The Alphas of North Forest

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Chapter Fourteen


Rosemary’s POV.

I’m stood in the kitchen, making breakfast for the three of us for once. Emmanuel and Ezekiel are practically twitching on the stools they’re sitting on. It’s killing them to watch me and not help, but they’re under strict orders to sit back and let me do the work. As Alphas, they’re struggling with receiving an order to begin with. It’s rather amusing, watching their internal battle.

I finally serve up the poached eggs for us, putting them at ease. They both thank me graciously and we tuck in. They’re pretty great, if I do say so myself. Towards the end of the meal, we start discussing what we’re going to do for the rest of the day. It’s Saturday and we have the whole weekend to ourselves.

I’m avoiding church because all everyone does is talk about my grandmother. I want to talk about her and remember her, but right now, the pain is too raw. I need a few weeks before I can start celebrating her life. I’m still healing from losing her. The twins share a look and I catch it before they hide it from me.

“What?” I demand. “What is it?”

I hate it when they have those little twin shared looks. It always means they’re thinking or planning something behind my back. Ezekiel looks sheepish.

“We have something planned for you tonight, but don’t feel like you have to say yes,” he says.

“Yeah, you can say no if you don’t want to,” Emmanuel adds.

“I’m intrigued,” I comment. “Please, explain.”

“We’ve booked a reservation for the three of us to have dinner tonight…at a karaoke bar,” Ezekiel tells me.

My eyebrows shoot up in surprise. “You want us to sing karaoke?” I ask, quite shocked that they’d want to do this.

“Not us, kitten,” Emmanuel corrects. “You.”

“You sang so beautifully in the church, we’d love to hear you again,” Ezekiel tells me.

I pull my bottom lip between my teeth, considering it. I don’t mind singing in church because, firstly, I’m worshipping God with my voice and secondly, I know the congregation consists of nice Christians.

Strangers in a karaoke bar could be as savage with their comments as they want, without worrying about the fiery pits of Hell calling their names.

“What would I sing?” I ask nervously.

“Anything, kitten. They have so many songs. Just have a think about it. There’s plenty of time to make up your mind,’ Emmanuel reassures me.

“And the second surprise is that it’s our Beta’s birthday tomorrow and he has invited us round to his house for a Sunday roast.”

“That sounds nice,” I comment. “Ooh! We could bake him a cake!”

The twins chuckle at my excitement.

“We could, yeah,” Ezekiel says with a laugh. “Do you want to?”

“Yes! Oh, please can we?” I ask them and they both nod.

“Of course, kitten. Get dressed and we’ll go to the shops.”


The three of us walk around the supermarket together. Emmanuel pushes the trolley whilst Ezekiel and I walk either side of it. The Beta’s favourite cake is Victoria sponge. I distract myself from worrying about meeting my mates’ friends and family, by focussing on the cake instead.

I put all of the ingredients we will need into the trolley and then start looking for icing and toppings. I go a bit mad on the sprinkles, I’ll confess. It’s been a while since I’ve baked, but I’ve always loved it, ever since I was a child and I use to bake with my parents.

We return home and I lay out all of the ingredients on the kitchen counters. I tie my hair up and the twins help me measure out everything. Together, the three of us make the cake. We decorate it with bright orange icing, because apparently, that’s his favourite colour. My mates let me cover it in orange and yellow sprinkles.

The three of us step back to appreciate our masterpiece. It’s looks awesome.

“I hope he likes it,” I say as they carefully put the cake into a box and then into the fridge.

“He’ll love it, kitten,” Ezekiel responds and places a kiss on my temple, making me blush.

By the time it comes to the afternoon, the twins are looking at me for an answer about tonight. I don’t want to disappoint them, so I say yes. I know that they said they’d be fine to change it, but I also know that they want to hear me sing.

I’m nervous the whole drive to the restaurant. When we enter, someone is already on the mike. They’re singing quite well, which only makes me more nervous.

We’re given a table near the stage and I watch each person perform. I watch the audience, too, to see how unforgiving they are. Luckily, the crowd isn’t that rowdy and they don’t make any catcalls, only cheers and applause.

I have a drink, seeing as it’s too early for food. I have another and then another. The idea of singing becomes less and less scary with each drink. By the end of the third, I’m ready to go up there, which is good, because my name is called.

My twins squeeze my hands, wishing me good luck. I go up to the stage and the MC asks me what song I would like to sing. I pick a classic, seeing as most people should know it and I know all of the lyrics.

I stand in the middle of the stage. The lights are blinding me and hiding everyone in the audience, which helps. My hand shakes as I reach for the microphone and take it off the stand. The music starts playing and I close my eyes, waiting for my cue. Then, I open my mouth and sing.

The cheers I get after only singing the first line encourage me. Soon, I’m singing out to the audience, my eyes open and unafraid. At the end of the song, there are shouts for an encore. Above the noise, I can hear my two meets cheering and shouting, standing behind our table. I grin out at them. The MC takes the mike from my hands.

“Well, ladies and gentleman, she certainly has the voice of an angel, doesn’t she? Who wants another song from the brunette beauty?”

Cheers break out and I can feel my cheeks heating up from the attention. I agree to sing one more song. When I get off the stage, I’m burning on adrenaline and smiling widely. My mates both embrace me and usher me into my seat.

“That was incredible,” they gush and compliment me.

My cheeks hurt from how much I’m still smiling on the journey home. I’m so happy that they planned that. When we go upstairs to get ready for bed, I hover outside my door.

“Do you two think that, maybe, you want to sleep in here tonight?” I ask them shyly from the end of the corridor.

Both of their faces light up and they nod eagerly.



I laugh and enter the Master bedroom, leaving the door open for them. I go into the bathroom and start to get ready for bed. I’m plaiting my hair when Ezekiel comes in first. He’s wearing a t-shirt and a pair of joggers. He’s cleaned his teeth and there’s a bit of toothpaste foam left on the corner of his mouth. He looks adorable.

I walk up to him and he stills, wondering what I’m doing. I reach up and wipe the toothpaste from his mouth, he smiles down at me. My eyes drop to his lips. I want to kiss him. He drops the towel he’s holding and lifts up his hands to cup my cheeks. He leans down as I lean up and our lips meet.

Ezekiel kisses me softly at first, but when I push back against him, his lips become more insistent. Our lips move against each other, in perfect synchrony. I tangle my fingers in the inky black strands of his hair and pull my body closer to his. He lets out a groan at the back of throat and holds me tighter against him. We pull and grab at each other, the kiss turning heated.

When we finally pull away, we’re both panting and our lips our swollen. He looks down at me, desire swirling in his corn-yellow eyes. We both jump, looking at the door as Emmanuel enters. He looks between us both and instantly smirks.

“What did I miss?” He asks amusedly.

“Nothing,” I mumble and squeeze past him, desperate to get out of the bathroom before my face turns the colour of a tomato.

I go into the walk-in closet and try to pick out an outfit for the birthday roast tomorrow. There’s limited options for dresses in winter. Emmanuel startles me when he wraps his arms around my waist.

“Whatever you wear, you’ll look perfect,” he murmurs into my ear.

I giggle as his breath fans across my neck, tickling me. I wriggle around in his arms, so that I am facing him.

“Ez got a kiss, don’t you think you should, too?” I whisper to him.

His eyes brighten and then his pupils dilate. I lean up on my tiptoes and he bends down the rest of the way, capturing his lips with mine. His arms tighten around my waist, lifting me off the ground and pinning me against him. I instinctively wrap my legs around his waist. He moves his hands down to cup my bottom, holding me up.

We kiss passionately, our lips moving over one another. Emmanuel presses my back against the wall, pushing his hard body against mine. I moan into his mouth, loving the feel of his muscular chest against my breasts.

Suddenly, I’m lifted off the wall and another wall is pressed to my back, a warm one. I realise that Ezekiel is now behind me. He mouth latches onto my neck, sucking and licking the sensitive skin there. His arms snake around my waist.

I shudder in their arms, savouring the feel of them both pressed up against me. Emmanuel’s tongue slides across the seam of my lips and I eagerly open up to him.

As our tongues collide, Ezekiel drags his teeth over my skin, making me moan. His hands slowly slide up from my waist and cup my breasts over the fabric of my t-shirt.

My nipples harden and press against the fabric. He plays with them over the material, pinching and tugging. I moan around Emmanuel’s tongue and gasp into his mouth when Ez pinches particularly hard.

Then, all of a sudden, they both stop. Emmanuel breaks the kiss and sets me down. The both of them have raging hard-ons, they are causing some serious tenting in their joggers.

“We should probably get some sleep, kitten,” Ezekiel says gruffly. “We’ve had a long day.”

Slightly disappointed, I take Emmanuel’s outstretched hand and let him lead me to bed. They’re right, though. I fall asleep between the both of them within minutes.


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