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Bounty Hunter

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Valentino Jason Bennett or Val as everyone calls him. A simple man running his little café at one of the busiest streets at the city of Angels. Single. 33. Hmm... Is it? Is this all? Doesn't all these sound like too good to be suspicious? Well... That's true. These all biography is just a façade. A fake demeanor to keeping up in the society. His real profession. Killing. Bounty Hunter. He lives for money and kills without any second thought as long as he gets handful of those beautiful dollars. But... every profession has it's own deadline, right? No matter how long or how much effort you show in something, it has to end atlast. You've to retire at a certain age of yours to let the upcoming young generation lead it with their own modern ideas. But, can we say the same in Val's profession? Retirement is a must in every line of profession. And though, Val was expecting to retire, he never thought he'll retire so soon from his line of work which brought him his most favorite things. Money. And never thought that the reason for his retirement soon will be a... Single mom.

Romance / Other
Ashley Andersson
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Chapter 1


My life. As it was before. It is still the same.
"Yea... Yea... Harder!! Oh Lenton!! Ahh! Oh LENTON!!"
As I said. My life is always the same.
Fucking chicks.
I grabbed the back of her throat with one hand, slamming my dick harder into her cunt. With my other hand, I slapped her silicon filled ass making it jiggle along with her plastic thighs.
Nothing about her was making me exciting or in other words, reach my excitation state. But, a man has his needs too even if it requires to insert his dick into anything with a hole, plump ass and breasts.
"You want it... babydoll? You want my dick... You're so... so... dirty girl, Leila."
My mouth was beside her ear as she was moaning louder inside my dark cafe storage room. No one comes inside here as long as they don't take my permission. Looking down, I slapped her ass again and she moaned again, slowly opening her eyes, looking at me over her shoulders.
"Ahh... Lenton... Your dick is... so good..."
I prefer to be called 'Lenton' while fucking any chick. And by the looks of it, I guess... ladies do like a bit of roleplay.
Her left boob was now under my hand's capture which was once holding her throat. Those boobs were of plastic too.
Fuck! Is there anything natural in this polythene?
Shaking my head, I concentrated on the task before hand. Well, it didn't take me long to make her come when I pinched her nipple and she came all over my covered dick.
Don't be a fool. Cover your tool.
She started to pant, holding the wall as her support. My dick was already out of her canal as I was putting my dick inside my pants and closed my shirt buttons.
"W-Why did you stop? Let's... Let's keep doing this, darling."
"Leila I don't fuck the same girl twice. You know that."
My eyes were still cast low towards my buttons as I closed the last button of my shirt. A pair of hands appear at my line of sight, travelling up my chest.
"Well... I guess I'm an exception, babe... You fucked me twice afterall."
A sigh of annoyance came from my lips. Her breath was reaching my neck as she was nibbling my earlobe, getting on her toes. Holding her claws, I stopped them roaming on my chest and turned towards her. My annoyance fully visible on my face.
This crazy lady didn't even bother covering her nakedness as if flaunting her silicon boobs will make me take her again. She kept smirking running her nails through my chest.
My annoyance was taking it's toll slowly as I pinched my nose bridge, closing my eyes. Her hand now reached the back of my neck slowly lowering my face.
"Leila... You-"
Suddenly my phone started to ring and I was so grateful to whoever the caller was that I was ready to treat that person free drinks. Sliding the screen to receive the call, I didn't bother to check the caller ID and took few steps away from the witch.
"Valentino Bennett?"
"Yes I am."
"Good afternoon, Mr. Bennett. I'm Jarrett. PA of Mr. Rodrigo Romano."
Well, I take back my offer of free drinks. Is this Leila witch wasn't enough that I got more on my head?
Rodrigo Romano.
Biggest Italian mafia of the world. Well, another form of death himself. You never want to be on his bad side. Being in his bad side means only one thing.
Pain. Tremendous pain.
And death? What is it? If you're lucky to die being in his capture, you've got the luxury that not even royalty can provide you.
"Uhm... yes?"
"Mr. Romano is attending a meeting today at 3:00 pm. Sharp. Your presence is expected Mr. Bennett."
Confusion filled my brain as it keeps working at what could be the reason for Rodrigo to call me. Slightly turning my head towards the half naked lady standing, I made sure she didn't hear anything. My second business is a very secretive one and I don't want any random chick to know about it.
Well, this one's busy clicking her selfies. Good for me.
"Okay. I'll be there."
The call cut and I released a sigh again. I wore my apron and the cap of my cafe, ready for business. So what I'm the owner? I'm not like those crazy fat ass owners who puts everything on the shoulders of his employees. I work myself too.
"Where are you going, babe? We're not finished yet."
"Not again, Leila. I'm busy!"
"You can't leave me like this, babe! You and I both know that how much we love it."
Her claw like finger was running through my chest again and she still didn't bother to wear her clothes.
Now, it was her phone which started to ring. Well, now I'm really thankful for that caller to call her now. She picked up.
"Hello?... Yes daddy."
Huh... her daddy. My one colleague. Not in this cafe ofcourse. My second business.
"Mhmm... okay. Yeah it's okay I'll be fine... Hmm. Okay daddy... Bye daddy."
Her father. Daniel Thomson. A strong competitor of mine. Well, a very good friend too. Ladies still swoon over him as if he's just in his mid or early thirties. In reality, he's 49. Soon will be in his fifties.
It was one of the success party of our client which was thrown that I succeeded in completing the mission in my second business and the first where I met Leila. I already made it clear that it'll be just one time thing but, the words didn't go through her thick skull.
"Get dressed and come out. I've a meeting today."
"Wow. Daddy has a meeting too. He called me to inform that."
Well, I guess I'll soon meet your daddy, plastic princess.
She doesn't know that her father and me are colleagues instead thinks us as friends. Even she doesn't know what her father does to keep up her makeup and doll faces.
This profession is a fully secret one and no one should get to know about it, making a facade of cafe infront of everyone's eyes. No one knows about the real person behind my fake demeanor and those who knows... I already paid a hefty price.
"So... about our undiscussed matter... will you-"
I guess I've to make it clear with her own language.
"Listen Leila. I already told you in our first time that it's just. Only just a one time thing."
She smirked taking two steps infront of me but, I held her shoulders slightly pushing her away. Her expression started to show irritation as she was getting failure.
"To fuck with one time thing, Val! We already fucked twice and it was really nice, babe! Come on. Don't be so ignorant. I know you liked it."
Liked it? I controlled my inner chuckle to come out. If she check my condom now, she will know how much I "liked" it.
"If that makes you sleep at night, then you can keep telling yourself that. I've a business to run now and I hope, you know the door to exit when you'll be decent enough to come out."
I re-adjusted my hair by opening the cap and turned to come out but, her claws stopped me again. I exhaled loudly, of her attitude. These clingy girls are the worst! I just hump and dump! No strings attached!
It's not like I don't make sure that. I already tell them in the first place that it'll be just a one time thingy. But, few thick headed girls can't get that inside their brains like one infront of me.
"One month! After almost one month we fucked each other again! At that party, we so enjoyed each other's company. Don't deny that! Atlast, after one month I got you back and don't even try to say 'No' as-"
Now, this made my internal chuckle to come out. Her useless rambling stopped seeing my expression.
"Well, Miss Daddy's princess. Have you ever seen any person dropping their whole money to a beggar?"
She slightly squints her eyes in a thinking way, shaking her head slowly.
"Uhm... no...? never. But, what it has to do wi-"
"Exactly! We just drop few money to the beggars. Same goes for you too, Leila. You were literally begging me to fuck you again that I-" Taking her shirt, I covered her naked chest. "-have to drop some."
By now, her face was resembling exactly like a red tomato. Leaving her in her own state, I came out and checked the time.
More 1 hour left to 3:00.
For reaching to Romano estate on time, I've to leave now and Los Angeles' streets can be so packed sometimes. I know Rodrigo definitely will have something related to my second business so I've to wear my second business attire.
Instructing my one employee about my early leaving, I came out of my cafe and reached my black truck which was also a facade not to make people suspicious of my real profession.
A cafe owner can't drive a Lambo afterall.
Starting the ignition of my truck, I made my way towards my second business.
My secret one.
My favorite one.
My main profession.
Bounty Hunting.
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