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She Devil (book 3)

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Remember that sweet baby Nortia Rossi? Daughter of Dante and Isabella Rossi? Well she's no more a baby, she's a woman, a boss woman. And a She Devil. I could tell you more about her here but where's the fun in that? Read to find out! Book one: Nanny for the Mafia Book two: All or nothing Book three: She devil

Filipa Ribeiro
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Nortia P.O.V.

I got inside the office and sat on my chair behind my desk, the rest of the group following close behind.

"Theo there's anything new on the DNA data base?" I asked Theo, the best hacker in the world and one of my best friends.

"No, sorry Tia." He sais sadly.

So let me tell what was that about. Until i was six years old I lived with Leonardo who said he was my father and Catarine who said it was my mother, at that age I was naive so i believed everything they said. But one day i got up in the middle of the night and they were both talking in the living room.


"What did he said leo?" Catarine asked.

"He said that when she's 16 he's coming for her, and when she's at age they will marry and he'll revenge his father."

"What if her family find us until then? Ten years is a long time."

"We made it this far so they won't find us until then."

"What do you think she will do when she find out we took her from her brothers and parents."

"Shh. She won't find out shit unless it's when she's his wife. When he get her she's no longer our problem and then we will have a safe place in the underworld. Now come on let's go to bed, my dick is craving that tight pussy of yours."

End flashback

That was their talk, on that very night i put my clothes in a bagpack and ran away from home. My first thought was to find my real family but what could a six year old do? I walked the greek streets alone, i ate what i would find and slept were i would fit.
The first year was really hard, some people beaten me, other robbed the little i had, so i started learning how to fight back. And then i met Saulo, he too had ran away from his parents that abused him.

Since that day we are inseparable, we fought together, we learnt everything together, and then we got into the rings, we made money, we only had each other, that was untill two identical trouble makers came to our life and not long after Theo showed up. The five of us were all well known in the underworld for our skills, we started collecting jobs here and there and then we had the idea of creating our little gang, more people started to join and we kept growing, when we fought with other gangs we wan and kept their money, drugs, guns, we always kept everything.

And then we became the Greek Mafia, one of the most powerful that there is, but even with all this power i can't find my family, we tried DNA data base but we got nothing that means they are probably in the underworld too because the only powerful people that can hide their DNA are big criminals that don't want to be found.

İf you are wondering what happened to Leonardo and Catarine, well, i killed them, two years ago i searched for them and when i found them, i went to talk to them, but the bitches didn't said anything, i tortured them for days but nothing, the only thing they kept saying was "He will find you, and you'll marry him." over and over so i got tired and cutt their throat.

But still i don't give up, everyday we try to find them, we are constantly trying new ways but so far nothing, the other four know my story, they want to find them as much as i do, but for now there isn't much we can do.

"Earth to Nortia! Hello?!" Lara said waving her hands in front of my face.

"What?" I asked.

"I am asking about Italy, when are we going."

"Right, after tomorrow. It's just a meeting with the Don of the Italian Mafia nothing big. Theo can you let go of Camila mouth and find a hotel for all of us?"

"Are we taking guards ?" He asked.

"No. Just us, and please book your room far away from mine." Those two are always fucking and the rest has to listen, they need a house of their own. They are way too loud.

"Yes boss and if you're going to stay with Saulo should i book Lara's room in another floor?" He asked, indicating that me and Saulo do a lot of noise too.

"Yes please." Lara said laughing.

"Motherfuckers." Me and Saulo said at the same time.

Before any of us could say or do anything, one of our guards came running to our office, yes, our because this mafia is a little different, we don't have that shit of second or third in command and all of that the five of us are the bosses and treated equally.

"What happened Diego?"

"One of us got shot and he needs boss Lara to see him ASAP."

"On my way." Lara said and went to the infirmary. She's the best doctor we have, we have more but when she's here she's the one always being called.

"How did he got shot?" Saulo asked.

"We were by the the gates and a black SUV passed and started shooting at us, we shot back and no else got hurt besides Filipe."

"Did you see who they were?"

"No, the only thing i noticed was that the two guys shooting had similar tattoos, two skulls and snakes coming out of their eyes."

"Alright you can go." I said to Diego and he got out of the office.

"Do you want me to look at it? See if i find any match to a gang with that tattoo description?" Theo asked and the rest nodded.

"I'll go with you." Mila said and they got out. They are always together, wherever one go the other follow.

"It's just the two of us now." Saulo said.

"And then?"

"Well let's enjoy the moment." He said.

He came to me and started to kiss my neck, behind my ear, that sent chills down my spine. I turned around and kissed his lips, the kiss was rough like always, he picked me up and i wrapped my legs around him.

"It has to be a quicky the door is unlocked." I said between kisses.

"Then what are you waiting for? Pull your pants down." He ordered and i did, while i was undressing he put a condom, he picked me up once again and sat me on the edge of the desk. Slowly he slide into me making us groan from the feeling.

"Move." I said and he started thrusting into me, at first slowly but then he went faster, my moans were getting louder and louder so he covered my mouth with his hand but never stopping from pounding into me.

"Harder." I said and he obeyed soon enough both of us came.

"Always a pleasure." Saulo said kissing my head and getting out of me.

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