Love mates

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Jealousy rising in Jessica

Jessica's pov

" And you will be more than interested in these!! "

" We'll see "
I said to her.
Right now I'm talking or I can say tolerating a loser's talk
Well I'm just listening because she said it will be worth...
Trust me if it will not she is going to pay for it!!!

" Here "
She said

As she said I rolled my eyes and my eyes lended on the most unexpected thing...


A picture of my boyfriend with her
He is holding her...
Place- library
Day - yesterday
Time- 3:00 pm

Well you see I have the ability to see through anything the time day and place and also other magical powers..
I'm not only one
All have powers...
If you are wondering how..
It's because we are moon angels
Frankly it's fine if you don't believe me..

" Soo what you think? "
This crazy human has a death wish....

" It must be when we were at the library for that book and that bitch!! "
I mutured with anger radiating through me....

Without wasting a second I stormes off to give a piece of my mind to her how dare she always linger around my boyfriend

Before I can approach her..
Heyden beat me to that...


It was decided it was destined for him to be mine...
After that accident that lose he have too
Many years have passed...
He still haven't accepted me....

My heart hurts everytime
I love him
I loved him from years
My love can't go wasted just because some random bitch......

" You look beautiful "
I heard heyden mumr to her
My hearing skills!!!!!

I don't think I would like to see more of it...
I jumped between them to take what is mine

Giving her glare not to mess around with me!!!!!

Well it's not finish here....

" What is wrong? "

He said looking pissed

" What is wrong heyden seriously? "

I said sounding hurts and pathetic but I still don't care
How can he doesn't care
From past years all I have done is for him
He just ignorese me

He rolls his eyes
" Why would you talk to her and what is this? "
I showed him the picture that a bitch just showed me
Him holding her torso saving her from falling in library

I am fuming right now
Nothing can stopped me from destroying her
Every inch of her
That loser....

" Oh "
He response and blushes

" What are you blushing "
I said not controlling my anger..

" Oh just remembered something and don't act like that "
He said making his gorgeous features turning into a small scowl

" Yeah right then st-"
Before I could say anything he kissed me..

His kiss was emotion less but was enough to stop me...

More importantly I saw elle saw us..
Which only added to my fun...

To prove his mine...


" Let's dance shall we? "
Tessa asked jorden

Gaining my attention
Tessa is blessed with more powers from all of us..
After all she is the most beautiful and desirable girl..

She have lost her powers once due to the death of her soulmate

And jorden is her boyfriend
I know that soulmates and boyfriend are different
But destiny is always like that brings and ends any one

" Of course babe "
He responded

Jorden is a normal not one of us
Supernatural powerful creatures

But there's something in him that's different
Of course he looks charming
Not much as heyden
Heyden is blessed with super charming and gorgeous eyes and hairs actually every thing
That's because he is blessed with me

Me and heyden aren't soulmates
He have someone else that's why he is here for her!!!!

That is what I hate
The bond that I want to have with him he wants with someone else

Earlier every one thought we are soulmates
That was before this high school was started
And a girl elle Came into my life

Right now "let me love you" music is playing
And heyden 's are flixed on her...

Making me angry again that's enough

This bitch is that good to have my man..

" We should dance? "
I said more like a question

Gazing towards Olivia and tyler and Tessa and jorden dancing and laughing

Love mates

" No "
Came his single reply not even bothering to look at me!!!!!

That's enough
Looking at her with venom
I clenched my teeths

That's her
And now I'm going to make her pay for it..

I switched off the lights

" Well I saw you "
I jumped a little
Turning around I saw alex
A nerd he scared me...

How dare he!!!

" You yeah?? "
I said stepping closer to that loser

" You don't remember anything "
I said
I can hypothesize anyone I please

" What? "
" You don't remember anything about this switching off part "
I said again looking into his eyes

" I don't remember anything "

Got him.!!!

Smiling evily I made my way out

To show and give that bitch Ella a piece

I'm going to make her forget All about him because he's mine and that she is nothing but a stupid perk...

I can't wait...

Using my powers I was guided were ever she is..

" Omg "
I can not believe what is happening
Her with her best friend's boyfriend

" Lemme take a pic "
This have to be captured

After making my way out
I scaned the view for heyden
Were is he??

" Searching for someone? "
His deep voice scared me off guard

" Hey don't scare me "
I said
Looking at him
I can't stop the evil smile from my face
Bitch has finally met her match..

" Why are you smiling? "
He asked eyeing me suspiciously

Taking a sip from his drink

" Well it's a nice day you know "
I lied it's just a annoying day

" Oh yeah "
He said not buying my lye of course!!

" Hey guys why don't you two dance huh? "
Olivia asked joining us

Giving me a wink
" Nah I'm good "
Heyden said looking at his watch as he can't wait to get away from the place or from me....?

" Heyden you are dancing with her right "
Olivia gived him her best puppy eyes
She is her smaller sister
Her features are same as heyden there's no difference but yeah of course a little is..

Heyden has blonde hairs
While Olivia is a brunette as her mother
Her eyes are blue
Heyden is green beautiful and thick eye lashes
Ohh soo attractive
But maybe not mine......

"Alright! "
He sighed....

Rolling his eyes

Earning a giggle from Olivia

I smiled at her she is pretty perfect

Thanks girl

" Shall we "
He asked

And I give in into him
Can't stop looking at him
How can someone be soo attractive

The love I have for him..
In my eyes can't be unseen by anyone
But in his eyes there's just coldness
No emotions
For me.....
Love is far far away!!!

" Soo how's your day? "
I asked him just trying to start a conversation..

" Yeah just good "
He replied looking anything but interested..

" Heyden you gonna tell me what is wrong in me .. I and you both know you don't have any feelings for me.... Why..???
From past years I tried all that I can but you never ever paid any attention to me why?? "
I cried I know many people are watching me now...
But I just don't have in me to stay up always..

" Stop creating a scene "
He whispered yelled at me in his coldest voice...
Making me shiver..

" But heyd-"
Before I can say another word
He ran towards the door

Tears start forming in my eyes...

I can't stop but follow him...

" Bitch "

I can't believe it
Ella is this close to my man

Heyden is.. What's he doing?

That's all
That's it...

I have always got all that I want...
All boys crave me....
Heyden you have made a big mistake
And now
I'm going to destroy her...

End her tonight is last night of hers....

I am feeling like breaking the bound that was going to become is now breaking
It is not I mocked my thoughts...

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