The Alphas of North Forest

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Chapter Twenty-Three


Rosemary’s POV.

I actually feel a bit sad when we pack our bags into the car, three days later. We stayed longer than we attended to at the beginning because we were having such a nice time.

I forgot what it was like, to have parents in the house. They made our meals, watched family movies with us, brought blankets or hot drinks when they worried we were getting cold. It was really nice to feel like part of a family again. I know that I will be pestering the twins to come back and visit soon.

The ride home is surprisingly enjoyable, considering it takes so long. I never knew that the northern and southern territories were so big. I haven’t even heard of the Alphas of the East and West Forest packs.

The twins make plans in the car, discussing what we’re going to do with the rest of the week off. It’s only Tuesday and we still have another five days of half term left.

I know Oya is visiting her mate this week, but I think she’s bringing him back at the weekend. I hope I get to meet him, I want to meet the man that has made my friend so happy.

When we get home, it’s early evening. The twins set about making dinner for the three of us, whilst I take my bag upstairs and start unpacking. I sigh with relief when I’m done and fall back on the bed.

“Rose! Dinner’s ready!” Ez calls up the stairs.

I groan and get to my feet. The delicious smell of food reaches me as I’m coming down the stairs and I move a bit faster. Emmanuel and Ezekiel have set the table and are serving up warming Shepherd’s pie. I eagerly sit down at the table and wait for my plate.

The twins bring the food over and I practically bounce in my seat. I’m twitching to start and I dig in the moment they both sit down.

“This is so good,” I tell them between mouthfuls.

They both smirk at each other. “I’m glad you like it, kitten,” Ez replies. “We’re thinking of watching that new rom-com tonight.”

My eyes widen in surprise. I bugged them about watching this movie the whole weekend at their parents’ house and they wouldn’t. They didn’t want to watch something that was obviously a ‘romantic girl’s film’. I told them it was stupid to attach a sex to a movie, but they wouldn’t budge. Now, all of a sudden, they want to watch it. It makes no sense.

Realisation dawns on me pretty quickly. We’re home. We’re back in our house. Our bed. My eyes go as wide as saucers as I look down at my plate.

“Are you wanting to have sex tonight?” I ask shyly, my cheeks burning with the ‘naughty’ word.

The twins look at me in surprise and then share a guilty look at each other.

“Why do you ask?” Emmanuel asks, answering my question with a question.

I narrow my eyes at him. “You didn’t want to watch that film and now, you suddenly do. Also, you said at your parents’ house that you wanted to wait until we were back home to finish the mating. We’re home.”

I know I have them, the unbelievably guilty, deer-caught-in-headlights look gives them away. Ez looks at his twin in a panic and Emmanuel smiles sheepishly at me.

“You know that we’ll do it whenever you’re ready, kitten, and not before. We just thought you’d like to spend the evening being treated first.”

I guess that is considerate of them. I am the one that tried to instigate things whilst we were away, but the twins kept insisting on waiting until we were back in our own bed, alone.

None of us mention it again as we finish dinner. We watch the movie, which, I confess, turns out to be very romantic and not my mates’ cup of tea. But they sat through the whole thing for me, which I really appreciate. After it ends, we go upstairs and get ready for bed. Nerves blossom in my stomach as I’m cleaning my teeth, stood between my two very big mates.

Losing your virginity is scary. Losing your virginity to two guys is even scarier. Losing your virginity to two extraordinarily tall and bulky guys is fucking terrifying. A tiny part of me wonders whether I should have lost my virginity earlier, with a small guy who could have eased me in to this whole thing.

I feel like I’m being thrown into the deep end without any floats. I don’t know what experience the twins have, but I guarantee they have more experience than me, I’m a total church-going virgin.

They haven’t let me touch them yet, which has upset me at the time, but also made me feel relieved. I’d have no idea what to do if I did get them naked. I probably should have asked Oya questions. I thought about it a few times, but I chickened out. She’s my best friend, but I felt so awkward asking.

I get to the bedroom first. I’m wearing Ezekiel’s t-shirt. I’ve taken to alternating between wearing their t-shirts to sleep in. The heating is on, making the room nice and warm, so a t-shirt is enough. I’m naked beneath it.

I sit in the middle of the bed, anxiously waiting for them. They come out a few minutes later. Both of them are only in their boxers and I take the opportunity to admire their muscular physiques. So burly, so perfect.

The twins come and sit on the bed. They sit opposite me, one on each side.

“We wanted to talk to you before we go any further tonight, kitten,” Emmanuel says.

“We’re only asking so that we know, not to try and get you in trouble. We won’t be mad, Rose, don’t worry,” Ez reassures me. “But have you slept with someone before?”

I think I must blush all the way from my neck to the tips of my ears.

“No,” I reply quietly.

Both of the twins share a look. Relief, I believe, passes over their faces.

“Good,” Emmanuel comments.

“You have,” I remark, knowing that I’m right.

They touched me with too much confidence and expertise, I know they must have done it before. This time the look they share is a guilty one.

“Yes,” Ezekiel confirms gently. “But know that our encounters were purely for practise.”

Emmanuel nods in agreement. “It’s very different to have three people than two, we wanted to make sure that, when we met our mate, we knew exactly what we were doing and could make it as pleasurable as possible for her.”

My face heats up. I can’t think straight.

Should I be upset with them?

Being upset wouldn’t change the past and it might damage our future. As long as they are solely committed to me now, it is probably healthier to forgive and move past it.

“Will I ever have to meet anyone that you’ve been with?” I question them.

They both shake their heads.

“No, kitten,” Emmanuel responds for him and his brother. “They were never women in our pack.”

I nod, feeling slightly better.

“And when was the last time you…uh…you know,” I trail off, feeling awkward.

Emmanuel grins at me. “Years, kitten. Once Ez and I had…worked out the kinks, so to speak, we stopped and waited for you.”

I feel all embarrassed and don’t know what to say, so I drop my gaze to my hands.

“We don’t have to do this tonight, kitten,” Ez says softly. “We will wait for however long you need.”

They don’t know how much I want them. I’m so conflicted, both terrified and desperate for this.

“I want to,” I whisper. “I’m just nervous.”

Emmanuel moves closer and brushes my hair from my neck. He places his lips over his mark and kisses it. The action sends a shiver through me.

“Don’t be,” he murmurs against my skin. “It’s us. We’re made for each other.”

Ez comes to my other side and kisses his mark. Together, the two of them send my body into overdrive with excitement. My nipples become hard and press against the fabric of the t-shirt.

When the twins become impatient, they pull back and strip me of the t-shirt. My face turns pink and I try to cover myself, but they pull my hands away.

“Don’t hide from us,” Ez urges. “Please. You are perfect.”

Emmanuel groans in agreement. “So fucking perfect, kitten.”

Their compliments make me turn redder and I duck my head, letting my hair cover my burning face. Ezekiel lifts my chin and captures my lips. He encourages me to lie down on my back. His lips never leave mine as he leans over me, supporting himself on his arms.

As Ezekiel kisses me, Emmanuel starts teasing my breasts. He squeezes and moulds them in his hands first. I feel like they’re swollen and heavy in his hands, begging for attention.

Ezekiel’s tongue swipes over my bottom lip and I open my mouth for him. Our tongues collide just as Emmanuel’s rough fingers pinch my nipples. He tugs and pulls on them at the same time, extending the hardened buds.

I arch my back, pushing my breasts into his hands. My hands go to Ezekiel’s hair, burying themselves in the inky strands. They’re soft under my fingers and I pull gently, until he groans into my mouth.

Emmanuel’s hot mouth comes down over my nipple. He sucks on it and pulls the tip between his teeth. He teases me with his tongue and teeth until I’m covered in goosebumps. Then, he moves over to the other one.

Ezekiel keeps out of his twin’s way, but never stops kissing me. I’m totally absorbed in the two of them, wrapped up in their pleasurable touches. Ez’s hand drops to my thigh and pulls it to one side, opening me up to him. I spread my legs eagerly, wanting his touch.

His hand slides up my inner thigh and skirts over my pussy. His fingers skim over my lower lips so gently, it almost tickles. He teases me, never touching me with any more pressure than a featherlight touch.

I make a noise of protest in the back of my throat and my hips buck upwards, trying to get him to press harder against my pussy. He chuckles against my lips and finally concedes. He runs his fingers up and down my folds, getting them wet.

I’m soaking. I can feel how wet I am as he spreads the lubricant around with his fingers. Ez breaks the kiss and looks down between my legs with heated eyes. He hungrily takes in my pussy and moves to sit between my thighs.

Emmanuel grabs my chin and makes me look at him. His lips come down over mine, picking up where his brother left off. I feel Ezekiel’s hot breath fan across my pussy lips and my heartrate increases in anticipation.


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