She Devil (book 3)

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Saulo P.O.V.

We were talking about drugs and gun prices when we heard the girls coming down the stairs, Nortia was the first one to show up, she was walking towards me with a determined look on her face, she stopped in front of me, looked me in the eyes.

"Saulo i..." She started to say but was interrupted by the sound of the bell. Isabella went to open the door.

"What were you saying?" I asked her.


"We got a wedding invitation, do we know anyone that's going to get married?" Isabella interrupted Nortia. She grabbed my hand and took me to the backyard away from everyone.

"What is it Nortia?" I asked, i was starting to get worried.

"It took me sometime but after some help from my mother and the girls i finally realized i love you i mean i guess I already knew that but had a hard time expressing it but now i do know and i wanted to say to you but was always being int-" I could see she was nervous from the way she was rambling. It was cute.



"I love you too." I said and pulled her close to me and kissed her. This kiss wasn't rough filled with lust like usually, no, we took our time this time, i could feel her true feelings and i showed her mine.

"Guys?" Good times never last forever i guess. We separated from each and glared at Vincenzo.

"What?" We said at the same time.

"We have a situation, about you sorella [sister]." He said in a serious tone.

We looked at each other, nodded to Vincenzo and made our way back inside. Everyone was serious and Dante stayed in the middle with a card on his hands.

"What is this?" He asked, holding the card higher.

"What?" Nortia asked.

"You're going to get married?"

"What the fuck?" I said turning to her.

"What are you talking about?"

"This." Dante said giving her the card.

"You are cordially invited
To the wedding of




September 14th
Five in the evening

Please join us to celebrate."

"Is this a joke?" Nortia asked.

"No. Do you know what this is about?" Lorenzo said.

"No I don't even know anyone here beside you guys."

"This is not the first time something like this happened." I said remeber the note in the hotel.

"Do you think the note and the roses are from the same guy?" She asked me.

"What roses and note?" Lara asked.

"Guys, this must be just some crazy bastard, he can't touch me, or any of you." Nortia said.

"You sure? I mean there's nothing that we can do for now anyway. BUT we all have to stay in high alert from now on." Dante said.

"Now we will leave you alone so you can talk about what your going to do next." Isabella said and they all got out of the room.

"So you're together?" Mila asked smiling ear to ear.

"That's not what we need to talk about. What's your opinion about all of this?" Nortia asked to all of us. I was the first one to talk.

"I'll do whatever you want."

"Well i just found them and i really don't want to leave them."

"We'll stay with you." Lara said and the others nodded.

"But what about the mafia?"

"We've been doing everything from here in this last few days and everything has been fine we can move here, we can buy some properties and our man can move here too, most of them are young and i think only three of them have family if they want they can come if not they can stay." I said.

"He's right, and when we have deals to make we barely do it face to face bup we still have the jet so we can travel easily when needed." Theo said.

"Thank you so much guys, really all this years together and now this, it means a lot. I think I'm getting better at this fellings shit." Nortia said and we all laughed.

"But where will we live?" The twins asked at the same time.

"I bet that they want me to stay here with them, but I'll only stay if you can too. So let's see what they say." Nortia said and went loking for them.

"Are you ready for your big commitment?" Mila asked me wiggling her eyebrows.

"What commitment?"

"You know you both said the L word so it's going to become official, and if we're going to live with her father and brothers things can get awkward if they are like those guys in the books super overprotective with their little sister." She said.

"We are not overprotective but if i ever see her cry or hurt he's going to pay for it." Vincenzo said as they all got in the room.

"There's no need for that I'm a big girl i can take care of myself if he hurt me I'll be the one cutting his balls." Nortia said with a creepy smile on her face.

"Got it, don't make her cry plus don't hurt her equal keeping my balls." I said.

"What did you need to talk about baby?" Isabella asked.

"Mom, dad and brothers I decided to stay with you."

"That's wonderful-" Dante started but was cut off by my girl. My girl? Yeah, i guess she is.

"I want to stay here with you but I'll only stay if they can too, i don't want to impose or anything but they are my famil-"

"You don't need to say anything else, if they are your family they are ours too Nortia, they are more than welcome to stay here." Isabella said with her hands on Nortia face.

"Thank you." Nortia whispered. I'm really so happy that she found them, she looks happier and, i don't know more alive, her eyes have a different sparkle in them.

"Good, now I'll send some of the guys to pick all your stuff from the hotel and we can order some pizza and watch movies or have a game night in the boys game room, what do you say?" Isabella said. Everyone cheered and answered at the same time.

"Hell yes."

"I'm starving."

"Pepperoni pizza."

And we did all of that, we ate until we couldn't anymore, and we watched some movies by the end of the night Nortia was asleep by my side, we still had a lot to discuss but it can wait for tomorrow. Everyone is happy to be here, to be honest we thought once she found her family she would, I don't want to say leave us because that she wouldn't do, but be more distant and focus more on her family, but who knew they would accept us too. In a way we found our family too.

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