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Excited and anxious are 2 of the most common feelings you start to have when you meet someone new that has all your attention. You can't wait to see that person again, you go to bed early just so that time would move faster because you know tomorrow is the day you're going to see your favorite person. But then all that strong feelings lose momentum when they don't give you back the same energy you've invested.

Romance / Poetry
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Beautiful like a sunflower her smile was the first time I laid my eyes upon her. Sporting a soft and curly Afro dyed in yellow, blushes while looking at me and unaware I was of the attraction in that moment. At the time I was carefree not knowing that I'd met someone who would mean a lot to me in the near future. She somehow got in contact with me and said she would like to get to know me. "My name is Jean-millia" she said, As we started our first conversation via SMS. We talked for hours telling each other about ourselves and stories of our lives. Never before have I felt so comfortable talking about my life to someone I had just met. We interrupt our texting by converting to a video call to make it more interesting, and As time went by we decided to go on date and get to know each other a little better.

Our first date was one of a kind, and an exciting one as we were meeting for the second time. I decided to invite her to a personal therapeutic hike in the hills while taking pictures of the beautiful scenes around us.
She started telling me this story about this cat she one had that was so friendly and cute that it knew all her friends and could find her whenever she went to visit her parents that lives 3 blocks away. and as I listened to her soothing voice I started to realize that I'm falling for her. I mean it was quite a boring story but I didn't care because the little things matters when someone interests you.

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