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The Billionaire's Ex Wife

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Plot: Raven is a married woman, living in New York with her husband Ethan. They are high school lovers, and right after college they got married. Raven later found out that she was pregnant, she was so happy, went home to tell her husband the good news but it was too late. Ethan was so angry that he did not listen to what she was telling him, he sent her packing saying she was cheating on him. She left home, walking under a heavy rainfall, she came across a house and she knocked, an elderly woman helped her, she told the woman everything, the woman decided to let her stay with her. She went to tell her parents what had happened but her own family refused to believe her, they hurt and disowned their own daughter.

Romance / Drama
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I was on my way back home after seeing the doctor. I have been vomiting for the past few weeks. I wanted to give the happiest news to my husband, that we are expecting a baby. I am very excited!

When I walk into the house and call out his name, he comes out from the dark and stares at me with disgust. He points toward the table where some papers, holdup, the divorce paper, lies.

"Ethan, honey, what's going on?" I ask with tears brimming in my eyes.

"Sign Those Divorce Papers You Whore! How Could You? I Trusted You But You Go Around Sleeping With My Best Friend!"

"What do you mean?" I ask bewildered. I feel my heart shattering into pieces. How could he accuse me of doing such things? Why would he say that to me?

Ethan and I met in high school, we fell in love, went to the same college, he proposed to me on our graduation day and we got married three months later.

"l-I didn't c-cheat on you," I said but he didn't listen. He was so blinded by rage that he took hold of me by my neck and threw me out. I covered my stomach in time so my baby wouldn't take the hit.

It was heavily pouring outside and I was drenched. I asked him to let me stay but he outright refused me and said," a slut like you does not deserve to be in my house".

So here I was walking down the street in the middle of the night with a broken heart, a small jelly-bean zie baby inside of me, and nowhere to go. My parents were mules away from me and I don't even have the cash in me to hail a cab.

I have been walking for quite a long time. My legs feel like jelly and I don't know where I am. It's too dark and I'm wet and cold. My bones feel like metal. Just as I was about to pass out, I saw a womanly figure heading in my direction.

She said something but all I could hear were his words which were pricking me like needles. Then she slowly picks me up and looks like I have fallen on the pavement, I hope my baby is alright. She supported me on her shoulder and walked a few steps and we entered a small house.

After drying myself up and changing into a fresh set of clothes she leads me to the couch and says, "I'm Margaret dear. I don't want to pry for the reason you were out there. I'm a single mother and I just don't want you to end up hurt."

"I'm Raven. And-" I tell her my entire story from this morning till where she found me. " That's so sad, dear. Your husband doesn't deserve you. You are most welcome to stay here." she offers kindly.

"I don't want to intrude. I'll just get going." I reply looking at the storm raging outside this comfy home. Home. Something I don't have at the moment.

"Nonsense! I have a daughter in Mexico. She stays with her husband. I'm all alone here. I wouldn't mind some company. I insist you stay here dear" she says.

I stayed the night there. We exchanged our numbers and I left in the morning heading to my parent's abode. She gave me some money to take a cab home. I was so grateful I thanked her for everything, she gave me her number in case I needed help with anything.

I left her house, boarded a cab, and went to my parent's house. I realized how much I missed this place. As usual, my dad was in the kitchen making food because my mom was and still is a bad cook.

I have an older brother and a younger sister. I was close to my brother. While growing up he was always there for me when I needed him, not to mention is also very very protective. He only allowed me to date Ethan, because he was his best friend, but not after threatening him.

Coming back here brought back happy memories. I saw my mother watering her plant with a pleasant smile plastered on her face. But the moment she saw me, her face morphed into disgust. She came and slapped me. I was so shocked.

"You foolish girl, how could you do this to your husband, I raised you better than to cheat."

I tried talking to her but she didn't listen. I even tried talking to my father, but the look on his face told me he was very disappointed in me, for something which I didn't do.

Mom said, "Leave my house, you are not welcome here anymore" I felt so helpless. My parents don't trust me. They disowned me.

I went to my brother's place. He would trust me. He would believe me. He would never let me down. But what my brother said shocked me the most.

"I can't believe you could be such a dirty whore, sleeping with your husband's best friend was so low of you", he said pointing his finger at me. I tried explaining but he didn't let me explain instead he said, "You are a stupid bitch. If I was Ethan, I would have made your life a living hell".

I tried talking to him, even begged him to listen to me just once. But he slapped me, my brother, who had never laid a finger on me. I never thought he would do this to me.

I left that place and sat on a nearby bench. What is the point of living when the ones you love don't want you anymore? Here I was thinking of killing myself but that would be unfair to my unborn child.

I remembered Margaret gave me her number so I called her and I told her I needed help, she came and picked me up with her car and took me to her house.

When we got home I told her what had happened, she was not happy about the way my family reacted and treated me.

"They are your parents, they should believe and trust you more than your husband, I mean they should have asked you what happened instead of reacting like that," she said in anger. We sat in silence for a few minutes. I decided to tell her that I was pregnant.

"I knew you were pregnant. I saw the way you protect your stomach. I can already say you're gonna be a great mom!" I was stunned. She promised she would help me with anything I needed, I was so grateful.

~A Few Days later~

I have been with Margaret for some days now and everything has been going great, though I was still sad, I had to think about my baby.

Here I am making lunch thinking about the message I got from my husband's lawyer telling me to come to his office to sign the divorce papers and finalise the separation.

I told Margaret about it and she advised me to go sign the divorce papers since he won't change his mind.

So here I am in his office with my ex-husband to be, his lawyer asking me if I needed anything from my husband.

I replied, "No! A whore like me does not need his money. I can survive on my own". My ex-husband seemed shocked by my outburst, even his lawyer was.

He told me to think about my decision but my answer was still the same. I asked him where to sign .He showed me and I signed it and Ethan signed his as well.

As I was about to leave, Ethan said, "So you are going to stay with those fools you slept with?"

I turned to my ex-husband and told him "You will regret this, what you did to me, turning my own family against me, I will never forgive you" and I left.

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