The Alphas of North Forest

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Chapter Twenty-Five


Rosemary’s POV.

“So, what’s mated life like with two mates?” Oya asks, her eyes bright with excitement.

I blush and look down at the mug of coffee in my hands. “It’s so good,” I admit shyly. “They are…wonderful.”

Oya laughs at me, but not in a nasty way. “Look at you!” She says. “You’re trying not to but you’re grinning from ear to ear. You’re so happy. I love to see it.”

I finally meet her eyes. “Says you, Oya,” I reply with my own smile. “You’re just as loved up as me.”

She grins back and rests her chin on her hand. “I know, I am.” She sighs contently. “We’re so lucky.”

Just as she says that, I spot my mates walking across the road, heading straight for us in the window of the café.

“Yes,” I agree with her. “We really are.”

I stand up and sling my bag over my shoulder. “I’ve got to go, my professors are here,” I tell her coyly. “I’ll meet you in the square at quarter to 11 tomorrow, yeah?”

“Yes! And try to get out of your mates what the exam will be on, I’m stressing out.”

I smirk at her. “I’ll give it a go.”

My mates are waiting outside the building for me when I step out. They both look up as the door shuts behind me. Orange and yellow eyes meet my brown ones and I instinctively feel fuzzy under their gazes.

“Hello, kitten,” Emmanuel greets me first.

His voice is husky and low and makes me wet in an instant. I left them frustrated in bed this morning. I started something and didn’t finish it. I thought we had more time.

I woke up first and decided to bring my boys round by playing with them. They woke up to my hands stroking their cocks. They loved it. But then, our alarm went off. Usually, I would have hit snooze and continued, but I knew that I had to get in early to print out my assignment.

The twins were not pleased when I jumped out of bed and locked myself in one of the bathrooms to get ready. Emmanuel was extra grumpy in our lecture this morning and refused to meet my eyes, which upset me more than it probably should have.

I know he was just pouting over this morning. When he finished the lecture, he got me to stay behind for a heavy make-out session on his desk. That was interrupted by Oya calling me to ask me to meet her in the café. She was meant to be Facetiming her mate, but he was busy. I knew she was disappointed about it, so I hurried to leave and meet her. That left poor Emmanuel with the second case of blue balls that morning.

Now, my mates are waiting here to pick me up and take me home. Something tells me they won’t be waiting until tonight to be inside me. I can tell from the glint in their eyes that they’re holding on by a thread. It’s how it has been for the last two weeks, ever since we completed the mating process. They haven’t been able to keep their hands off of me. Knowing that I’m finally accepting and 100% comfortable around them, they are indulging in every whim and desire that they have.

I’m definitely not complaining. I’ve had sore days and I’ve found pale bruises in odd places from their tight grips, but I wouldn’t change a thing. In actuality, it’s embarrassing to admit, but I love it when they get rough with me. They don’t mean to, it’s just that their urges overcome their senses at the time. I love it when they become more animal than mine. It turns me on and makes me excited.

“If you’re done with your friend, now,” Ezekiel cuts through my lustful thoughts. “We’d like to take you home.”

My mouth suddenly feels dry, so I lick my lips and swallow. Both of my mates’ eyes follow the movement. “Okay,” I mumble shyly.

My mates each offer out a hand to me. I slip mine in theirs and they lead me over to the car. Once I’m buckled up, they drive us home. I catch Ezekiel’s yellow eyes in the mirror and I press my thighs together in response, already getting wet for them.

I can’t believe that I ever questioned being with them. Nothing could be wrong when it feels this right. It’s crazy to me, to imagine rejecting them or denying the bond. Nothing has ever been this perfect.

When we get home, Ezekiel opens the car door and helps me out. As soon as my feet hit the gravel, he bends down and throws me over his shoulder.

I squeal and pound my fists on his back. “Ez! Put me down!”

He ignores me and patiently waits for Emmanuel to unlock the door. When it’s opened, he goes inside and takes his shoes off. Emmanuel takes his off and then crouches down to take mine off whilst I’m still over Ez’s shoulder. He takes my handbag, too. I’m carried upstairs and into our bedroom. Ezekiel places me on the bed and I pout at him.

He chuckles and shakes his head. “Stop pouting, kitten, you know you loved it.”

I smile at him then, knowing he’s right. Ezekiel and Emmanuel start to strip out of their clothes. I do the same, lifting my jumper up and off my body. I unhook my pastel pink bra and then work on my jeans. My twins are naked in no time, hard and ready for me.

I slide off my panties and lay in the centre of the bed, waiting for them to approach me. They both grasp their dicks in their hands and approach the bed, stroking themselves. I squeeze my thighs together whilst watching them, this is too much.

In unison, they both lean forward and each grab an ankle. They spread my legs, making me gasp. Emmanuel climbs onto the bed beside me. He begins kissing my stomach and breasts. Ezekiel moves next to me. Supporting his weight on his hands, he captures my lips with his. Emmanuel sucks and bites my nipples, making me moan in Ezekiel’s mouth.

He peppers kisses down my stomach and between my legs. Ezekiel pushes his tongue into my mouth just as Emmanuel drags his fingers over my pussy. Once they’re wet with my juices, he pushes two inside of me. I grip on Ez’s shoulders for support. Emmanuel replaces his hand with his mouth, pushing his tongue between my folds.

He licks up my pussy, parting my lower lips with his tongue. He takes long, languid strokes that have me shuddering in pleasure. His large hands push my thighs apart and I eagerly open them wider.

As his tongue circles my clit, he pushes two fingers inside me again. Ez reaches for my nipples and plays with them as his tongue plays with mine. Stimulated from all sides, my mind is overwhelmed with desire.

Within minutes, I’m orgasming against Emmanuel’s face. He licks up every drop and Ezekiel swallows my moans with his kiss. They both pull away at once, leaving me bereft. I’m panting and desperate for more.

“Please,” I beg them. “Take me.”

They share a twin smirk and I don’t even care about their arrogance, I just want them. Emmanuel lines his cock up with my entrance and slowly sinks inside of me. I moan as he enters me, filling me completely. He’s the perfect fit; they both are. He begins thrusting in and out of me, making me moan. Emmanuel grunts in response and thrusts harder.

“Shit,” he groans. “So fucking good.”

He pounds into me a couple more times and then forces himself to pull out. He sits back on his heels and I sit up, knowing what they want next. Well-used to this now, I roll onto my front and get on all fours. The bedside drawer is opened and closed. Next thing I know, cold lube is being spread over my butt.

One of them, I’m not sure who, begins to stretch out my asshole as they enter me from behind. They slide in fully after a couple of thrusts. As their hands dig into my hips, they begin thrusting faster and harder. They let out a grunt and I recognise the noise as Emmanuel still. Ezekiel moves around to my front and lifts my chin. I dutifully open my mouth for him and he slips his cock past my lips.

His hips move back and forth, making him fuck my mouth. I relax my throat and let him go as deep as possible. I only gag a couple of times, but he likes the noises I make.

When Emmanuel thinks I’m ready, he helps me straighten up so that I’m kneeling between the two of them. Emmanuel is still lodged in my ass as Ezekiel shuffles closer and rubs his cock up and down my pussy. He slowly starts to slide inside of me, too. I whimper and close my eyes. My fingers dig into his shoulders as I adjust to being doubly filled.

“Alright, kitten,” Emmanuel says gently behind me. “Hold on for me.”

I tighten my hold on Ezekiel’s shoulders, preparing myself for them moving. Together, they start to move.

“Oh, my,” I whisper.

I might have felt this many times now, but I don’t think I’ll ever get used to feeling so full, so stretched. Once they’ve found their rhythm, they go faster.

“Oh, my gosh,” I cry out as I convulse around them, my orgasm hitting out of nowhere.

Ezekiel squeezes and moulds my breasts in his hands as I orgasm. He plays with my nipples to drag out my climax. From behind Emmanuel rubs my clit. It’s all too much, it’s too good. Tears of happiness roll down my cheeks. I climax again and again, losing count. I cry happy tears and tremble uncontrollably.

I know when they’re close, because they pound harder, shaking me with the intensity of their thrusts. They both grunt at the same time, reaching their climaxes.

Their cocks pulse inside me, filling me completely. They moan my name and rest their foreheads on my shoulders. The three of us stay joined for a few moments, trying to come back down to Earth. They pull out of me and I wince as I feel their semen dripping out. We head to the bathroom and clean up. Once done, we get dressed again. It’s only the afternoon.

The twins share a look and I wonder what it is they’re thinking this time. I never know with them. Except when they’re horny, that look is obvious. They look…nervous. They glance at each other one more time and then at me.

“Kitten…” Ezekiel starts.

He nods at his twin and then, in unison, they speak. “I love you.”

My heart stops and I forget to breathe. Tears pool in my eyes and my chest feels tight with all the feels.

“I love you, too,” I tell them.

A couple of tears overspill down my cheeks and the twins embrace me. They wrap their arms around me and hold me tight between their chests.

“I love you so much,” I tell my boys, wrapping my arms around them.

“We love you, kitten,” Ezekiel murmurs against my hair.

“So, so much,” Emmanuel finishes.


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