She Devil

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Nortia P.O.V.

I woke up feeling my blader about to explode, i opened my eyes and looked around, i was in a room but I couldn't see much, there was only the moonlight coming from the windows. I looked to my right and saw Saulo peacefully sleeping, his soft snores and shallow breathing filled the room, his hair messy in his forehead, he was only in his boxers, he was extremely hot tonight, maybe is the moonlight that gives him another glow. How I'm I kidding this man is hot in any way.

Carefully i got up and opened one of the doors inside the room, thankfully i got it right at first and found the bathroom, i turned on the light and made my way to the toilet, while i was sat there peeing like a fountain i looked my surroundings, the whole bathroom was black marble from the floor to ceiling and even the shower, a big white tub and a counter with too sinks and bellow them some doors, the wall above the sinks had a big mirror in it, and all the faucets were gold, it was really beautiful. When i finished, i washed my hands and got out of the bathroom.

I looked at the bed and saw Saulo rubbing his eyes.

"Did i wake you?" I asked.

"No." He said with a groggy voice.

"What time is it?" He looked at his phone from the nightstand.

"4:37, come cuddle with me." Big bad boy is really just a big teddy bear.

"Let me just take my clothes off is so fucking hot in here." I took my t-shirt and leggings and stayed in my panties and bra, i got in bed again and laid my head on Saulo's chest.

"Are you happy?" He asked.

"Yes, i have my parents and brothers, i have my friends and you." I said looking in his eyes.

"We never got the chance to talk about us."

"Yeah i know."

"So, I don't know how to do this but, will you be mine, like mine mine?" I chuckled a little.

"Yes." I said and kissed him.

"I love you." He said between the kiss.

"I love you too." I said back, we kept kissing, but the sweet kiss we started was turning into a passionate kiss and soon enough i was straddling him.

His hands on my ass, my hands on his chest, i could start to feel his excitement growing bellow me. His hands went to my back and in a fast moviment he unclasped my bra, i kissed his jaw, neck, collarbone and i kept going down, i kissed his muscular chest, his defined six pack. My fingers went to his boxes and i pulled them down freeing his eight inches of pure pleasure, i ran my tongue from the base of his cock to the tip, his deep moans were motivating me to keep going, so i did.

I ran my tongue all around his pink tip and then slowly i started sucking on it, i was teasing him only touching his tip, but i guess he got tired of that cause his hand went to my hair and he pushed me all the way down until he was deep in my throat. I started bobbing my head, using my tongue to give him more pleasure, i started feeling his dick pulsating and i knew he was close but before i could do anything else he pulled me up and turned us around, now he was the one on top of me.

Him mouth on my nipple and his hand sliding my body going down to my pussy.

"So fucking wet for me." He said when his hand reached my core. He grabbed my panties and ripped them from my body.

"I liked those." I said pouting. He bit my bottom lip and said.

"I'll buy you a thousand panties if you want."

"You better."

"Are you ready for me?" He asked while putting a condom.

"More than ready." I said.

I felt his tip on my entrance and slowly he went deeper and deeper, he stopped for a minute for me to adjust but I didn't need that, I needed him to move, I needed him, to feel him and i also needed to cum.


He started slow but soon he speeded up and went harder, his eyes never leaving mine while he thursted into me. This was so much more than the other times, so much more than fucking, he was making love to me. His mouth attacked my neck kissing and sucking probably leaving his marks on me. My nails were scratching his back as the pleasure increased. I could feel that ball of fire in the bottom of my belly growing, i was reaching higher and higher than i ever did before. And by his moans and grunts i know he was feeling the same.

I just hope this walls are sound proof.

With the little bit of strength i had i turned us around, straddling him but never stopping my hips from moving, my mouth was open letting all the sounds of pleasure escape, my head thrown back and my eyes closed. He got on a sitting position while i was still riding him, he once again sucked and pinched my nipples, i was so close. I started going harder and faster.
His mouth went close to my hear and he said the words that made my world crumble like never before.

"Come for me." That was all he take.

And i did, i came harder while he was still inside of me, i never stopped, my moviments became sloopy but was enough for him to come too. We stayed like that for a moment catching our breaths not saying nothing at all. Once we both calmed down, i laid next to him, he took the condom and threw it in the bin and he turned to me pulling me closer.

"That was different." He said.

"Good different?"

"Good? No! Fucking amazing mind blowing different." He said and I chuckled. I raised my head to look at his eyes.

"I love you."

"I love you too." Was the last thing i heard before going into a peaceful sleep.

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