She Devil

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Nortia P.O.V.

Everything is been going absolutely great, me and my family bonded and we are inseparable, specially me and mom. They accepted so well my friends and we kinda of are now a big family. It's the day before my birthday and they all are more protective than ever because also tomorrow is the day of my supossed marriage.
We are all in the living room whatching an action movie, we had to chose between others categories but only Mila wanted to see romance the others chose action so now here we are in the big movie room.

All my brothers are amazing, but Lorenzo is the only one I didn't talk much he says he always busy and stuff like that. I will talk to him soon. Me and Saulo we've been better than ever, he took me to dates and we've been talking more and the sex is amazing. I turned to him give him a kiss and whispered in his hear.

"I'm going to try to talk to Enzo." I touched my brother shoulder, he looked at me and i nodded in the direction of the door.

"Do you need anything?" He asked.

"Yes, in this last two weeks I've talked to everyone but you and me only had small talks. Don't you want to talk to me?" I asked, i felt a little bit sad with the thought of him don't wanting to get to know me better.

"I've been busy sorellina."[baby sister]

"Is really that? Because mom said you are avoiding me because of your guilt."

"Wow mom gets worst with age. Come with me." He said and grabbed my hand. He took me to his room and we sat on the bed. He opened the nightstand drawer and took a picture from there.

"You know the day you were born was the best day of my life, not only i finally had a baby sister but also our father woke up from his nine months coma, did you know that?" He said showing me a picture, it was a boy with a baby in his harms between two hospital beds, on one side was mom with a big smile and tears in her face, in the other was dad, but he looked weak but the smile on his face was the biggest.

"Mom only told me tiny bits of that story, she said it's still hard for her to remember dad like that."

"Yeah, is hard for all of us, she had to step up when he was in a coma, she had me and Vin to look after and the triplets, they weren't one year old yet and she got pregnant with you. She had to go through the whole pregnancy without him, and he had asked so many times for a daughter, but then you came and when you first cried he opened his eyes, you were our miracolo.[miracle]" He said he had unshed tears in his eyes, i never saw him this vulnerable.

"Wow." Was all i could say.

"But when everything was finally coming back to normality, you were taken from us, and you know what i was doing? I was playing videogames in my room. I should've been there to protect you, not only you but the triplets too because she locked them in their room all alone. And i was playing. I'm so sorry sorellina, i should've been there." He said and the tears finally came down.

"Enzo it wasn't your fault. There was no way you could've saved me, even if you found her what were you going to do? She was an adult you were just a kid."

"But i still feel like i should've been there, at least to try something. I want to talk to you and get to know you but it's been hard, even though you turned to be a independent, so strong and a beautiful woman i still know what you've been through to get were you are today. And it's been hard for me to accept that. To accept that i wasn't there to help you in your hard times."

"Lorenzo i don't blame you or anyone, just those two that took me away, you tried to look for me and i did the same, it took some time but look where we are today, I'm finally back and I'm not going anywhere. Please don't blame yourself, because it isn't your fault." I said and hugged me. It killed me to think that any of them blamed themselves, it wasn't their fault, it was Catarine and Leonardo fault and i just wished that i could bring them back to life and kill them again in the worse way possible for what they made my family go through.

"I love you sorellina." He said, he's arms still around me.

"I love you too fratello."[brother]

"Are you ready for tomorrow?"

"What's going to happen tomorrow? Please don't say party."

"It's a party." He said laughing.

"Who planned it?"

"Who do you think?" He said once again laughing.

"Mom." I grunted.

"Yes and she's so happy."

"How many people?" I asked dreading to hear his answer. I don't like attention and a party for me is going to get me a lot of attention.

"Easy sorella, not many you'll finally meet aunt Emilia, uncle Luca and your cousins, and also my best friends, his parents, they are from a smaller gang here in Italy, they are like family but mom and her trust issues, well not just mom but you know, like i was saying they never came here often, but now you'll meet them."

"Alright i think i can do this for mom. It's getting late, I'm going to call Saulo and I'm going to bed. Thank you for talking to me, good night." I said, i kissed his cheek and made my way to the movie room.

"Babe I'm tired I'm going to bed, you coming?" I said to Saulo.

"Go ahead, I'll be there in a minute." He said, he kissed me and i went to my room.

I was starting to undressing me when i heard the door of the room opening and closing, it was probably Saulo, but before i could turn around to look at him, i felt a pinch in my neck and everything started fading away, last thing i heard before passing out was.

"I'm sorry."

Oh shit!!

Who do you think it is?

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