She Devil

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Unknown P.O.V.

I've been in the shadows for too long, now is finally my time. In two weeks she'll turn eighteen and we'll finally be together. I'm gonna have my revenge, they took my father away from me. Specifically Dante he took him, he killed him. I was too young at the time to understand, they made me an orphan when i was four years old by killim him. They probably don't even know about my existence, and that only makes everything better. At eleven years old i made their precious princess being kidnapped.

But those two had to talk about my plans, and of course she had to hear everything. But it's not a problem, i kept tabs on her, i let her go, i saw her grow into the beautiful woman she's today. She will be a good wife, but maybe I'll have to break her first. She's a little wild at the moment.

I brought the old gang back to life, i don't know why my father stopped using the gang name, but with the money he had from all his deals, we are not forgoten anymore. We have a mansion, warehouse, drugs, weapons and girls to sell. I don't have allies but who the fuck cares? I've already made a name again for us, people think we are just a small group but they have no idea how many we are. But that's good the less they know the better, i bet they will never see me coming, and the biggest surprise will be when they, specially Nortia founds out that one of her best friends works for me.

I have so many big plans for us, first i will bring her here to be by my side, it will take some time but I'll break her free spirit. Even if I've to kill all the others. Then she'll give me the greek mafia, and soon enough i will have the italian too. I will be the strongest of them all, no one will dare to cross me. I will have the underworld wrapped around my finger. Of course that for all of that i will have to make an heir, but i know she'll give me one, hopefully willingly or else... we'll cross that bridge when the time comes.

I already sent all the wedding invitations, actually the Rossi's must be getting theirs at any moment now, oh how i wish i could be a fly on their wall. Seeing their faces of confusion probably anger too, i can only imagine. Everything is ready, i already ordered the cake and even have a dress for her, it's going to all her best curves. Now is the finishing touches.

"Boss everything is sent, and the wedding planner is here to talk to you." Rafaello says. He's one of the old guys around here, to be honest he isn't important in the gang because the poor guy doesn't have hands but he was one of the loyal guys on my father's side so i keep him aroud, i set him free from prison, it cost me a lot of money but he was the one who told me what Dante and Isabella did to them.

"Good in two weeks everything will be ours, did our inside contact said anything?"

"Not yet boss."

"Alright you can go, I'll be out in a minute."

Soon, soon everything will be mine, soon I'll have my revenge. Soon i will have my Nortia with me and soon we'll be husband and wife, I'll be the Don of Greek-italian mafia and the most feared leader in the world. I will be untouchable, not the police or anyone will stop me. It's just a matter of time, if I waited this long to get here, another two weeks it's nothing.

I'm like my father i will stop at nothing to get what i want, if i have to, i will kill all of her friends and family in front of her. She will be mine and she will be a good wife. A wife that won't ask questions, a wife that will do what i say and when i say, she'll give what i want even if i have to break her beyond repair.

Just wait and see.

Can you guess who is our unknown guy?

Do you remember Rafaello?

And wich of her best friend is fraud?

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