The Alphas of North Forest

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Chapter Twenty-Four


Rosemary’s POV.

In perfect unison, Emmanuel’s tongue plunges into my mouth at the exact same time that Ezekiel’s tongue pushes into my entrance. My whole body hums in pleasure at their tongues in me.

Emmanuel’s hands continue playing with my breasts as he kisses me. His tongue is demanding in my mouth, exploring every inch and coaxing a response from me. I kiss him back eagerly, latching my fingers in his silver hair.

Ezekiel’s tongue moves up my pussy, to my clit. He flicks his tongue upwards, catching it under its hood and sending a jolt of pleasure through my body. My back arches and Emmanuel pushes against me. I feel his erection digging into my hip and I want to touch him and make him feel good, too. I slide my hands from his hair and down his body. I reach the elastic waistband of his boxers and slide my hand inside, feeling the heat emanating from his dick.

It can’t be that difficult, right?

I grasp hold of his cock, already alarmed by how hot and hard it is. It’s like a boiling rod of metal. But when I stroke my hand up and down, experimentally feeling its length, I realise how soft the outside is, like velvet.

I reach the head of his cock and feel the sticky drops of pre-cum oozing from it. I spread them across the smooth surface with my thumb and Emmanuel shudders against my body. He likes that. It must be sensitive.

I stroke my hand back and forth, feeling the skin moving up and down with me. Emmanuel grunts into the kiss and his hips thrust forwards. He takes over for me, fucking my hand as I hold it still.

Ezekiel suddenly starts flicking my clit faster with the end of his tongue. The pleasure builds quickly and an orgasm hits me without warning. My body convulses under his touch and Emmanuel holds me through it.

I can’t kiss him back as pleasure overwhelms me, all I can do is moan into his mouth. He plays with my nipples, drawing out the pleasure with the added layer of pain. I break the kiss with a gasp, filling my lungs with air. Emmanuel looks down at me, his orange eyes filled with desire.

“You are so beautiful, kitten,” he murmurs huskily. “So incredible.”

I tug on his boxers in response, letting him know that I want them off. He complies and slides them down, getting naked. I stare at his cock, hanging hard and heavy between his thighs. I can’t believe that has to go inside me.

What was the Moon Goddess thinking by pairing us together? That’s not going to fit!

I look at Ezekiel and he is removing his boxers, too. His cock is identical to Emmanuel’s and I quickly clamp my thighs shut.

“No way,” I blurt out. “No fricking way.”

My mates chuckle and grab an ankle each. They drag me closer to them when I try to get away. Emmanuel takes my hand and wraps it around his cock. Instinctively, I grasp his length. My fingertips almost touch, his girth is…generous to say the least. I look at Ezekiel and take his cock in my hand, too. I admire both of them as I stroke them. They help me, guiding my hands with their own.

I lick my lips, wanting to return the favour. I lean forwards and tentatively lick the fleshy head of Ezekiel’s cock. He inhales sharply and I look up at him, feeling triumphant. I do it again and his cock twitches at me. I take him properly into my mouth, sucking him in and swirling my tongue around it like a lollipop. Ezekiel groans and buries his fingers in my hair. He guides me down on his length and I take him as far as possible.

He hits the back of my throat and I gag, pulling back. I breathe in deeply through my nose and then try again. I’m ready for it this time and I manage to repress my gag reflex. He pushes his hips forwards and he slides a little ways down my throat. My eyes widen and I force myself to relax. He slides further down and moans. This obviously feels good for him. It’s a very strange sensation for me.

I realise that Emmanuel isn’t getting the same treatment. I pull back from Ezekiel’s cock and move to his twins. He moans as I take him into my mouth, letting him slide in as deep as he can. I suck them both, alternating between each one. Saliva drips down their cocks and my chin, but none of us care. My mates are harder than stone in my hands and I can feel how aroused I am. My juices are dripping down my leg.

“Do you think you can try taking us, kitten?” Emmanuel asks.

Ezekiel shoots his brother a sharp look, but then glances hopefully at me.

I swallow hard and sit back on my heels. “Okay,” I reply timidly.

“Ez will take your virginity, if that’s okay, kitten,” Emmanuel says gruffly.

He lies down on the bed and spreads his legs. His cock lies across his stomach, his balls tight to his body. They encourage me to lay down with my back to Emmanuel’s front.

His cock digs into my back, but I don’t mind feeling the hot rod. Ezekiel settles himself between my legs. As he lines himself up with my entrance, Emmanuel grabs my breasts from behind and begins gently kneading them.

I relax my weight against him and take a deep breath. Ez drops his head to softly peck my lips. He leans back and then slowly starts easing himself forward. The head of his cock pushes its way past my barrier and I wince at the tight intrusion.

His eyes are on my face the whole time, watching for any signs of pain. I smile up at him, internalising my pain. I don’t want him to feel guilty. He pulls out and then pushes forward, filling me inch by inch.

With a final thrust, he enters me fully and I gasp in surprise. I’ve never felt so…full. It feels slightly uncomfortable, but also really good. He pulls out and begins thrusting in and out of me. The discomfort fades and the pleasure begins.

Emmanuel rolls my nipples between his fingers, pinching with just the right amount of pressure to get me squirming. Ez increases his pace, fucking me until my breasts bounce in Emmanuel’s hands. I reach for his shoulders and dig my fingers into his skin.

“That feels so good,” I moan and clench around him.

“One orgasm and then I’m filling you, kitten,” Emmanuel promises roughly in my ear.

“Come for us, kitten,” Ezekiel urges me, his jaw clenched and his teeth gritted.

He fucks me harder, purposefully hitting the top of my cervix. My orgasm hits and my body tenses. A rush of euphoria fills my body and I tremble in between them, moaning loudly.

They wait until I’ve caught my breath, before ushering me to sit up. Emmanuel turns me around and helps me to straddle his lap. I wince as he slides inside me, but I adjust quickly.

Seated on his lap, with his dick lodged inside me and his hands on my hips, I’m so happy that I can barely breathe. Taking initiative, I lower and raise myself using my thighs, sliding on and off his cock.

Emmanuel grunts and presses his fingers in my flesh. “Fuck, that’s good, kitten,” he groans. “Keep doing that.”

The sound of squirting and squelching makes me glance over my shoulder. Ezekiel has a bottle of lube in his hand and is coating his dick. Fear pierces through me and I freeze on Emmanuel’s cock. He grabs my chin and makes me look at him.

“Hey, kitten,” he murmurs. “Don’t be scared. We were made for each other, he will fit.”

I swallow hard and nod, knowing he is right. Emmanuel pulls me in for a kiss, which forces me to lean forwards and bend a bit. This pushes my butt out, giving Ez more access.

The cold jelly being rubbed against my asshole makes me jump, but Emmanuel pushes his tongue past my lips to distract me. I tense up as I feel the slippery head of Ez’s cock at my back entrance. Emmanuel reaches underneath me and circles my clit with his thumb. I know what he is doing and I try to resist it, but little shivers of pleasure dart through me.

My asshole burns as the tight ring of muscle stretches around the tip of Ezekiel’s cock. He enters me slowly, stretching me gradually. Emmanuel keeps me distracting with his thumb and tongue. Inch by inch, he sinks into me. If I thought I was full when I had only one of them inside of me, two is unbelievable. I let out a shaky breath as he sinks fully inside of me.

Emmanuel pulls back and kisses my face, pecking my cheeks, nose, eyes, forehead. “You’re doing so well, kitten,” he whispers. “Well done.”

“You okay for me to move, Rose?” Ez asks from behind.

I nod, not trusting my voice. He slides out and I grimace at the feeling. It feels like he’s taken my insides with him. Then, he slams back into me and I let out a whimper.

Fuck, that’s a lot.

They hold me tightly. Emmanuel remains still whilst Ezekiel stretches me out, getting my asshole used to the intrusion. When he is sliding in and out easily, Emmanuel starts to move.

I straighten my back and shudder at the feeling of them both moving in and out of me. When Ez retreats, Emmanuel thrusts his hips upwards and enters me. When Emmanuel pulls out, Ezekiel slides inside my ass. They alternate back and forth, sending my body crazy.

I feel lightheaded with the bliss that overtakes my body. My hands tremble and I have to put them on Emmanuel’s chest for support. The two of them slowly pick up speed, encouraged by my whimpers and moans.

“Oh, my…gosh,” I moan as I approach an intense climax.

I already know it is going to be huge from the way that my body has started shaking. Emmanuel holds onto my hips, Ezekiel’s hands are on my waist. They change their tactic, both entering and withdrawing at the same time. My thighs shake with the tension of holding myself up. Luckily, my mates start to do it for me.

“Come with us, kitten,” Emmanuel orders.

Stars burst in my vision and my eyes close. I throw my head back and let the orgasm take me. “Don’t stop!” I gasp breathily.

I find myself pushing back against their thrusts, desperate to feel them filling me.

“Fuck,” Emmanuel roars.

“Fuck, Rose,” Ezekiel moans my name.

The two of them start thrusting messily. Just as I’m coming down from my high, they reach theirs. They release themselves inside me, entering me in long, hard thrusts as they climax. Our ragged breathing fills the room. Our sweaty bodies stick to one another, but we don’t care.

“Holy shit,” Emmanuel mumbles with his eyes closed. “That was fucking awesome.”

Ez chuckles. “You can say that again.”

Emmanuel opens one eye and looks at me. “Was that okay, kitten?”

I scoff and draw a deep breath. “More than okay.”


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