Love mates

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" Can you remember anything else? "

" No Aiden I don't know it was..... "

" It's.. Ok you should rest Elle and you know you can tell me anything you remember anytime "

" Yess "
I said while getting a little up to kiss his checks
He smiled and left

After something just attached me and I was in ICU I don't remember anything
That's so wired

Aiden is being so nice from the week actually he is taking extra care for me
Because of that night incident

Suddenly my mobile ringes

" Yeah "
Without seeing the caller ID here I'm attending the call

" I'm sorry Elle.. "
" Why are you sorry eva? "
I asked her it's not her fault whatever happened.. It's not her fault

" You know it never happened if you know
I haven't pulled you with me.... "
She said sadly..

" Please Eva don't think that oky it's not like that.. "
It's not like I have not been out so it never happened

Someone attacked me inside the house...

" I'm coming over "

" What ?no no n-"
" Why not? "
She asked concern

" I don't want you to miss your classes because of me.. "
I replied
" No I'm not going to take that and anyways gorge will get me the notes and we'll complete the work so no worries "
She assured
Just the name of gorge is nauseous to me...

" Oh that's great "
I said
" Yup "

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