The Alphas of North Forest

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Chapter Thirteen


Rosemary’s POV.

The doctor tells me that my grandmother has passed away in her sleep. They came in to bring her dinner and she was gone. Tears fills my eyes and leak down my face as they sympathetically inform me of her passing.

Ezekiel has to take the phone from me, because my mouth is making all sorts of noises and none of them are words. Emmanuel takes me into his arms, holding me tightly as I sob into his chest. I can hear Ezekiel talking on the phone, but I don’t tune into what he is saying. All I can feel is pain, loss, grief.

Emmanuel grip is strong and the pressure is comforting. He’s holding me up. At some point, I become aware that I am being ushered back to their car. Emmanuel gets into the back with me, drawing me into his arms once he has clipped my seatbelt on.

Ezekiel takes us back to their house. I don’t care that I don’t have anything with me, I don’t want to be alone. My vision is blurry from my tears as they take me to the living room. A blanket is placed across my lap and my mates sit either side of me. Just being in their arms provides the comfort I desperately need.


When I wake the next morning, it’s in a bed that is not my own. I rub my eyes and look around, realising that I’m alone in the Master bedroom. The one intended for the three of us.

I sit up and look down at my clothing. I was wearing a sweater and jeans last night. I’m still wearing the sweater, but the jeans are gone. I spot them lying on a chair on the other side of the room.

I go into the attached bathroom and sort myself out. I wash my face, removing the tear-streaked make-up. My hair is a mess, so I put it into a long plait down my back.

I take off my underwear, turn it inside out and put it back on. After sliding on my jeans, I venture out of the room. I can hear the twins talking in the kitchen. They both look up when I enter, giving me matching sympathetic looks.

“Good morning, kitten,” Emmanuel greets me first.

“Would you like some breakfast?” Ezekiel asks gently.

I nod. “Yes, please.”

My voice is thick from sleep and hoarse from crying. I slide onto one of the kitchen stools. Emmanuel comes over to me and I open out my arms for him. He stands next to me and wraps his big arms around me whilst Ezekiel prepares scrambled eggs for us.

I rest my cheek on his soft jumper, letting the sadness fill me. I knew she didn’t have long left. We knew for the last five years that she was living on borrowed time. It doesn’t make it any easier, she’s still gone.

I’m grateful that she got to meet my mates and that she made peace with our relationship. This isn’t the path she would have chosen for me, but she had accepted it is the one I was taking. I can say goodbye to her knowing that she wasn’t angry with me, that we’d said what we needed to say and we had forgiven each other.

Tears fill my eyes as I think of her and Emmanuel holds me tighter. He kisses my hair and whispers words of comfort. Breakfast is a sombre affair. The twins merely comfort me. They don’t try to make me focus on other things or distract me or make me smile. They let me wallow in my grief, knowing that I need it, if only for a day.

Ezekiel has to leave us in the afternoon, which he isn’t happy about. Emmanuel stays with me, cuddling me on the sofa.


Friday is spent with the twins at their house. I have some of my things with me now. Last night, my mates took me to my flat to pick up my stuff. I’m going to be staying with them for a few days.

Being with my mates is the best thing for me right now, they comfort me, they’re going to help me get through this. They help me plan her funeral. We make arrangements for her to be buried in the cemetery next to her church. The service is arranged for the following Friday.

The twins help me sort everything. They talk on the phone when I can’t, they speak to my lawyers and the nursing home. They help me sort everything, so that I don’t have to worry about it.

On Saturday, they take me out of the house. The twins treat me to a greasy fry-up breakfast and then take me for a walk around the National park. They tell me that the fresh air will be good for me. I grumble and complain that they sound like my grandmother, which sets me off. But after the walk, on the drive home, I realise that I do feel a little better.

Grandmother wouldn’t want me to mourn. She would tell me that it would keep me from doing God’s work.


The day of my grandmother’s funeral comes around quickly. The twins barely leave my side, only relenting when Oya is with me instead. I am the only family at the funeral. The rest of the mourners are people from church and friends from the nursing home.

We don’t have a wake. Grandmother stated in her will that she didn’t want one. After she is buried and the service is over, the twins take me back to their house. They offer to give me space, but I ask for them to stay with me.

October comes and I don’t move back from the twin’s house. They ask me to move in properly, seeing as I’m sort of living with them already. I go back to my flat to collect my things and trip over old takeout boxes on the floor.

I don’t feel at all bad about moving out. The landlord knows I’m moving out and has stopped charging me rent. He’s already found a replacement tenant. I move into the Master bedroom. When I get into bed that evening, it feels so right.


It has been two weeks since losing my grandmother. Five weeks of knowing Emmanuel and Ezekiel. They treat me to dinner at the house. It’s not much different to our usual nights in, but this time they light candles and buy in wine and dessert. The three of us eat in the dining room and it feels like a proper date.

I’m starting to feel like myself again. Of course, I miss my grandmother, but my mourning has moved into healing and I know that she is in a better place.

After eating, the three of us pick a movie. We snuggle on the sofa, blankets wrapped over our laps. It’s late when the movie finishes. I stretch my arms over my head and yawn.

“I think our little mate is a bit tired,” Ezekiel comments to his brother.

“Time for bed, kitten,” Emmanuel states.

I go up to the Master bedroom and get ready for bed whilst they turn off the lights and lock up downstairs. I change into my pyjamas and take my make-up off. When I hear the twins coming upstairs, I poke my head around the door.

“Night, boys,” I call to them.

They both freeze on the landing and smile.

“Goodnight, kitten,” Emmanuel replies first.

“Night, Rose,” Ezekiel adds softly.

I shut the door and get into bed. I turn off the lights and put my phone on charge on the bedside table. I lie in bed for ages, trying to get to sleep. I go on my phone for a bit, but then a better idea comes to me. Slowly, I slide out of bed and pad softly across the floor. I carefully open the bedroom door and tiptoe into the corridor.

I go to Emmanuel’s room. He is always more forward with me than Ezekiel. I love that Ezekiel is controlled and restrained, it makes him all mysterious and brooding. But I’m taking a risk and that definitely falls under Emmanuel’s traits.

He is sleeping soundly in his bed when I enter. I almost feel bad for waking him up, but I don’t want to be alone. I creep over to his bed and gently shake his shoulder. His eyes fly open and look me up and down. I realise that he is looking for any harm done to me, probably thinking that something is wrong. He glances at the clock and then sits up in bed, rubbing his eyes adorably.

“Rosemary? What’s up?” He asks sleepily.

I shift nervously from one foot to the other.

“Um, I was wondering if, maybe, I could get into your bed? I couldn’t sleep and I think it’s because I’m not with you two,” I confess to him.

“Of course, you can,” he responds and his expression turns thoughtful. “We should probably go to Ez’s room though, are you happy to sleep with both of us?”

I bite down on her bottom lip and nod shyly. “Is his bed as big as yours?” I check.

I assume it is, I can’t really remember from when they showed me around.

“Yes, there will be plenty of room for the three of us.”

He climbs out of bed and a blush comes over my cheeks as I spot the tent in his pyjama bottoms. I don’t comment on it. Emmanuel takes my hand and leads me over to Ezekiel’s room.

He opens the door and we sneak inside. Ezekiel is on the right hand side of the bed, laying on his back. Emmanuel gestures for me to get into the middle.

I hesitate for a moment and then get under the covers. Emmanuel lifts the duvet and climbs in next to me. I cuddle into my side and he kisses the top of my head. In between the hard but warm bodies of my two mates, I fall asleep easily.


Emmanuel’s POV.

I wake to a persistent nudging. I peek open one eye and glare at my twin, who is poking me in the shoulder. He points at a sleeping Rosemary between us.

“What?” He mouths, his brows furrowed.

I shrug at him. “She couldn’t sleep,” I whisper quietly.

His eyes widen in surprise and he nods. He looks down at her sleeping form and brushes a strand of hair from her face. She mutters something under her breath and rolls over, nuzzling her face into his chest.

Ezekiel tenses up in surprise, but then grins at me. I smile back, happy because my mate is happy. My stomach rumbles and I look at the time. We should be getting up soon, but I could stay like this all day. I roll onto my side, so that I’m spooning Rosemary. I run my fingers through the silky strands of her hair, gently brushing out knots for her.

She slowly stirs at my touch. She moans softly and stretches her arms above her head. Inadvertently, she presses her backside against my morning wood and I bite my lip to stop myself from groaning. Her pyjama top rides up with the action and Ezekiel’s eyes drop to the exposed strip of skin.

She rubs her eyes and smiles at us. “Morning,” she mumbles.

We greet her back. I trace patterns on her back and she wriggles back, into my touch. Her butt wiggles against my erection and I quickly put my hand on her hip to stop her.

She giggles and I realise that the little minx did it on purpose. I lean down, so that my mouth is right next to her ear.

“It’s very naughty to tease someone, kitten,” I whisper darkly.

She giggles again. “I’m sorry, Professor,” she replies coquettishly.

Before I can react to that statement, she jumps out of bed, leaving Ez and I confused and turned on.


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