The Alphas of North Forest

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Chapter Twenty-Two


Rosemary’s POV.

I meet up with Oya on Saturday morning. We catch up over coffee and she’s relieved to see me in one piece. Once I have convinced my friend that I am okay, the twins pick me up and take me home to pack.

I don’t think they’ll be letting me out of their sight for a while. They were okay leaving me with Oya, because I wasn’t alone and we were in a public space, but I can’t see them allowing me to get on the bus by myself for a long time. I’m not complaining, I like having them around me 24/7.

I FaceTime Oya whilst I pack, asking her what I should take. We are staying for a few days, because it’s half term next week, so no university. We get a week off. From what I hear about the size of the twins’ family, I’m going to need a full week to get to know them and remember all of their names!

Eventually, I manage to fill my suitcase with outfit choices. I don’t know whether we’ll be going out or doing anything, so I bring a selection. I drag the case downstairs and Ezekiel tells me off when he sees me.

“You should have told me and I would have brought it down for you, kitten,” he chastises me.


Emmanuel’s POV.

Rose climbs into the back of the car, where I’m waiting in the driver’s seat. She’s wearing a crew-neck jumper, which shows off her neck. Her marks are healed and perfect. I try not to look at them too long, because I can feel myself getting hard. My twin gets into the passenger’s seat and immediately knows what I’m thinking of when he sees my dilated pupils.

“Just focus on the road,” Ez mutters next to me, and I realise he’s dealing with the same problem.

We chat all the way, telling Rose about our family, preparing her for everything. She’s nervous, but I can see the excitement in her eyes, too. Our parents are the best, she has nothing to worry about.

I’m restless with excitement when I finally pull up outside of the house. The whole outside is illuminated with string lights, covering the roof, gutters and doorway. Mum likes to put the lights up early, as soon as it starts getting dark in the afternoon.

The front door flies open before we’ve stepped out of the car. Mum throws herself at Ezekiel first, seeing as he’s the closest. She rounds the car and pulls me in for a hug. I have to bend my knees, she doesn’t have the height we do.

“My darling boys,” she greets us with tears in her eyes. “I’ve missed you so much.”

She pulls away and her eyes land on Rosemary. Our lovely mate is stood hesitantly by the car, tugging nervously on her sleeves.

“You must be Rose,” Mum says. “It is so, so lovely to meet you, darling. Come here!”

Mum pulls Rose into a hug. Our kitten looks surprised for a moment before she grins and hugs her back.

“It’s lovely to meet you, Mrs Blake.”

Mum brushes her off with the shake of her hand. “Oh, please, call me Lei or Mum, if you like.”

“Your fathers are just finishing up dinner, come on in.” Mum ushers us inside.

We drop our things off at the bottom of the stairs and follow the delicious scent of dinner into the kitchen. Our dads are in the kitchen, working in complete sync as they prepare dinner for the six of us.

I never used to see it, but now I do. Ez and I are carbon copies of our fathers. It’s obvious who fathered who, from our eyes and hair colour. But to me, Jarren is just as much my father as Dane is.

Our dads turn around at the sound of our voices and grin at us.

“Boys!” Dad-Dane (what we’ve called him since we were kids) calls out.

I embrace my fathers and they slap us on the backs.

“Who’s this knockout?” DJ, or Dad-Jarren says, making Rose blush up to her hairline.

Mum nudges him and shoots him a pointed look for making Rose uncomfortable. Rose nervously introduces herself and both of my fathers hug her.

“It’s lovely to meet you, sweetheart. Dinner’s almost ready,” Dad-Dane says.

We set the table and get seated. I take Rose’s hand under the table and Ez does the same, trying to reassure her. Her eyes are still wide, taking everything in, but she’s smiling happily. Our dads serve dinner and we all tuck in.


When Ezekiel and I moved out, our parents converted our room into one, making it big enough for three people. We had already told them when we were sixteen that we knew we’d share a mate.

They didn’t do the same with our sisters’ rooms, though. Although my sisters tried dating the same guys at high school, it didn’t suit them. Neither of them like sharing.

On Saturday morning, Ez and I wake with our little kitten between us. It’s a strange experience, being back in my old room, but this time with my brother and mate in my bed.

When we come downstairs, Mum is serving up a full English breakfast. Our mate is well and truly relaxed, chatting with Dad-Dane as we eat. She looks beautiful. She’s tied her long hair up in a bun, proudly showing off our marks on her slender neck.

“I can’t tell you how excited I am that my sons found you, Rose,” Mum gushes across the table. “I’ve been waiting years for them to find their mate and give me grand-babies.”

Rosemary blushes even more and stares down at her plate. My fathers are giving Mum a disapproving look whilst she mouths ‘What?’ to them.

“I think we’re going to take a walk,” I say hurriedly and get to my feet. Ez gets up, too.

Rose shoots me a grateful look and follows us upstairs.

“I’m sorry about that,” I apologise to our kitten when we get to our room.

She shrugs and smiles nervously. “It’s okay, don’t worry. I like your mum.”

We clean our teeth and get changed into warmer clothes. Ezekiel and I show our mate around the pack. We introduce her to Damon and Charlie, she knows their son Sanjay and his mate, she met them at Harvey’s birthday.

We have her between us, each holding her gloved hands. The feeling is indescribable, having our mate with us and safe, getting to show her off to our family. We find a bench and the three of us sit down to enjoy the view. The air is crisp, but not too cold that we can’t appreciate the scenery for a while. We nestle Rose between us and she snuggles up to our touch.

“I’m so happy,” she mumbles to us, making Ez and I grin at one another.

“Me, too kitten,” I reply and Ez hums in agreement.

We stay like that for a while, enjoying each other’s company and the view. We return back to the house and decide to watch movies whilst curled up on the sofa together.

Mum makes lunch for us and the six of us sit together in the living room to eat it whilst watching Netflix. After lunch, Mum gets this mischievous look in her eye.

“We’re going to go shopping to pick up some food for the next two days,” she announces.

Our fathers say goodbye and go outside. Mum lingers behind.

She looks me in the eye. “We won’t be back for two hours. Two hours. Not a minute before, okay? That means you have two hours.”

She winks at me and finally leaves. I groan and run my hand down my face. Ez gives me a what-the-fuck look.

Rose scrunches up her nose in confusion. “What was that about?”

I chuckle. “I think she was hinting that, if we want some alone time, we have two hours to do it in.”

Rose’s cheeks turn pink as realisation dawns on her. “Oh!”

“Yeah. Don’t worry, you’ll get used to her eventually,” I reply and turn my attention back to the TV.

“ want some alone time?” Rose asks quietly.

My head snaps over to look at her. I meet Ez’s gaze with wide eyes.

“Kitten…we’re not mating you in our parent’s house,” Ez says softly. “We want it to be in our house, in our bed.”

Rose blushes and looks down at her hands. “Maybe we could do…other stuff?”

I like the sound of other stuff.

“Really?” Ez asks, doing nothing to keep the hope out of his voice.

She bites down on her bottom lip and shyly meets our excited gazes. “Yeah.”

She doesn’t get to finish her sentence, because Ezekiel grabs her and throws her over his shoulder. Rose squeals with delight as he dashes upstairs.I chuckle and follow behind them. It appears my brother’s perfect control has just crumbled.

When I get up to the bedroom, Ez has already laid Rose down on the bed. He is removing her jumper. He lifts it up, over her head, revealing her pale pink lace bra.

Rosemary shucks out of her jeans with the help of Ez. She lays in the centre of our bed, a beautiful goddess wearing lace underwear. My jeans tent immediately. I’m so fucking hard at the sight of her. She bites on her bottom lip and reaches out her hands to us. We step towards her and climb onto the bed.

I begin kissing her stomach, her breasts, whilst Ez captures her lips. He unhooks her bra for me, giving me full access to her breasts. I suck and bite her nipples until she’s moaning into Ez’s mouth. I kiss down her stomach and stop when I reach her panties. I slowly push them down her thighs, giving her plenty of time to stop me. She doesn’t.

I pull them off completely and my cock twitches at the sight of her pussy, glistening with wetness.

Fucking heaven.

I settle myself between her legs and blow gently on her pussy. She shivers in response. I look up at her. Ez is kissing her deeply whilst pinching her nipples. Her hands reach out and bury themselves in my hair, pulling me closer to her pussy.

I chuckle and fulfil her silent demand. I lick up her pussy, parting her lower lips with my tongue. I take long, languid strokes that have her shuddering. I push her thighs further apart and after coating my fingers in her juices, I push two inside of her. She’s tight as fuck.

I fuck her with my fingers and flick my tongue back and forth over her clit. It takes barely a minute for her to orgasm into my mouth. I lap up every drop she gives me.

Kissing and licking her pussy, I draw another two orgasms from her. When she’s a quaking mess, I swap with Ez. He dives down between her legs and I capture her lips with mine. She can taste herself on my tongue and she moans into my mouth.

Her little hands go to reach for my jeans, but I hold her wrists, stopping her. She breaks the kiss and pouts at me.

“No, kitten,” I tell her. “You can touch us properly another time. This is about you.”

As I’m telling her that, she comes for the fourth time. Her eyes go wide and her lips form an ‘O’. She looks me dead in the eye as she climaxes with my twin’s tongue flicking her clit.

So fucking hot.


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