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Growing up, Alessia wasnt the favourite child. She grew up having her books has her friend and being the unwanted part of the family made her happy. No one wants to be with an enemy. Through years of experience she got to know that the uncorrupt had no place in a corrupt world. Pains, trails and challenges forced her to hide a monster behind her innocent looking face. All her foes were to be dealt with gradually. Getting involved with the mafia was no joke, but owning it was the best feeling ever. Before she earned her name in the streets she had to first work for it. Hiding cocains and weapons on a flight was cheap cake to her.

Romance / Thriller
Age Rating:

Chapter 1


The loud sound echoed in the silent room, throwing her three feet away from her original kneeling position.

A surprised laugh escaped Bianca's mouth as she stared at the scene in front of her in delight.

Alessia passed her index finger over the wound and flinched from the pain. Her eyes traveled from the heel, knees, progressing to the waist all through to the face of the woman in front of her.

"You ungrateful child! I gave you a simple task yet you failed. Not only that, Mr. Louis has refused to invest in the company! Do you know how much we've lost due to your incompetence? Millions, Alessia. Millions!" Sofia yelled, putting her hands on her waist.

Alessia sat on the cold floor with her palm on her cheek.

"Are you deaf now, sis?" Bianca asked with a bright smile on her face. She wasn't even trying to hide her excitement.

"I'm sorry" Alessia apologized dryly.

"Sorry?" Sofia laughed " How is sorry supposed to fix this Alessia? How?!. We picked you from the streets, clothed you to become who you are today only for you to grow into an incompetent lawyer?"

There it was. The award-winning sentence of the century. The sentence that kept finding its way into every conversation. Alessia stiffed a giggle "Sorry" Her hand flew to her mouth "I'm sorry".

Sofia's ears burned. She was furious "Is this funny to you Alessia? Is it?"

"Something tells me she purposely lost the case. She's ranked to be one of the best lawyers in this country under the Luca law firm. Why did she suddenly lose a case involving us?. Tsk, tsk. You're getting bolder and bolder with each passing day Alessia" Bianca said, sipping onto her coffee in her pink mini skirt and white shirt. Her black hair fell elegantly on her face.

'What if I did' Alessia laughed in her head. She quietly got up from the ground, dusted herself, and bowed "I'm sorry what happened did, but as we all know... There's nothing we can do to change it. I'll take my leave now" She fixed her dress and walked out of the room without gazing back.

Sofia stood in shock staring at the door " Mom she's gone, sit down" Bianca crossed her legs " I told you to deal with her but you always go soft. You've made her grow wings to the extent that she no longer respects you"

"Did she just walk out on me?" Sofia asked still in shock. Bianca smiled " Ha! Let me see how she is going to fly once I cut them off"

Just then Moretti, Bianca's brother, and Sofia's eldest child walked in. He stopped midway through into the office when he caught a glimpse of their faces. "What is going on here?" No one answered him. He went to his mom's side " Why is the most beautiful woman pulling such a long face?"

Sofia got sick of hearing those questions " what is going on you asked? As the legatee of the company, how could such important news occur without you knowing?. Where the hell are you coming from?"

Moretti stepped back seeing how his mother's mood was " I went out with some colleagues "

This answer sent Sofia to the roof " The hell Moretti"

Bianca smiled "Your dear sister lost the contract with Louis and mom is pissed. You better not annoy her"

"What?!" he faked a serious tone " How could she"

"Oh shut it. I ordered you to personally make sure everything was in place according to plan but you instead run up to friends to have fun. My son values friendship over family"

"I just got carried away, that's all," he said backing off one more time.
"Moretti! How could I give birth to a foolish son, a foolish daughter, even your late father was a fool too"

"Mom!" Bianca protested

"Get out all of you"

Morretti was about opening his mouth when Sofia pointed towards the door" OUT".

Alessia smiled and greeted everyone in the Lucchese building until she got to her car. She footed onto the gas as hard as she could. She couldn't wait to get out of the place. The car drove at a very high speed on the highway. She was angry. She didn't care whether she was going to crush or not.

All that was in her head was the image of her parents hanging on the noose that particular morning. The bullet in between the eyes of her two-year-old brother while laying in the crib still lingered in her brain. The thought of calling the killers of your family mom and dad was painful. Having to witness that at the age of six was disheartening.

She was filled with a burning rage. A burning rage that melted her whole being like plastic. Alessia remembered the wife seated in the driver's seat when she rushed out to call for help. The husband running out with a gun in his hand into the passenger's side and speeding off not caring about the fact that they just murdered a family. A family who lived peacefully. A family that had the best food for dinner not knowing it was their last supper together.

Alessia packed near an empty street and cried out all her frustration. All the pain she had manage to bury deep into the pits of her soul were all coming out. She was forcefully made an orphan in this cruel world. A world that turns his eyes from right to wrong, and this didn't make her want to be a hero in a black cape. No. The one to change the world hasn't been born yet.

But she would make absolute sure that those who need to pay, pay. And those who need to make her life easy make it.

The death of her innocent family thought her that the innocent has no place in this world. The only way to survive is by dancing to the tune of the drummer until you reach him and grab the drum.

She got up and drove to the firm "Hello Alessia" her mates in the firm greeted as she passed by them on her way to her office. She maintained her posture as if she wasn't crying an ocean of tears minutes ago. Anyone who sets eyes on her will think she's an accomplished lady with no worries.

Alessia's office phone rang upon her entry, it was her boss, Mr. De Luca.

"Come to my office now," He said. She plastered a nice smile on her face and headed to his office. "Come in" The voice behind the huge door demanded. Alessia quietly went in. "Sit" Mr. De Luca offered.

"Why?" he asked without sparing her a glance.

She was confused by this sudden question " pardon?" she asked.

"I asked you why Alessia. You've been working in this firm for years, all the while making your way up the stairs. We all had trust in you... I, trusted you. We were so close to winning how could you just ruine everything. Do you know who Mr. Louis is? He lost the case to the Smiths causing him to lose billions! Do you know how much he hates us now? Even your family lost their side of the contract"

"I am sorry sir. The Smiths just had the upper hand, I should've been more attentive".

"That's no excuse Alessia. Mr.Louis isn't someone we want to joke with!. We are doomed"

Alessia felt guilty. All she wanted to do was teach her family a person. She didn't mean for Mr. De Luca to get involved " I-"

He sat behind his desk, clearing his throat " Mr. Louis is at this address" he handed her a card " Visit him and apologize, make sure you make him happy no matter what! Got it?"

She looked at him skeptically "uh... Yes sir"

Mr. De Luca waved his hands at her and she got up and left.

She picked her keys and coat from the office and headed for the road. After driving for fifteen minutes she finally got to her destination. She got into the elevator and pressed the 26th button. Arriving at the floor, she began searching for the room with the 384 number on it. After much curving and walking straight she arrived. There were three men in blacks standing right close to it. She showed her card and was allowed to enter. "Mr. Louis has been waiting for you," One of them said, giving off a crooked smile.

Alessia embraced herself and entered. Five girls in bikinis sat in the couch ahead of her with Mr. Louis sitting in the middle.

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