Curly Headed Cutie

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Chp. 9: Talks On The Dock


“Yeah, okay. That only happened once. What’s your excuse? Sucking ass is your specialty,” Joshua states, wiggling his eyebrows.

“Shut up!” Christian replies, shoving him off the couch.

“Ha!” Travis chuckles, as everyone begins laughing.

Well, to catch you up to speed, we’re officially at The Spot. An old cabin near this lake and wooden dock far off into the woods.

Not gonna lie, thought my life was in danger when we arrived in front of the woods.

The cabin is certainly abandoned, but they fixed it up a bit when they found it. It’s a very pretty area they’ve chosen to call their spot.

I didn’t ride here with Travis. I rode here with May and Stormy. They insisted I should ride with them, and I didn’t want to say no to the offer.

Plus, it was fun...

Anyway, as of currently, Christian and Joshua are arguing over something that happened a few months back.

And Christian is making fun of him for it.

“Joshy, are you okay?” Stormy asks, giggling, as Joshua slowly stands, wiping his clothes.

He nods, “I’m fine, baby.” He turns toward Christian, glaring at him, “Rude! I could’ve died!”

Christian nods slowly, clearly not convinced, “I guess that’s somewhat true if you want to be dramatic.”

“I could’ve!!”

“But did you?”

“You know what, Christian...” Joshua mumbles, shaking his head. He then holds up his middle finger, “My middle finger salutes you.”

“That’s great, Josh, mine does the same.”

“You guys are idiots,” May says, texting, “Oh, and for the record, Jamie said he should be here with the snacks in a few.”

“WOOP! WOOP!” Joshua celebrates, as he goes, and sits next to Stormy. He wraps his arm around her waist and kisses her cheek.

Travis leans back into his seat, propping his feet up on the wooden table, “Hell yes. I’m starving.” Stormy glares at him, as he simply stares at his phone, “Travis.”

He doesn’t budge and continues doing whatever it is he’s doing. She frowns, “Travis.”

Nothing. He still hasn’t acknowledged her. Sighing, Stormy knocks his feet off the table, causing him to jump.

She stares at him, “You won’t have to worry about starving for long if you keep putting your feet on the table.”

“Geez, Stormy, what’s with the aggressiveness today?” Travis pouts, and I giggle.

“I’m just saying, Travis, that table is a priceless antique. If you break it, I’ll break you.”

Travis, awkwardly, clears his throat, glancing over at me, “Well, that’s quite a promise you’ve made there...” I laugh, and he grins, looking back at his phone, “You sure do like to laugh at me, don’t you?”

I raise a brow, trying to hide the smile forming on my lips, “What? I would never.”

“Mhm. Okay, Tiny.”

“I wouldn’t.”

He looks back over at me, and laughs a little, “Lies.” He stares at me, thoughtfully, and I suddenly become anxious.

Calm down, Tiffany, calm down...

He’s just staring at you, relax.

Heat rushes to my cheeks as he suddenly states, “Hey, you know what, Tiffany? I just realized that we don’t really know you all that-”

“Guys!” May shouts, interrupting Travis. He groans loudly, looking from me to May, “Why the fuck are you screaming?”

“Shut it, Travis, I’ve got something important to say.” She states, harshly, as everyone else turns to look at her.

Her face softens, “We have a new friend here, and we didn’t even have the decency to even properly get to know her...”

Everyone gasps, as they turn to face me. I blush, and nervously begin playing with my hair. I haven’t said much since we arrived. I’ve been just watching and laughing at their funny conversations.

But now, I’ve been put in the spotlight.

That’s been happening to me lately...

“That’s exactly what I was trying to say, May, before you so rudely interrupted me with that obnoxious voice of yours,” Travis states, annoyed.

May rolls her eyes, “Well, you weren’t fast enough. Cry me a river.”

Travis frowns as she then looks over at me, eyes full of sincerity, “Sweet, innocent, Tiffany, tell us about yourself?”

“Well,” I mumble, awkwardly, “There isn’t much for me to tell. I’m 17, a junior in high school, Daniel’s little sister...and that’s pretty much it.”

“That’s it?” Christian asks, raising a brow. I nod, “Yeah, there isn’t much to tell as I said. I’m pretty boring...”

“A Junior. So young. I remember when I was a Junior...” Joshua says, reminiscently. May looks over at him, eyes narrowed, “That was literally last year...”

“But it feels like forever ago...”

“Moving on,” Christian says, rolling his eyes, “We’re talking about Tiffany here.”

“Yeah! And I’m sure you’re not boring,” Travis chimes, nudging my arm.

“Yeah!” Stormy agrees, excitedly, “We just gotta get to know you better. any plans for after high school? I know I do. I want to be a clothes designer and model when I graduate.”

“Suits you,” I reply, smiling. She blushes and smiles, “Aw, thanks, Tiff.”

“Yeah, yeah. Stormy wants to be a fashionista and a model, got it. Back to you,” Travis says, waving her off, nodding in my direction, “plans for after high school-go!”

“RUDE!!” Stormy shouts, frowning at him.

“It’s not rude, I just want to know more about her than I do you.” Travis chuckles, truthfully, and Stormy huffs.

“Um...” I begin, nervously, “I do have some goal for after high school. I want to become a baker and start my bakery.”

Everyone stares at me, completely silent. I freeze up, feeling slightly uncomfortable. All of their eyes bore into what feels like my soul, and I’m not sure if I can handle it.

After what feels like forever, Stormy squeals excitedly, and I jump, “OMG!!!! Our group is finally complete!!!!”


“Your group is complete?” I ask, raising a brow.

“YEAH!!” She replies, nodding, “We have the asshole.”

She points to Travis, and his brows furrow, “Well damn, Stormy, you didn’t have to call me out like that...”

“And then we have the voice of reason,” She states, pointing to Christian, “Also known as the responsible one.”

“Aww, thanks Storm.” Christian chirps, happily, relaxing further into the bean bag chair. “Then there’s the rowdy one,” Stormy says, placing her hand on Joshua’s face, playing with his beard.

He smiles, eyes full of love, and she does the same. She then suddenly states, causing him to instantly raise a brow, “I love him, but he’s a lot to deal with.”

Joshua’s jaw drops, as Stormy moves her hand from off his face

“We also have your super cool, smart, athletic goth,” She states, completely ignoring Joshua. She nods over at May who’s sitting on the other side of her.

“Sounds accurate.” May agrees, shrugging.

“Yeah! And then there’s me!! Fashion model and clothes designer in the making, as well as a star!” Stormy states, dreamily. She stays like that for a moment, and I just stare awkwardly.

It’s like someone pressed the pause button...

“Ooo! And the musical one in the group!” Stormy suddenly says, causing me to jump a little, “Jamie. You’ve might’ve heard of him as the school’s DJ.”

“Jamie Ren?” I ask, and Travis nods. “Yep! That him! And then we have you! The baker!!!”

Travis then says, thoughtfully, “Good ole James.”

“You know how he feels when you call him that,” Christian grins and Travis simply nods. “Yes, I know dear friend. I’m pretty sure we all know how he feels about that.”

“Hey, May, Jamie’s still out getting snacks, right?” Storm asks, turning to face her. May nods, rubbing her hair out of her face, “Yeah. He said he forgot Travis’s disgusting Fritos and Hot Wings.”

He glares at her, and she glares back. “You’re disgusting.” Travis spits, looking her up and down.

“Ask Jamie if he can pick some cake mix!” Stormy states, as she turns to face me, “Do wanna make a cake? I’m terrible at baking, so maybe you can show me how. I always add too much of something when I try to make a cake or my own buttercream frosting.”

I smile, feeling flattered, “Sure! I’d like that.”

Stormy squeals excitedly, wrapping her arms around me, “YAY!! Super excited!!!”

“What kind of buttercream frosting do you want to make?”


Jamie laughs, as he hands me the whisk, “That’s nuts. Travis probably scared you.” I nod, laughing, as I stir the cake batter, “Oh yeah, for sure.”

“Yeah, he has that effect on people.” Jamie chuckles. He then studies the cake batter and sniffs the air. He sighs happily, “That smells heavenly by the way.”

“Thank you. I added some extract to give it more flavor instead of it being regular vanilla cake.”

Jamie Ren, the school’s DJ. He’s also pretty famous at school for his music as well as his talent for playing instruments.

Which explains why he’s the musical one in the group.

I haven’t heard much about him if I were being honest. He’s a mystery to me. I only know he’s the school’s DJ.

However, he’s nice and seems super chill. Like, Zen vibes. Oh! And he’s also May’s boyfriend.

“Hey, Tiffany!” Stormy calls out to me, as she walks over to my other side, “Does this look right?”

She shows me her bowl of chocolate buttercream frosting, a worried expression on her face. I stare at it as she asks, “I think it might be too thick...”

“No, actually, it’s perfect,” I reply, and she smiles widely.

“Really?” She says, hopefully, and I nod, “Yeah! It’s just the right consistency.” I lean over and dip my finger into it lightly.

Taking the glob of icing on my finger, and stick it in my mouth, tasting the icing. I swoon at how smooth, and sweet it is. Thick, but not too thick.

Just right.

I nod, and smile, “It’s soooo good!”

“Is it?!” Stormy asks, excitedly. “Yeah, really good,” I state, and she leaps with joy.

Jamie chuckles, as Stormy dances, singing, ” ’CAUSE I’M A BAD BITCH!! HELL YEAH!!!!”

She then picks up the bowl, and states, “I have to put this on my Instagram feed!!!”

She then runs to the living room and poses in front of the window. I giggle as Jamie states, “Yeah, this’ll take a minute...”

He then pats my shoulder, I’m about to head out to see what the guys are doing. Need any help?” I shake my head, “No, I’ll be okay.”

“You sure?”

“Yeah, I’ll be okay. Go hang with the guys! I’m sure you’re bored of watching me make cake batter.”

He chuckles, “No, I’m not bored of anything, I promise.”

“Whatever you say.”

He rolls his eyes, playfully, before heading to the back of the cabin, and out the back exit. I continue finishing the cake batter, and frown.

It’s still lumpy.

I groan, pushing up my glasses with the palm of my hand, “Darn cake batter...”

I stir it a bit quicker, and finally, it starts to smooth out. I smile, feeling content, “Finally!”

I reach over and grab the cake pans Jamie just bought and use Pam to spray the insides of them. I carefully begin pouring batter into the pan, being as careful as I cannot spill it onto the counter.

Travis’s POV:

I walk into the living room, and immediately find Stormy holding a bowl of what I am assuming is frosting, taking selfies with it.

I stare at her, confused, “Heyyyyyyy Stormy?”

“Yes?” Stormy replies, smiling as she holds the bowl next to her face. I raise a brow, “Whatcha, uh...whatcha doin?”

She suddenly glares at me, “I’m taking selfies, what does it look like I’m doing?”

I step back, raising my hands innocently, “Look, it was just a question.”

“Yeah, a stupid one.”

I roll my eyes, as I turn toward the kitchen.

Not gonna lie, the guys aren’t talking about anything interesting, so I’m bored as shit. The whole time they were talking, I just nodded and laughed hoping they didn’t ask a question.

I sigh, as I stare into the kitchen noticing that curly hair from anywhere. It’s pulled back into a ponytail though.

I find myself smiling as she pours the cake batter into the pan Jamie had bought since we didn’t have any before.

Stormy just insisted on making cake since we found out Tiny can cook.

I cock my head to the right, watching her.

She seems so focused.

I usually don’t find myself wanting to talk to a girl at all mostly because girls at this school are annoying as fuck. With her...I get this different feeling.

I’m not sure how to describe it...

She pushes up her glasses using the back of her hand as she sets down the bowl. Grabbing the spatula and starts stirring again, Tiny begins humming a song.

She sings, her voice soft, “And we can stay at home and watch the sunset, but I can’t help from asking are you bored yet? And if you’re feeling lonely, you should tell me-”

“Before this ends up as another memory,” I sing along, nodding my head with her voice. She immediately yelps, whipping around to face me, spatula in hand.

She then flings cake batter from off the spatula, by accident, and it lands on my shirt and face. That also includes her shirt and face. I step back and stare down at my shirt. I find myself chuckling, shaking my head slightly.

Downright the cutest girl I’ve ever met...

Tiffany’s POV

“OH MY GOD! Travis, I am so sorry!” I nervously reply, setting the spatula down on the counter.

“It’s fine,” He laughs, as I scramble to grab paper towels.

I grab some paper towels, and immediately begin wiping off his shirt, “God! Why am I so clumsy? This the second time you’ve done this to him, Tiffany...”

“No really,” Travis laughs, grabbing my hands, “It’s fine. And you don’t have to clean this off for me.”

I blush from the feeling of my hands in his, “OH YEAH!!!”

I pull away, handing him the paper towel. I push my glasses again, clearing my throat, “Sorry again...”

He shakes his head, smiling, as he wipes his shirt clean. I awkwardly, turn back to the cake batter and pour the rest of it into the other pan, feeling shaken up still.

Travis is behind me, and I just spilled something on him again...


“You’re not a bad singer.” He states, and I simply snort at that. I look over my shoulder at him, “Um, I beg to differ. I sound like an extra high-pitched bird.”

“I wouldn’t say that,” He replies, sounding genuine, “You may not hear it, but your voice is softer than you think.” I blush as he stares dead into my eyes, continuing to say, “In other words, your voice is pretty.”

I find myself smiling a little and quickly turn away, “Thank you...You’re not half bad yourself.”

“Appreciate it,” He replies, and I can just hear him smile, “but nah.”

I laugh a little, as I take one pan at a time, and stick them in the oven. I turn around to face Travis, placing my hands on my hips, “Cakes should be done soon, and-” I shout over in Stormy’s direction, “frosting should be refrigerated!!!!!”

“I’M COMING!! I’M COMING!!!!” Stormy shouts, still taking selfies.

I laugh, shaking my head, “Hopefully it gets refrigerated soon.”

I look back at Travis and see he’s already looking at me. I blush, raising a brow, “Heyyy????”

“Oh! Sorry, it’s just,” He replies, holding back his laughs, “you have batter all over your face and shirt.”

“Do I really?!” I shout, dumbfounded. He nods grabbing paper towels. He hands them to me, and I begin cleaning myself up.


“You won’t.”


Joshua jumps to his feet, beginning taking off his shirt, and pants, tossing them over to the side. He pulls at his underwear, adjusting them, and bangs his fists against his chest causing everyone to laugh.

“WOOHOO!!!” He shouts, throwing his arms up into the air as he turns, and runs off the dock, and jumps into the lake.

He splashes in, and Jamie stares in surprise, sitting next to May, Stormy, and I, “Well...I guess I stand corrected.”

May laughs, laying her head on Jamie’s shoulder, and he lays his head on top of hers.

After we had cake, which is already gone I might add, everyone decided that they wanted to hang out by the lake.

It’s dark outside right now in case you’re wondering. And now people are starting to jump into the water.

Aside from Christian. He’s inside sleeping.

Surfacing, Joshua shakes his head, water dripping from off his face, “YO! The water feels amazing!!!”

“Didn’t think he’d actually do it,” Travis admits, arms crossed, as he stands leaning against a tree near the dock.

“Same,” Jamie agrees, rubbing his dreadlocks back, “I guess I owe him fifty bucks then.”

“Guess so, but since he jumped in,” Stormy giggles, as she stands up. She then removes her clothes, and May claps her hands together, “Yasss queen!!”

Stormy blows a kiss at May, “Thanks, babe!!” She carefully pulls her long, straight black hair up into a ponytail. She adjusts her pink bra and looks over at us, “Okay! I’m hopping in guys! Wish me luck!”

With no hesitation, Stormy runs off the dock and jumps into the lake, laughing. She splashes in, and everyone cheers. Stormy surfaces in front of Joshua, wrapping her arms around his neck, “The water does feel good.”

Joshua grins, pulling her closer to him, “What? Did you doubt me?”


May sighs, as she stands up grabbing Jamie’s hand. He stands up with her, as she grabs both his hands stating, “We should jump in too.”

He raises a brow, “I don’t know about that, May.”

“Please?” She pouts, and Jamie sighs. He stares into her eyes for a lingering moment before he says, “Fine, but for only a minute.”

May smiles, taking off her clothes, revealing her black lace bra, and underwear. With that, May looks back at me, “You should join in too! If you want to!” She takes a couple of steps back and bursts out into a full-on sprint. She runs off the dock and hops in, splashing.

Surfacing, May shouts, rubbing her wet hair back, laughing, “C’mon, Jam Jam!!! The water really does feel nice!” He rolls his eyes, removing his pants, revealing his boxers, “Don’t rush me!!!”

He runs off the dock and accidentally trips. He yelps with surprise and falls face-first into the water. I laugh, and Travis does the same. May laughs hysterically, covering her face from the splash.

“Damn, James, how’d you do that?” Travis asks, shaking his head.

Joshua and Stormy also begin laughing, as Jamie surfaces, shaking his dreads. He glares at all of, “Travis, what the hell did I say about calling me James, and yes! I’m fine, thanks for asking.”

“Aw, Jam Jam,” May laugh, as she makes her way over to him, “I’m sorry. It’s just the way you fell in was hilarious.”

“Right. You’re sorry, that’s why you’re laughing.” He mutters as he throws water onto her. May yelps, as he wiggles his eyebrows at her, “Jamie!” He begins swimming away, chuckling, and May chases after him.


I sigh, feeling relaxed, as I watch everyone play in the lake.

It’s always a nice feeling to see people happy because you start to feel happy too.

I would join in, but I rather not go home in wet underwear, and a wet bra.

“So, you’re not hopping in?” Travis suddenly asks, and I look up and over at him. I shake my head, “Nope. I’m okay just sitting here. What about you?” He shrugs and sits down on the dock next to me with a grunt, “Nah, I rather not go home smelling like fish.”

I burst out into laughter, and he laughs a little, “I’m just being honest.”

We both sit, in silence, listening to the loud laughter, and water being tossed into the air as Stormy, Joshua, May, and Jamie all play in the water. A few minutes go by, and Travis suddenly says, “They like you; you know.”

I look over at him, and raise a brow, as he explains, “Stormy, May, Josh, all of them, really like you.” I smile, and look down at my hands, “Oh, well, that’s good to hear...that makes me happy.”

We sit in silence again for another few more minutes, and I suddenly find myself asking, “Why do you want to get to know me?”

He looks over at me, his green eyes seeming to glow against the dark.

I push up my glasses and toss my hair out of my face, nervously, “I mean-like-like-I-”

I start stumbling over my words, “You said you were interested in me and, like, that you wanted to get to know me better and whatnot, but...why me? You could have chosen to talk to literally anyone else and yet you chose me...why?”

He pauses for a moment, lost in thought, and I gulp feeling hot and sweaty. The wind begins to blow softly, causing my hair to slightly fall back in my face.

I gnaw on my bottom lip as he says, voice gentle, “Well...I’m not entirely sure why myself.” I raise a brow and find myself laughing, “How do you not know?”

“I don’t know,” He chuckles, looking just as confused as I am, “I just know that I wanted to talk to you. Ya’know? Befriend you.”

I nod slowly, playing with my fingers, “’re not doing this to purposely piss off my brother, are you?”

His brows furrow softly, and I instantly start regretting asking that.

“I-I-I know that’s such a random question to ask, but, uh, I figured I should go ahead and throw it out there two don’t like each other. And would do anything to piss each other off.”

He laughs, rubbing his black hair back. He shakes his head, a smirk playing on his lips, “That’s true! I do love pissing your brother off, but no, that’s not it. I guess I was ‘drawn’ to you in a way, you know?”

The tips of my ear burn as I push up my glasses, “Drawn to me?”

“Yeah...drawn to you...” He replies, a gentle smile on his face.

Shifting his gaze back out at the lake again, Travis says, truthfully, “I know that sounds strange to hear but that’s the truth. I’m not doing this to annoy your brother. I’m not doing this for any secret motive. I’m not doing any of this for anything. This is all about me just...wanting to know you. And’re not anyone else. You’re you. That’s the ‘anyone else’ I want to get to know.”

I stare at him, speechless, and he looks back over at me. We find ourselves staring at one another, his green eyes gazing into my brown ones.

And for some odd reason...

I can’t pull away...

Suddenly, Travis starts laughing, shaking his head. He looks the other way, and sighs heavily, “God, I hate the way you look at me.”

“What do you mean the way I look at you?”

“I mean, you’re cute.” He states, firmly, leaning in a little. Our faces becomes inches apart, and I feel his minty breath fanning over my face, “and when a cute girl stares at could imagine what’s on my mind.”



I feel my breath hitch, as his eyes staying locked on mine.

God, my heart feels like it’s going to just burst out of my chest...

My blush deepens and I look everywhere but at him, leaning back, “Oh! That’s...what you meant...”


“I’m being serious, Tiffany, you better call me,” May warns, as Jamie wraps a towel around her. I laugh, as I hop into Travis’s car, “I will, promise.”

“DON’T FORGET ABOUT ME!!!” Stormy calls out, wrapped in a towel, “YOU BETTER CALL ME TOO!!!”


After an hour, or two of talking, and laughing with Travis and the others swimming in the lake, we all decided it was getting late. We made our way out of the woods, and to the cars at around 10:35.

Travis and I are starting to get to know each other. I feel less nervous around him, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still blush like an idiot.

We almost forgot about Christian sleeping in the cabin, and Joshua, Jamie, and Travis decided to draw on his face.

I even drew a little something on his face too. When he woke up, he was beyond pissed.

It was funny.

I wave bye to all of them, as I close the car door. Travis sticks the keys into the ignition, and we drive off down the empty road.

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