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The Girl He Forgot

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Scarlett Aabidah has her life filled with troubles and problems and well, everyone knows her as a jinx. As she finds herself in an embarrassing situation by not even saying a 'Hi' in the Instagram to her so-called childhood sweetheart. The very next day she finds her so-called sweetheart in her school, and her life goes chaotic as she is in love with him. Well, no one knows. In the end, maybe her life will be the chaotic life that she doesn't love so much. The story will just follow the life of a 17-year-old teenage girl's feelings and her little first love that she will try to succeed in as she will fight in her not so free teen life and bit of craziness, friendship and well the other things are secret for now.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

I stood up from my small yet perfect bed for me. I went to my washroom by pulling on the door handle that was at a corner of my room. I sighed and brushed my teeth; the saliva pouring on my lip. “Gross!” I yelled with an irritated face and voice. I mean, all these gross things only happen to me. Other people brush so perfectly and look at me!

I got out of my purple and white themed room, getting dressed in a black hoodie and jeans. I was getting downstairs by using the stairs that were made of wood. “Scarlett, you woke up.” My mother Ayesha Noor said to me with a smile on her face. I don’t know why she is smiling; I guess she has some works for me to do. Yeah, my mother doesn’t smile at me unless something good happens or she has some work for me.

“What do you need?” I said with a kid of sarcastic voice with a smile on my face.

“Can you make the omelets for me? Please?” Mom requested with a smile on her face.

“Yeah.” I answered and went to the kitchen. I took 5 eggs from the fridge and cooked the omelets. No, no, I am not an expert at making things specially cooking foods. Whenever I say that I will make something, everyone in my family stares at me as if I am a zombie. Yeah, I am that bad at cooking. However, I can make omelets and tea perfectly.

I sat down on the chair opposite to my older sister’s chair, who still didn’t come downstairs. My mom sat down near my older sister’s chair and started pouring the milk on my glass along with my older sister and my younger sister’s glass.

“Call your older sister. I guess she is still sleeping.” She said with a sigh.

Just as I was about to get up to call them, I saw them coming downstairs. So, I sat down again. My older sister Laiba Aabidah along with my younger sister Omera Aabidah came down.

“Today you guys woke up at the right time.” I said with a smirk on my face. “Whatever.” My older sister said annoyingly and sat down on her chair while Omera sat down beside me. My father, Amil Aabidah, came and sat down and started a conversation with a good morning. I am always smiling. So, if someone doesn’t see me smiling they will say that ‘Is something wrong with you?’ and I say that ‘obviously no’. My life is a kind of bad. It doesn’t have a meaning.

“How many hours did you study?” My dad asked me by drinking his glass of water.

“4 hours.” I answered.

“Oh, how is your university going, Laiba?” My dad asked my older sister.

“It’s fine.” She answered having her sausages.

“And what about you, my dear, Omera?” My dad asked Omera 11 years old. “It was fine, dad.” She answered excitedly.

Yeah, school may be excited at first, but then suddenly it will be the worst place ever. My dad and mother never asked me how school is going. Neither did they ask anything about what was going in my life. They think that I have a perfect life with no one troubling me. Just because of a smile, everyone thinks that I am... happy? I am always so so-called happy.

My older sister had this perfect face with a perfect jaw line. Her eyes were brown while her silky black hair was up to her waist. Omera is a perfect girl with a perfect cute eyes and everything where a boy can fall for her cuteness. And me? Well, I have nothing special.

“Hey, we have reached to school, now get out.” My sister said, and I and Omera got out of the car and she drove away.

She is 20 years old and now attends university. A sigh got out of my mouth and Omera went to her way and I went to my way.

“Yo!” I said, seeing Eva and Mariana. Eva and Mariana are my two best friends with whom I share everything. But they don’t know something that is...

“Yo!” Eva and Mariana said and hugged me, and I hugged them back with excitement. I was so excited to see them even though it was only 10 hours since I talked with them. I love them so much.

“So, how was your morning?” Mariana asked curiously.

“Like always.” I said by putting my upper lip a little upward.

“Yeah, your morning is always... tired.” Eva said dramatically and mockingly.

“You!” I said with an irritated face, but still a smile on my face. The bell rang suddenly, and we went to our classroom. It was higher than math. What a great way to start the day! The class is so boring. I can’t even understand a thing, even if I want to. I sighed. I was waiting for the class to finish. The teacher had the eyes of an eagle. So, even if someone would talk, he would give punishment to the students. I hate this class. After 50 minutes the class had been finally finished and I went out of the classroom.

“How was the math class?” Eva asked with a giggle, teasing me.

“Oh, my God! It was so interesting that I was just about to... sleep. I said dramatically and then giggled. Both Eva and Mariana giggled after hearing me.

“Drama queen. You should take part in the Romeo and Juliet that will take place next week.” Mariana said with a giggle.

“Yeah then, everyone has to take tomatoes and shoes with them for greeting me.” I said laughing and hearing me both of them laughed.

“You guys are wrong. I guess it will take place something like... 4 weeks?” Eva stated.

After three other classes, it was finally lunchtime, and we were sitting on the table. Eva was talking with her boyfriend Rian, and Mariana was reading a book. And me? I was just scrolling on Instagram. I checked the stories and took some fries and placed it in my mouth. The fries were quite tasty. The fries. Thinking about the fries I again remembered about my childhood sweetheart. I wonder what that jerk is doing now. Ray, I wonder where you are now. I sighed. My rain. Yeah, I have a childhood sweetheart, but I don’t have any contact with him. I call him rain instead of Ray. I still remember the way he smiles, the way I used to smile and laugh because of him. He is my...first love. And he will be my last love. Forever.

“Why is our Scarlett, smiling?” Mariana said, teasing me with a smirk on her face.

“It’s because I am watching you as you are falling in love with the lead of your novel book.” I joked with a giggle. And Mariana pouted.

I don’t know where I get all these funny things. It just comes out of my mouth. If someone asks me to be a comedian, then I will say that ‘I don’t want to be a comedian’. I want to be a psychotherapist. I want to solve the problems of people who have problems with their lives that they can’t share with the other people. I know how they feel. I know how bad, painful and heart aching their problems are. After the lunch ended, there was another three classes which I didn’t like so much and the school time ended with an annoying sound which is the sound of the departure bell. I sighed and got out of the school.

“Hey, let me drop you.” Eva asked, her eyes full of concern and care.

“No, it’s okay, you guys can go.” I answered with a smile on my face as usual.

“But, I guess it’s going to be raining soon.” Mariana responded, her voice a little raising.

“Its fine, you guys, just go.” I said forcefully, keeping my hand on the back of Mariana and pushing her to the car.

Mariana along with Eva sighed. They agreed and went in their car and drove away. Eva and Mari live together in their flat which they share and it is a lot farther than my house, completely in the opposite directions. I don’t know, but I really want to live with them. I sighed. I felt a few drops of water on my hand, head and my eyes. I sighed again, knowing that it will drench me in rain. My sigh was of relief. I love rain, but I can’t usually go under the rain as my mother stops me because I may have a fever. These days, I really wanted to be drenched in rain. Al-Ham-Durillah. I am happy! I grinned and was going, taking a few big steps out of excitement. Soon, the rain started pouring. The droplets of water were neither small nor big. I am not that girl who will open her arms to enjoy the rain... But... I am that girl who will jump in the puddle wholeheartedly! I smiled and with no expectations I found a big puddle!

I’m jumping in the puddle and its fun. The puddle wasn’t that much dirty. The water was quite fresh because the water is new. The rain suddenly stopped, which created a frown on my face. I got out of the puddle, took my bag and started walking again. I am so disappointed I was having so much fun. But it’s okay, I had fun. Yeah. After quite like 20 minutes, I reached home. It takes exactly 40minutes to reach my home if I take a walk. I reached home, water was pouring from my clothes. I rang the doorbell and Omera opened the door with a smile.

“You are all wet!” Omera gasped.

“Slow! Mom will kill me.” I requested.

“Mom!” Omera shouted.

And before anything could’ve happened, I ran to my room by the stairs.

“Little demon.” I said my eyebrows in a twitching form.

I hurriedly put my bag on my chair and headed to the washroom for having a fresh shower with the hot water. I can’t take a bath without hot water. I formed this nasty habit at the time of winter and can’t get out of this habit now. After taking the bath, I had put the shower towel on my body and got out of the room by jumping. I wore a palazzo with a black top. It was showing my figure. Whenever I wear something black, it shows my figure. I guess I don’t have any curve. There are three types of persons who blush. Number one is them who blush even for the slightest things. Number two is them who blush like normal people and number three is them who don’t blush never ever in their life. And I fall in the number three category, which I hate. I got on my bed and suddenly my mom called me for taking the snacks so; I went to have the snacks.

After taking the snacks, I came back to my room again. Oh, did I forget to introduce myself? My name is Scarlett Aabidah and I am a Muslim. I have black eyes with a mixture of brown color. My hair is a wavy type of 2A. I am 5 inch 6 centimeters. I am a 17-year-old girl in her 12th grade with her average results on her studies. I am nothing like my sisters. They are just like the picture of Monalisa. They can be wonderful. And maybe you can say that I am the wooden plate where the drawing was took place. No one notices me. No one cares about me, even though I care about them. I try really hard for them to take care for me, to notice me, to see me. But they don’t. I really try hard. Tears started rolling down my cheeks. Shit! I was holding it right all this day.

But you can’t hold them so much at a time. Isn’t it?

Shut up, will you? I scolded my mind.

I don’t know if it just happens to me. Actually, it is just my mind, a part of me, so I can’t stop it. It just tells the thing that a part of me wants.

Yes, you are right. You can’t stop me from giving you advice even if you want because I am a part of you.

“You are not giving me advice you are disturbing me!” I whispered loudly with an annoyed face and voice. It’s so irritating. The tears stopped because of my mind’s sudden outburst.

It wasn’t a sudden outburst. It was a technique to stop you from crying.

I smiled a little because of that. No matter how much bad it is, after all, it’s my mind. I always used to think how stupid all the novel was because the protagonist used to talk with its mind. But sometimes it can be the truth because now I can also talk with my mind.

Correction, you can’t talk with me, but I can.

Whatever. I thought with an irritated face and jumped on my bed.

I am thinking about a strange thing. The thing is that I felt that someone was stalking me when I was jumping on the puddle. Was it...Rain??!!

“Seriously? Are you kidding me? You are so lame.”

Who is lame? You are the lame person here! Uggh my mind! Okay, now chill. I breathed in and out so I can relax. I have to study. I sighed because I have to do the homework and practice math.

At last! I finish all my work. I sighed of relief. I stretched my back and went to bed, grabbing my phone. I want to read some true parallel stories. I went to chrome and got an article about it. Oh, shit. I think someone was in my room.

“This is the thing that you will get if you read true horror stories.”

Shut up, will you? Okay, I will not read it anymore. Why did I read it? What if the haunted toy in that story comes in my house? Shut up. Think something sweet. You know, think about Rain. I wish I could talk with Rain. Thinking about him made me sleepy because of the sweet memories. As soon as I was about to close my eyes, that brat disturbed me again.

“Why are you sleeping? What if the haunted toy haunts you?”

Will you shut up? You rubbish. Shut the nonsense! Because of my mind’s rubbish my sleep is gone and now, I am completely awake. I am not feeling sleepy, not even a little. I sighed and grabbed my PSP that was kept on the nightstand. I choose ROAD RUSH and started playing it. Soon I was sleepy, and it felt as if I mixed my body with the bed. I closed my eyes and soon I was in sleep.

I opened my eyes. It was dizzy as I woke up from sleep just now. The birds were chirping, and I felt happy because of it. I smiled. I woke up ten minutes before the alarm took place. I was lying on my bed and didn’t feel like to get up. So, I decided not to get up too soon. After my dizziness went away, I sat down on my bed, grabbed my phone from the charger plug and dismissed the alarm. I got my legs out of the bed. “Bismillah.” I murmured and got up from the bed. I couldn’t walk straightly and went to my bathroom by fighting with my legs so that I could go straight. I went to the washroom and got the toothbrush and applied some paste on it. I don’t want to go to school. It’s so tiring. But, I am happy because if I go to school then I can see my friends. But whenever I think about the harshness of everyone and being tired, I feel like crying. My eyes teared up. Don’t waste your tears, Scarlett. Look, these tears are not worthy to be wasted on this matter. Okay. I rubbed the tears away from my eyes with my left hand as I was brushing my teeth by the help of my right hand.

After gargling, I breathed hard. I have a kind of breathing problems. So, I have to breathe hard with my mouth whenever I stop breathing for like five seconds. I don’t know if this also happened to others, but I know that it always happens to me. I sighed, keeping my hand on the basin’s edge. I had put the water on my face. My bathroom wasn’t so much luxurious or cheap. It is a kind of bathroom that every normal girl want’s to have. My bathroom is simple yet sweet looking. I got out of my bathroom and wiped the water from my face with the black-colored towel I have. I am feeling fresh.

I opened my wardrobe, and I was staring at them. I have a terrible sense in modesty fashion as well as fashion. My sense of fashion sucks. I don’t know what to wear. As I was staring at my clothes, my eyes went to a long top and a jean. The top was black color, and I felt like I will be wearing it. I wore the dress and headed downstairs. The morning was the same as it was yesterday. Everything happened like yesterday, same thing, same questions and same mood.

I got out of my sister’s car and greeted Eva and Mariana with a hug. At the time of lunch, we were all seated on the last bench of the whole cafeteria.

“So, what happened to your so-called mood?” Mariana asked after she left out a giggle out of her mouth.

“I am missing my childhood sweetheart.” I answered with a frown on my face.

“You didn’t tell us about your story! You just told us his name. Just contact him.” Eva gave me the advice with a smile on her face, keeping her hand on my hand.

“But, I don’t have any connection with him. I mean, I don’t know where he is!” I said with an upset face and voice my voice rising a little. Hearing me, both of them started laughing.

“Why are you guys laughing?” I asked, feeling irritated. I mean, why are they laughing?! I mean, they should help me.

“There is a thing called social media!” Mariana answered, giggling.

“What do you mean?” I asked, feeling irritated and annoyed at the same time.

“No wonder you don’t get A+ in math. You fool, you can just search his name in the Instagram. He is this generation’s boy. He will obviously have an Insta account, you fool!” Mari said seriously at last. That’s right! I can just contact him in the Instagram! My eyes went wide out of happiness.

“Let’s go to your house today with you. And then we will solve your problem.” Eva said, and I agreed happily.

We went to our house and got in my room. I was so excited. We did the girl things.

“Now let’s find him.” Mari said.

“Will you know that it is him if you see him like after 12 years?” Eva asked, her eyes full with seriousness.

“Yeah, I will obviously know him if I see him.” I answered surely.

“Okay, now let’s find him!” Mariana said with a positive aura around her.

I searched his name on my phone in the Instagram. And...

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