Mr. Detective & Ms. Criminal

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“You are mine, Ms. Criminal. I will not let you go, no matter what you do.” All she knew was to take revenge on the one who killed her beloved. She murdered thousands of people to find the main culprit. She became an assassin. All he knew was to find that kitty that was so solely making the world scared of her. Truth is hidden behind the Lies. Secrets are buried within the secrets. Darkness lurks in the Light and light breathes in the Darkness. What will be the outcome when their worlds collide? Will they be each other's salvation or each other's demise? [Cover art belongs to the respective owner.]

Romance / Action
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How does it feel to kill someone and bathe in the pool filled with their blood?


How does it feel to breathe while you are dead as a corpse?

It’s excruciating…

It’s painful…

It’s unbearable.

But you have to bear with each murder you do….because that’s the most important thing for a Killer.

For a criminal…

A killer is born to live between the voices that echo…

The faces that haunt…The nightmares that lurk and the memories that burn.


I cannot live… I cannot die.

Not until…

I sow and they reap.

I slit and they bled.

I kill and they pay…

There is nothing but one thing keeping me alive till then.

My pain.

I will let them know that they did not do the right thing by killing her.

Their recapitulation will be their admonitory.

I will become their nightmare which will char their memories.

They killed her.

I will kill them.


He came in Bloody Greeks just when I needed him the most.

He became my demons, I became his salvation.

We both became each other’s souls to take revenge from those who mysteriously took millions life in hell.

But at the most important time, he betrayed me.

I suffered in hell due to him.

Was love even possible between these two beings?

The answer to the question lies in the novel.


A villain is just a victim whose story hasn’t been told. Beware the power of the dark side.

Our tale starts from here.

Mr. Detective & Ms. Criminal.

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