Isabella Knight

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This is a twist of fate in the life of Isabella Knight, she meets a man as old as time completely oblivious to what the future held for her. †††† The Knights were a powerful bloodline, they were powerful as well as beautiful witches but one stood out in the Knight clan, she's Isabella and this is her story. For the past twelve years of her life after the age of five, she was identified as a non-witch and ever since then she felt like an outcast, different. She just wanted to belong not knowing she was so much more. Things are about to change though, all it took was a night, he finds her and thus, the story begins. Welcome to Isabella Knight.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

I don’t know what came over me to come here. This wasn’t my scene but, just to prove Matilda wrong I fell into her sick trap.

Now, here I am at club Rose and I have to be here till midnight. My hands unconsciously went to my neck to fiddle with my necklace but I only came up empty.

“Damn you, Matty...” I mumbled under my breath as I took a glance around, trying to get rid of the awkwardness I was feeling.

During lunch today, the girls and I were playing a game and one thing lead to another and I ended up with a dare to prove myself. Now I have to stomach two more hours outside of my save haven in a skin-tight mini red dress, my hair in a French braid and a cakeuped face.

My phone buzzed in my hand. I checked it to see it was a message from one of my sisters.

‘Still so uptight, Bella?’

I texted back.

I am currently planning your death.′

I glanced around tired of standing in a corner. I made a beeline for the bar, my heels clicking on the tiled floor drawing attention to me. I ordered a sparkling water and glanced at Beth’s reply.

’You can try but, I assure you it won’t end well for you. So, which handsome guy has your sorry ass managed to sway?′

‘Guys are overrated. I have told you guys, I prefer to swing solo.’

The bartender handed my drink. I gave him a thankful smile which he returned before moving to the next customer.

My phone buzzed with a new message and looked at it.

’Just stall then. Maria covered for you though and she also said something about you forgetting your necklace. Hurry home before mother goes bananas.′

‘Sure. Just ninety minutes left and Matty’s spell will transport me home.’

"You look obviously out of place.” A voice startled me out of my thoughts. I turned to take him in. Tall, red head and handsome.

I smirked and cocked my head to the side. “What makes you say that?”

“One, no one comes to a bar to get sparkling water and two, your phone has your attention.”

“Watching me...”

“Matthew Nightingale, pleasure Miss...” He said as he took a seat opposite from her.

“And why should I give my name so easily. Stranger danger, Mr. Nightingale even though, I can literally break your jaw with my fist, my mother taught me right.”

He chuckled as he signaled the bartender over.

“Name’s Charlotte. And no, you won’t get more than that.”

“I like you Charlotte.” He state putting emphasis on Charlotte. I could tell he doubted the name but, that wasn’t my problem.

“Want to dance?”

“I don’t know...” She answered truthfully as she eyed the swaying bodies a few feet from her, barely any space between most of the opposite sex and some even openingly swapping saliva.

She shuddered in disgust.

“Charlie, you have to let loose, that’s why anybody ever comes to a club. To let loose and the first step is to dance like no one’s watching. So, let’s party...” He offered me a hand after standing and downing his scotch.

I stared at his hand, weighing my options. I wasn’t actually here to let loose but over a dare. My mother would literally set the town on fire if she knew her Isabella was out in a foreign town dressed in minis and with a pair of silver heels and without her necklace and that too without consent.

So since this bar thing was a one time thing, I accepted Matthew’s offer. We started dancing, the song changed and soon I became lost in the music and lost Matthew in the sea of bodies.

However, a zap of electricity running down my spine jerks me from my dazed state. I have never felt anything like it. My senses were in overdrive and whoever held on to me smelt divine. I just couldn’t get enough.

"You’re beautiful...” He mumbled to my ear in a foreign language.

‘What was this, witchcraft?’

“Who are you?” I breathed out.

“Midnight... You beautiful?”

My heart skipped beats and that was definitely not healthy. Just as I was about to give him my name and likely give him my life story, my eyes caught sight of the time.


I felt familiar tingles on my fingertips. Due to the dim lighting of the club, I could barely commit his face to memory only his eyes. Charcoal black.

“I’m really sorry but, I have to leave.”

“ can’t leave.” He held until my hand but I pulled away and made a beeline for the exit. I felt him behind me but, I didn’t stop.

Even when I boarded a cab to the outskirts of town, I could have sworn he was still chasing me. I didn’t pay heed, my only aim was to leave and get home.

When I reached the border, I heard him causing me to freeze all together.

“Wait, you can’t leave.”

I fisted my hands and with great difficulty, I trudged forward and crossed over. I felt him reach for me and it pulled at my heartstring.


Something was different, something felt missing. I heaved a sigh and moved to my dressing table where my necklace laid. I picked it up and slowly fasten it around my neck.

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