” I ask, leaning my back against the car. Travis looks over at me, and shrugs, “More than likely The Spot.”

“The Spot?” I ask, raising a brow.

He nods, “Yeah. It’s where the gang gets together, I’ll tell you more about it on the way there.”

I pause, thoughtfully, “The one’s ever mentioned that at school...”

He chuckles, “That’s because it’s top secret. No one is supposed to know about it except the gang. And you’ve just personally been invited by the founder himself, Travis Reel.”

He winks, “You’re welcome.”

I roll my eyes, “So arrogant. You think that dragging me on this trip against my will is something I should be thankful for?”

He frowns, pretending to be offended, “Ouchie. I’m not arrogant. I just love and think very highly of myself more than the average person should.”

Oh, so that doesn’t mean the same as arrogant...

“I didn’t drag you here against your will either.” He continues to explain, shrugging, “You basically gave up.”

“I did not!” I protest, frowning, and he simply shakes his head. He looks back at me, a playful look in his eyes, “Um, yes you did.”

“And what makes you so sure of that??”

“Because you said no, like, once, then didn’t do anything else. I’d say that’s giving up.”

I roll my eyes, laughing a little, “And why would I just give up like that?”

“Think of it this way, if you really didn’t want to be here, you would’ve done more than saying ‘No’. So, clearly, a part of you wanted to come on this trip. Am I right or am I right?”

As much as I hate to admit it...

He’s right. A part of me does want to be here mostly out of curiosity.

Plus, it’s something else to do besides sitting at home doing absolutely nothing and making cookies for the hell of it.

But I’m most definitely not going to let him know that.

It’ll just inflate his ego more.

I shake my head, adjusting my glasses, “Nope.”

He chuckles, “In denial I see...”

“I am most certainly not.”

“Right, and I’m Elvis Presley.”

I glare at him, and he wiggles his eyebrows. “You ran right into that, Tiny.” He states, and I roll my eyes.

Suddenly, he reaches over, and pushes up my glasses. I flinch, jerking back, “Why’d you-”

“They were falling, Little One.” He replies, casually, “I don’t want my special guest being blind on this trip since I so rudely “kidnapped” her.”

I blush, as he continues, “I’d hate that for her, ya’know?”

My blush deepens as his smile softens. I look away, feeling sweaty, and nervous.

God, I hate that he has this effect on me...


We look towards the house and see a girl with long straight, black hair running our way.

Her outfit is absolutely adorable.

A white and black striped crop top paired with black, skinny jeans, and black boots.

She runs into Travis’s arms, and Travis yelps with surprise as she wraps her arms around him.

He awkwardly pats her head, “Hey, Storm.”

My eyes widen as I recognize the girl from Instagram.

Stormy Lopez, big time public figure, and plus-size model for Instagram. She’s got millions of followers, and all about self-love and body positivity. She’s also all about fashion and make up, and everyone at school just adores her.

I don’t see why you wouldn’t, she’s literally the sweetest the girl ever. Always doing something for others.

Plus, she’s, like, my idol.

And I’m getting to meet her in person.

I continue to stare as Stormy Lopez herself talks to Travis.

I’m fangirling out right now!!!

She’s prettier in person!!!

“You didn’t come to school today, meanie.” She pouts, crossing her arms, “Why’s that?” Travis chuckles, awkwardly, “Yeah, well, I had better things to do...”

He then awkwardly scratches the back of his head as Stormy stares at him. He avoids her gaze, clearing his throat. Stormy narrows her eyes, “Oh yeah? Like what?”

“You know...” He replies, quickly, “some random but definitely important...shit...” Stormy stares at him, questionably, Travis avoiding her gaze.

“Right...” Stormy says, rolling her dark, brown, baby doll like eyes. She then looks over at me and smiles excitedly.

Her red lipstick makes her white teeth seem bright.

She then grabs Travis’s arm, shaking him, “Travis! Who’s this?! She’s pretty!!!”

Shaking, Travis replies, “Do you mind not shaking me, Storm?”

She lets go of him and runs into me, wrapping her arms around me. I pause as she states, “Hi!! I’m Stormy!!! You must be the girl he’s been talking about.”

Talking about?

He’s been talking about me?

He chuckles, “Yeah, this is the one. Tiffany Green herself.” Stormy laughs, grabbing my shoulders. She stares into my eyes, “I’m Stormy Lopez.”

“Instagram influencer and model, I know,” I reply, excitedly, “I follow you on Instagram and Facebook. I’m a huge fan!”

Her smile softens, “Aw! You know me already. I’m glad to meet a fan who isn’t weird. Well, at least I hope you’re not weird.”

I laugh, “I promise, I’m not too weird.”

“Right...” Travis mutters, sarcastically, shaking his head. I shoot him a look and he immediately looks the other way, running his hand through his thick black hair.

I roll my eyes, as Stormy lets go of my shoulders, asking, “So, how do you know Trey?”


Nickname maybe...

“She’s the one who spilt her drink on me,” Travis chimes, sighing.

Suddenly, Stormy begins belly laughing, whipping her head around to face him. Her long black hair flies into my face, and I scrunch my nose.

What can I say, girl’s got a lot of hair...

“This is the girl who spilt her drink on you?” Stormy asks, trying to keep the tears from ruining her makeup.

Travis groans, annoyed, “It’s really not that fucking funny.”

“Yes it is!! You just bought that shirt, and for what? Sixty damn dollars?”

Travis sighs with defeat, placing hands on his hips, “Stormy, don’t do this to me. Christian, and your little boy-toy did that to me earlier already...”

“First of all, Joshua is not just my little “boy-toy”, he’s my boyfriend. And second, who buys a shirt for sixty dollars?”

Joshua is her boyfriend?!?

Never would’ve guessed...

“Fucking-I’m over this shit...” Travis grumbles, and I giggle at his frustrated face. Stormy looks back at me, asking excitedly, “Why’d you spill your drink on him? Was he being an asshole like the other girls say? What’d he do?”

I laugh awkwardly, playing with a strand of my curly hair, “No, no, no. He did nothing to me...It was all accidental...I didn’t mean to do it...”

“AW!!!” Stormy says, smiling softly at me. Grabbing and pulling me into her chest, Stormy states, stroking my hair, “YOU’RE SO CUTE!! Poor thing. Travis probably scared you.”

“Scared her?” Travis repeats, staring her, dumbfounded, “If anything, she scared me-”

“Nobody likes a liar, Travis,” someone shouts from behind us. We all turn our heads and see a very pretty girl walk over.

Her hair is a pixie cut, grey with silver and white streaks. Her makeup is natural, and a bridge nose piercing. Her skin is a light shade of brown, as well as her eyes.

Travis frowns, “Fuck, completely forgot about the thing that follows you around, Stormy.”

“She’s not a thing, Travis, it’s May,” Stormy retorts, rolling her eyes.

“And hello to you too, asshole. You didn’t come to school today, and honestly, I’m glad you didn’t. Less of a problem for me to deal with.” May states, staring daggers into Travis’s face.

“How original of you to say, May,” Travis replies, as May stands next to Stormy, “As if you didn’t just say that the other day.”

“Whatever,” May replies, rolling her eyes. She then wraps her arms around Stormy, laying her head on her shoulder, “Hey bestie.”

May Clerc, ex captain of the Volleyball team. Everyone in school knows her as the super badass that isn’t afraid of anything. She’s a huge supporter of the lgbtq community seeing as her mother is a member of it.

She’s also goth, wearing things like chains, black clothes, and black polish most of the time.

She used to be a member of the Volleyball team, as stated earlier, but quit. No one really knows why though.

She and Stormy are best friends which is odd because they’re the complete opposite of one another.

“Hey bestie,” Stormy laughs, patting her arm. May looks from Stormy over at me, “You must be the girl who spilt her drink on pretty boy.”

“It was by accident,” I reply, awkwardly.

“I thank you for your accidental good deed.”

“What the fuck...” Travis groans. We all laugh as Travis simply glares at us.

“I hate all of you annoying little shits. I’ll be in the car, Tiffany.” He then pulls open the car door and hops in, slamming the door shut.

“I like you,” May says, wrapping her arm around my shoulders, pulling me into a hug, “Your name is Tiffany, right?”

I nod, feeling slightly nervous, “Ye-Yeah.”

I’m definitely not used to having this much attention on me...

May smiles, “Cool. Welcome to the group.”

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