The Alphas of North Forest

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Chapter Fifteen


Emmanuel’s POV.

Waking up with Rosemary between us both, has to be the best thing in the world. I’m grinning and I’ve only been awake two minutes. It calms me to know that she is safe, between us. I can’t believe how much more accepting of us she is being. Last night got seriously heated in the closet.

Ezekiel and I had to stop before it went any further. It was only my first kiss with her and already I had her pinned to the wall as I ground my hips against her. I took it too far, I should have held back more.

Story of my life.

That’s what Ezekiel does, holds me back and makes sure that I don’t take things too far.

Rosemary wakes up first. She yawns loudly, which stirs Ezekiel. I watch the two of them rub their eyes and slowly come round. Rosemary rolls onto her side and nuzzles into my chest. I slide my hand up her thigh and to her hip. Her top has ridden up slightly and I trace patterns on her skin.

She makes a sound of approval at the back of throat , her eyes closed again. Her long eyelashes rest on top of her cheeks. I slowly slide my hand up from her hip. I slide it under her top and stroke the soft skin of her belly. She moves into my touch and I get bolder, sliding my hand higher. My fingertips graze the underside of her bare breasts and she moans quietly.

Fuck. That sound. It’s addictive.

I meet Ezekiel’s eyes and he nods. He looks down at Rosemary. Feeling his eyes on her, she opens her and smiles up at him. Without hesitating, Ez leans in and captures her lips. She buries her fingers in his hair and holds him close to her as their lips move over one another.

I reach up higher under her top and cup one of her breasts with my hand. I play with her nipple until it hardens, rolling the tight bud in between my fingers. I pinch it gently and she presses her hips back against mine. Her grinding is the biggest tease and I squeeze her nipple harder, until she moans into my brother’s mouth.

What was that I was thinking about taking things slower?

She breaks their kiss and rolls over, to face me. She grabs my face and pulls me down to kiss her. I feel Ezekiel’s hand move between us and I realise he’s putting his hand down her pyjama bottoms. I know when he reaches her pussy, because she practically mewls into my mouth like a good little kitten.

As my tongue nudges hers, I feel Ezekiel’s hand begin to move back and forth between us. Our kitten doesn’t seem to care about morning breath as she lets me kiss her deeply. I’m glad. I break the kiss momentarily to see what my twin is doing.

His hand is down her bottoms and is moving in and out, he’s fingering her. Her glazed eyes meet mine and she smiles shyly. I slam my lips to hers again and begin squeezing her nipples through her top. It is too much for our little mate. Her moans become more frequent and she squirms between us.

Ezekiel moves faster and she pulls back from me, panting. Her eyes close and she moans loudly. Her body tenses up and I get to watch my perfect mate orgasm in front of me. Her cheeks turn a deep red as embarrassment catches up to her. I take her into my arms and Ezekiel removes his hand from between her legs. I don’t care that she’s embarrassed, I want every morning to start like that.

Today is going to be a good fucking day.


Rosemary stays in bed when Ezekiel and I get out. When we’re done in the bathroom, she goes in and takes a long shower. By the time she comes down for breakfast, we are already serving up. The three of us eat together, discussing the plan for today.

We’re going over to Harvey’s house at eleven. Rosemary is going to see Ruthie again and she’ll get to meet our (sort of) cousin, Sanjay, too. Rosemary chooses a cute dress and thick tights her outfit. She looks beautiful and adorable at the same time.

When we drive over, she sits in the back of the car with the cake nestled on her lap. She’s holding onto it tightly. I don’t know if it is because of nerves or because she doesn’t want anything to happen to the cake. Probably both.

I pull up outside our Beta’s house and Ez gets the door for Rose. He helps her out and she moves to stand between the two of us. I feel better when she is sandwiched between us. Harvey answers the door wearing a ‘Birthday Boy’ paper crown on his head and an oversized badge declaring ‘It’s my birthday’.

“Hey, guys!” He grins. “Come on in.”

“Happy birthday,” Ez and I tell him in unison.

Ez goes in first and I gently place my hand on Rose’s back, ushering her inside. We take off our shoes and jackets.

“Nice to meet you, Rosemary,’ Harvey says as he shakes her hand. ’I’m Harvey.”

Rose blushes and smiles shyly. “Lovely to meet you.”

Harvey leads us through to the conservatory. Ruthie, Sanjay, Sanjay’s mate, Vern and Hector -our Gamma- are sat on the sofas. They stop their conversation and look up as we enter. Ruthie grins and jumps up.

“Rosemary!” She says happily. “You look lovely.”

She pulls our mate in for a hug, who smiles widely and hugs her back. I place my hand protectively on my mate’s lower back. Ez does the same and places his hand between her shoulder blades.

“This is our mate, Rosemary,” I tell them proudly.

We proceed to introduce Rosemary to everyone. She’s a little intimidated at first. We sit down and get to talking. Ruthie takes our mate under her wing, making me feel better.

After an hour, there’s a happy flush to our mate’s cheeks and she’s laughing hysterically at some story Ruthie is telling her.

“The roast is ready!” Sanjay declares.

We all go through to the kitchen to serve up. It’s a full English roast, with Yorkshire puddings and stuffing balls. I pour hot gravy over my plate and follow my mate through to the dining table. Everyone sits down and tucks into the roast. I’m smiling from ear to ear, happy that we have our mate on our territory, with our closest friends.

I texted Harvey yesterday and asked about a cake. He said that he hadn’t thought to get one for himself because he didn’t think birthdays were a big deal anymore. I told him that our mate wanted to bake him a cake and he was really excited about it. His eyes light up when we’ve cleared away our empty plates, and Rosemary mentions getting the cake out of the fridge.

She comes through to the kitchen with Ez and I. She opens her bag and gets out the candles. We help her light them and then she carries the cake through.

We sing ‘Happy birthday’ to Harvey as Rosemary places the cake in front of him. He blows the candles out and everyone cheers. The cake is cut up and we go through to the conservatory to eat it. Rosemary sits between Ez and I on one of the sofas.

Vern and Sanjay are cuddled up on another, with Harvey, Hector and Ruthie squished on the last one. Ruthie doesn’t seem to mind, her fingers and mouth are covered in cake. I remember to ask Rosemary what she was laughing about earlier.

She smiles cryptically. ‘Just some story about you two as kids.’

I look at Ez with a frown, wondering what story Ruthie told her.

I think I’ll have to have a word with my cousin at some point.

We stay all afternoon. Rosemary challenges Hector to a game of ping-pong. It turns brutal, fast. The two of them are making grunting sounds as they hit the ball. The trash-talk starts and it goes downhill from there.

It’s a bitter game and we decide to step in and make the decision to call it a tie. Neither of them wants to draw, but they can tell they’re at an impasse. I have to admit, it was hot watching Rosemary get all riled up. I like my little kitten mad, the claws come out.

With our arms around our mate, we saw goodbye to the gang and drive her home. Her eyes droop in the back of the car, making me smile. Ez parks the car and I carry our now-sleeping mate into the house.

I sit down on the sofa with her curled up in my arms. Ez sits next to me and I slowly lower Rosemary onto his lap. Her body is on mine whilst her head is on his.

She sighs in contentment and snuggles into us both. Ez turns on the TV and finds something for us to watch whilst our mate naps on our legs. I slip my hand into hers and she curls her fingers around mine. Ez runs his fingers through her hair soothingly, his eyes on the screen.


Our mate stirs around six, when Ez has gotten up to start making dinner. She blinks adorably and looks up at me sleepily.

“How long was I asleep?” She asks groggily.

“Almost two hours,” I tell her with amusement. “I hope you’ll still be able to sleep tonight, you have a very important lecture tomorrow morning.”

She sits up and stretches her arms over her head. She looks at me with a teasing smile on her beautiful face.

“I don’t know, he’s not all that,” she replies, with a light, joking tone. “Thinks he’s better than he is.”

My eyebrows raise up in surprise. “Oh, really? Is that what you think?”

She grins. “Yep,” she replies, popping the ‘p’.

“You cheeky little-”

She squeals as I tickle her, going straight for her sides. “No, Emmanuel! Please!” She cries between fits of laughter and tries to wriggle off my lap.

I hold her firmly with one hand and tickle her with the other.

“I’m sorry! You’re the smartest lecturer ever!” She shouts. “Please, stop!”

We both jump as Ezekiel stands over us, hands on his hips and a spoon in his hand. “Smartest lecturer ever?” He asks with faux anger. “Excuse me?”

Rosemary grins up at him. “Second smartest lecturer ever,” she corrects herself.

Ez nods in satisfaction. “Better.”

About ten minutes later, Ezekiel serves up dinner for us. The three us, a happy little triangle, sit at the table and eat together. We spend the evening laughing and watching TV. When it gets late, we all go upstairs to the Master bedroom.

“I can help you move your stuff in here tomorrow, if you want,” Rose suggests shyly.

I look at Ez and he grins back at me. “We’d love that, kitten,” I tell her softly.

The three of us get ready for bed and then climb into the huge bed, made for the three of us. Rosemary is between us, where she belongs. My twin and I fall asleep, each with an arm around her.


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