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Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1(Waking up)

Eyes opened slowly with lashes separating from their inter winded selves. Quinyang sharply felt an excruciating pain throughout her body. She looked around the unfamiliar room and noticed machines around her with tubes in her nose.
Confused, she tried to sit up on the bed when she hit the mattress laying down. Quinyang cried in pain as she couldn't feel her legs when she made a move on them only to fall on the ground.

The door suddenly opens and a tall white, smooth skin man with the sexiest lips dressed in full suit and glasses, with a messed up tie hanging loosely around his neck walked in with a face filled with worry. "What was that-" he stopped when he saw her lying helplessly. A mixture of disbelieve and happiness took over him as he rushed to her side" Are my eyes seeing stuff or are you awake?" he asked nervously.
She flinched when he tried to touch her

"What's wrong? Are you uncomfortable anywhere?" he asked with a scrunched eyebrow

" Who are you?" She asked, making him smile

" You just woke up and you've already begun with your jokes. Come, let me help you up"

Quinyang looked at him with eyes filled with horror. How could he claim her to be joking when he was the one who matched into her room." Don't touch me! I'm not okay with that"

He ignored her and raised her to the bed, gently placing her onto a laying position, and got out of the room without a word.

Five minutes later, he re-entered with another man dressed in a overall, white scrubs.

"Quinyang?" he called out when he noticed she wasn't in the room

"Keep your voice down! I'm down here"
He went to the opposite side of the bed and saw her seated on the floor, " You love floors huh?" he said carrying her to the bed " Mike? Check her up".

The man in a robe who she now knew went by the name Mike opened her eyes, felt her pulse, and asked her a few questions " Lu Qiang? Can we talk outside?" he asked.

Nodding his head Lu Qiang followed but kissed her forehead before heading for the door.

What happened to her and how on mother earth did she end up there. Panic began to rise again. What if he kidnapped her?..... Well he wouldn't get anything important if that's the case but what if they're after her organs?, She shivered. She had to escape somehow!. But... Why wasn't she feeling her legs?! She gasped, Are they cutting it off?! She had to find a way to leave immediately. Her mind was all over the place.

" Bang Bang" someone knocked the door interrupting her train of thoughts. His head appeared in the small opened space " Can I come in?"

He sat next to her legs with a sorrowful expression " You don't remember me?"

She nodded unsurely making him turn his face away from her.

He held her hand lightly" The doctor said you lost your memory but we'll work it out. Okay?.

"I understand," she said calmly" But you still haven't answered my question"

" What do you mean?"

" Who are you and why am I here?"

" I'm Lu Qiang and you are here because you had an accident three years ago"
She couldn't believe the fact that she had been playing sleeping beauty for THREE WHOLE years.

" It was a serious accident which had your brain damaged. It's a permanent memory loss but we'll figure it out together" he squeezed her hand

"So... I'm memoryless huh?. I can't remember any of the people who've once been in my life, I don't even know what I look like"

Lu Qiang felt guilty, had he been with her that day, any of these wouldn't have happened" Babe I know how-"

" Wait a minute! What did you just call me?"


" Where from that?"

" We're engaged"
Her hand flew to her mouth.
"Why don't I know of this" how can she be engaged to a total stranger! Who was the fool who said yes when he proposed?!

" I- I need time to process this"

He looked hurt " Take all the time you want" he went out with his shoulders dragged down.

The room fell into silence. A cold chilled silence with her head running in all directions.

Soon she got tired and drifted off to sleep.

Wang saw his boss coming out of the hospital fully dressed with no hint of tiredness, but he saw a reflection of pain in his eyes. Lu Qiang wasn't one to show emotions. He always has a giant wall built around him but all those layers of blocks and cements collapses when he feels his fiance around.
She was the only one who sees all that hidden from the world. " Where to, sir?"

" The office" Lu Qiang answered quietly " And tell Bai to move Quinyang's things from the apartment to the house. She needs to stay close"

" Alright sir"

...... The next day

It's been hours since she woke up and Lu Qiang or whatever his name is still hasn't showed up. It's not like she missed him but many unknown faces were moving in and out of the room, frightening her.

She saw Doctor mike walking across her opened door and shouted " Doctor? Can I see you for a sec?"

"Sure" he came in

" Is Lu Qiang here yet?"

"No. He isn't" her face fell "Should I give him a call?"

"No! I mean... It's okay" she smiled

" Okay then" he adjusted her tubes and went away.

" QUINYANG!!" Two elderly people run into the room smiling like crazy " Our daughter is finally awoke!" the female said grabbing her into her arms" I can finally hold my baby"

Quinyang was in shock due to her not knowing these people. Pushing their hands away, she shifted back a little " Who are you guys and what are you doing here?"
The man looked at her like she was dumb " What do you mean by ' who are you guys'? Did sleeping too much affect your brain?!" he asked with a scrunched eyebrow " Where is Lu Qiang? I thought he was with you"

She didn't like the look on the man's face " You thought wrong" she answered swiftly.

" Let's talk about important things here" the woman said " Does anywhere pain you?" Quinyang found her to be insanely friendly by the way her eyes glittered.

" No but who are you guys?"

Shocked, the man bent down annoyed " Don't you remember your parents anymore?"

Oh, that's what they are... Parents

" WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!!" her neck snapped when she heard the voice

" Came to visit our daughter. Why? Do you want to prevent that from happening too?".

Lu Qiang's eyes turn cold and so did his aura from anger. He walked to the man and whispered something.

Terror filled her fathers eyes as he looked at her, then his wife and then at Lu Qiang " We'll see you later child" he took his wife's hand and escaped.

Lu Qiang avoided her eyes like a plaque and put the food he brought on the table.

" Are they really my parents?"

His mouth came together on a thin line " Yes"

She couldn't understand why his expressions took a turn " Are you okay?". She now saw the beautiful man standing in front of her. He had rich brown eyes with slender nose, beautiful soft lips and his curly short hair fell on his forehead bouncing to every movement he makes. With his appearance only God knew what else lies under that shirt. Her heart started to pace.

" Are you listening?" She came back to her senses to him holding a spoon of hot chicken soup with rice

"Sorry" Quinyang cleared her throat

" The Doctor said you can be released tomorrow" he said excitedly " Here" he held the spoon to her mouth

" Great but I lost my memory not my ability. I can feed myself"

Her harsh words made him draw his eyebrows together. She released how that came out and held his hand putting the food into her mouth"Hmm, it tastes good"

He kept feeding her until the whole plate of food was out.

The sky was dark outside, it seemed to be night.He entered the bed with her after brushing and hugged her tightly from behind.
" Are you staying here tonight?" she asked

She laid in his arms with his head buried in the crook of her neck. Quinyang didn't feel anything for him but he seemed like a nice guy.

She soon started to fall asleep when she heard him whisper "I love you".

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