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Isabella Knight

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Chapter 2

I rubbed a thick coat of pink lip gloss on my lips. I smacked my lips together then stared at myself in the mirror.

Chestnut brown curly hair in a ponytail, button nose, brown eyes, cupid bow shaped lips and dimples on each cheek. I was a pretty face, I knew that but, why did I feel like I was lacking something?

I got up and grabbed my messenger bag before leaving my bedroom and heading to Matilda’s.

I barged in.

“Clearly you dropped your manners somewhere or you just lack it from the start.” Matilda peered at me from her rectangular shaped reading glasses. “Morning Isabella, ever heard of knocking?”

“Yes, I have but, I am certainly not in the mood.”

“I see you survived the night. Meet anyone interesting?”

Charcoal black eyes flashed in my head. I shook my head and walked in further, taking a seat in front of my sister.

“Just danced till midnight.” I answered in a monotone.

“Must have been one hell of a song for you to be three minutes late.” I shot her a look. ” Anyways, you better get down. Mother is going to grill you with questions...”

“...not a word, I know. I’ve perfected the act of lying all thanks to my lovely elder sister.”

She grinned at me. “It’s good that you understand that there are consequences for every action.”

“Yeah.” I stood to my feet. “I have school today. You just keep memorizing mother’s spell book.”

“Hate you.”

“Hate you too, big sis.”

“The girls and I are meeting for luncheon, Bayes.” She yelled to me.

“Can’t, I’ll be busy.” I replied as I shut the door behind me.

I trudged downstairs then made my way to the dining room where my mother sat at the head of the table looking as formidable as ever. After all, she is Elena Knight for a reason.

I waltzed in and took a seat.

“Morning mother.” I greeted as I draped a napkin on my lap. A maid started serving me.

Silence ensued making my heartbeat accelerated. I calmed myself, trying not to show fear because it would be my undoing.

“Maria says you turn in early last night.” She stated.

“Yeah.” I sipped my hot beverage. “Schools stuff.”

“Very well then. Next time, come down for dinner.”

Hopefully, there won’t be a next time.′

“Certainly mother.”

I ate my breakfast which consisted of French toast, omlettes and a cup of tea. I finished up in record time just as I heard a honk outside.

“It appears my ride is here.” I stood to my feet and pulled on my messenger bag and face the maid. “Please tell Anabelle the food is amazing as usual.” She nodded, giving me a polite smile.

I faced my mother. “Mother, I’ll be off to school.”

My mother’s scoffs out loud. “Why do you insist on going with the human? Isabella, you have your car parked in the garage.”

I move to peck my mother on the cheek. “The human Mother dearest, is Alice and I attend a human school, mother. I have to blending in not stick out like a sore thumb.”

“As you wish, just be safe and never cross the border.”

“See you later mother.”


“Your family is messed up.” Alice stated as she parked in her usual spot.

“It’s family.” I replied as I got out of her vehicle.

“I can’t believe your sister dared you to go clubbing and get laid all before midnight.”

I chuckled at the thought making a mental note to skip luncheon with my sisters for a very long while. I waited up for Alice when I caught sight of Maria and her minions.

She winked my way before strutting away with eyes trailing in her direction. That is who Maria Knight is; classy, pretty and a seductress.

“I can’t believe you’re a knight and are related to Maria Knight, Queen bee of Specials.” Alice said as she stared in the direction Maria walked off to. “Why is she here anyways?”

“How would I know? Maria does as she pleases.” I said as I made my way into the school. “But if I’m to guess, it’s probably about the competitions coming up.”

Alice groaned beside me. “That? It’s such a shame they best us every year. I mean, why bother with competing...”

I tuned Alice out as I reflect her words. Specials High is better than West, a school filled with witches with a power that could snap a human in half with just the flick of a finger. They were better, West sadly couldn’t stand a chance.

I however, I come from a bloodline of powerful witchcraft practitioners. My sisters are badass witches but, sadly I am the odd ball because I, Isabella Knight can’t do magic.

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