The Alphas of North Forest

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Chapter Seventeen


Emmanuel’s POV.

“I still can’t believe you pressured her like that,” Ezekiel mutters as we wait in the car for Rosemary at the end of the day.

I made the mistake of telling him about my conversation with Rosemary in the square. I roll my eyes and continue tapping my thumbs against the wheel.

“Relax. She knows that she isn’t under any pressure,” I reply and he scoffs.

“You just couldn’t help yourself.”

“No. I couldn’t. And you can’t blame me, she’s perfect. How am I supposed to resist my mate? The person chosen for me?”

He shoots me a pointed look. “I manage to resist, so you should be able to as well.”

“You inherited Mum’s patience, not me. Besides, if I left this up to you, she wouldn’t be marked until next year.”

“And if I leave this to you, she’ll be marked by tomorrow.”

I remain silent after his sarcastic retort. His glare intensifies and I know that he has picked up on the significance of my silence.

“Are you serious? You intend to mark her tonight?” He asks, both shocked and angry.

Shangry, if you will.

I shrug. “If she wants us to, who are we to deny her?”

He huffs at me. “You’ll probably back her into a corner and bite her like some rabid animal. Look, here she comes, have some sense of control for the love of the Moon Goddess, please.”

We both force smiles as Rosemary gets into the back of the car. There’s no fooling your mate, though, she picks up on the tension straight away.

“Everything okay?” She asks cautiously.

This time, our smiles are genuine.

“All good, kitten,” I reply and she blushes at the nickname.


Rosemary is awfully quiet throughout the evening, even during the meal. I can tell from the pensive look on her face that she has a lot on her mind. Ez and I leave her to her thoughts. When she’s ready, she’ll open up to us.

I wait for her to bring up the marking subject. When we spoke earlier, we said that we’d talk about marking tonight, but I want her to instigate the conversation.

She doesn’t until later on. The three of us go upstairs and get ready for bed. Ez and I are ready before Rose and we get into bed.


We both look up when our mate enters the room. My heart quickens as she comes out of the bathroom. I hungrily take in her skimpy pyjamas; a satin vest with matching shorts.

Is she trying to get herself marked?

She steps up onto the bed from the bottom and shyly gets in between us. The instant our mate lies down, both of us wrap our arms around her. She snuggles into our touch and sighs happily

My teeth ache with the thought of marking her. To satisfy myself, I lean down and kiss along her bare shoulder. A quiet moan escapes her full lips and I grip her side more tightly.

“This is the most we’ve heard from you all night,” I joke against her skin. “Are you alright, kitten?”

Rose nods quickly. “I’m okay, I’ve just…been thinking.”

“About?” Ez probes.

“About marking,” she admits shyly. “Oya and her mate marked each other within a few days…I know you two have been holding back for me, but you don’t need to anymore. I’m ready.”

She says the words firmly and assuredly, leaving no room for doubt in our minds. I run my finger along her collarbone and over the sensitive skin of her neck. Rose shivers between us, chewing on her bottom lip.

“You want us to mark you?” I ask lowly, my voice already getting deeper with desire.

Rose looks between us shyly. “Yes, I do.”

“Do you want to mark us?” Ezekiel questions her.

She looks down at her hands, not meeting our eyes. “I’d like to, if you’re okay with it.”

I snort at her words. She has no idea how okay with it Ez and I are.

“Kitten, we’re more than okay with it,” I tell her amusedly.

“I-so, can I?” Rose asks nervously.

Goddess, she is so damn cute.

“Yes,” I reassure her. “Of course, you can.”

Ezekiel, for once, throws caution to the wind. He gently turns her face towards him and captures her lips. As they kiss, I lean down and begin kissing along her shoulder, towards her neck.

I slowly slide me hand up her top and cup one of her breasts. She arches her back, pushing herself into my hand. Encouraged, I begin playing with her nipple, pulling and squeezing it. Ez mimics my movements, taking hold of her other nipple.

The two of us are barely touching her, really, but she’s moaning and squirming between us like she’s on the verge of orgasm. After seeing what she looks like when she comes, I want to make her do it again.

Ez breaks the kiss and begins kissing along her jaw, to her neck and then lower. He kisses the tops of her breasts and then pulls her top down, revealing her beautiful chest.

I leave her breasts to Ez and slide my hand into her shorts. She’s not wearing anything underneath them and I involuntarily groan at the knowledge of my girl going commando.

She kept that little fact to herself.

I part her wet lower lips and stroke my fingers up and down her pussy. She’s so fucking wet and soft. I push two fingers inside her and I have to bite down on my lip.

And so fucking tight.

Goddess, I hope we both fit.

I pump my fingers in and out of her as Ezekiel plays with her nipples. I speed up my pace and Rose whimpers. I’m obsessed with the sexy little noises she makes. I strive to hear them again and again.

I look at her and she looks so fucking perfect and sexy. Her eyes are squeezed shut in ecstasy and her lips are parted. Knowing that our little kitten is close, I scissor my fingers and move them faster until her whimpers turn to moans.

“Oh,” Rose drags out the word and I keep going. “Ah!” She cries out and her body convulses with pleasure.

Ez and I carry her through it. She breathes heavily as she comes down from her high.

“Mark me, please,” she whispers to us.

Both Ez and I freeze, thinking we’ve heard incorrectly.

“Mark me,” she says. “Please.”

She looks us both in the eye. I don’t need to be told another time. Ez looks at me, I can see the hesitation in his eyes. He better not chicken out on me. He looks at Rose and his eyes soften. I lean down and kiss her neck, finding the right spot.

A few moments later, Ez mirrors my actions on the other side of her neck. I find the right spot just as Ez does. We bite down at the same time and Rose gasps in shock. Her gasp ends in a moan and she quivers between us, another orgasm gripping her. I feel us connect on a whole new level, our souls join.

I pull back and so does Ez. Rose is panting between us. She looks like a hot mess. Her top is pulled down, under her breasts, leaving them naked and pushed up. Her cheeks are flushed and her hair is in disarray.

Embarrassed, Rose fixes her top so that she is covered up. I take hold of her wrist and kiss the inside of it.

“Don’t be shy, kitten, you have the most perfect figure,” I tell her truthfully.

She blushes and strokes my face affectionately. Her other hand reaches out for Ez and he shuffles up to her side. My brother and I cuddle into our mate, holding her tightly between us.

I’m horny as hell from marking her and I want one more orgasm from her. I roll her onto her side, so that she faces Ezekiel. He sees the look in my eyes and knows what I want. He starts to kiss her, letting me focus on her lower body. I slide my hand back into her shorts from behind. My erection nestles between her butt-cheeks.

She soaks my fingers straight away and I use the lubrication to start making small circles around her clit. She grinds her ass against my cock, moaning into Ez’s mouth as I play with her pretty pussy.

She pulls back and breaks the kiss, just as her orgasm hits. Her body tenses and then relaxes. I feel her spasming against my hand. Her hips jerk backwards and forwards, humping my hand to prolong her climax.

As she’s coming down from her high, she leans in and sinks her teeth into Ez’s neck. His eyes widen in surprise and then close. “Shit,” he moans.

His knuckles turn white as he grabs Rose’s arm. His hips buck and I smirk at his reaction. Rose retracts her teeth from my twin’s neck, leaving him a breathless mess, which makes me laugh.

She rolls over and grabs the back of my neck. I barely have time to process her pulling me closer before I feel the sharp bite of her teeth in my neck. The pleasure rolls through me straight afterwards. It’s euphoric. The pleasure is blinding and my cock shoots to attention.

“Fuck,” I hiss.

The high only builds and starts to wash through me. My hips being bucking against Rose’s body and an orgasm grips me. I groan as the hot liquid of my come fills my boxers.

Well, shit.

Rose pulls back and I catch my breath. I look down at the wet patch on my boxers. I can’t believe she did that to me, she made me come in my pants.

“Now, you’re all mine,” she states happily, a satisfied grin on her face.


All three of us wake up in the best mood. We’ve marked our mate and she has marked us. It’s a Wednesday as well, our day off. We decide to go out, to celebrate our marking. It’s cold again, so we wrap up and take the car out of town.

We keep driving until we reach the coast, which takes about an hour and a half, but Rose wants a beach day. There’s no rain or snow, luckily, but the wind adds a chill factor. Ez and I hold Rose’s gloved hands and we go for a walk along the beach.

There are only dog-walkers around, we pretty much have the beach to ourselves. Afterwards, we get a fish and chip lunch. We eat out of the polystyrene take-out boxes using those wooden forks you’re given. It’s greasy and unhealthy but makes a great treat.

When it starts to get too cold, we bundle back into the car and Ez drives us home. The three of us work in the afternoon. We help Rose with her assignment, but we won’t write it for her. She isn’t that kind of student, she wants to work for her Masters herself.

That’s another reason she doesn’t want people knowing about us at university. She doesn’t want to be thought of as the teacher’s favourite, or be accused of only getting her Masters because she slept with us for it.

In the evening, we cook and eat together, well-settled in our little routine.


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