She Devil

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Dante P.O.V.

Today is my baby girl eighteenth birthday, i wish i could say that watching her grow was wonderful and that the years passed in a blink of an eye , but i would be lying. We never saw her grow up, her first laugh, her first step or even heard her first words. But she's back now, finally, it's so good to have her in my harms, under the same roof and the feeling i get when she calls me papà is unbelievable.

We are all waiting for her and Saulo to come down, as much as it bothers me the fact that she has a boy in her room, there isn't much i can do, she's a grown woman and going against her will only push her away. Another half an hour passed and they still didn't came down.

"Enzo, go call your sister." I said.

"Sì papà." Yesterday i saw Enzo getting out of the movie room with Nortia and since then he's happier, and I'm so glad for him, he always felt so guilty.

"They are gone." Enzo came running down the stairs and shouted.

"What do you mean they are gone?" I said getting up, i was starting to get worried.

"Maybe he took her somewhere?" Isabella said.

"No, she was taken again and they left a note."

"This can't be happening, not again." Isabella said with tears already running down her cheeks.

"What does it say?"

"How does it feel to let your babygirl be taken for the second time under your roof? I wish I could see all of your faces right now. But don't worry I'll take care of her, I'll be a good husband. And as the kind person i am, I'll let you see her one last time in the most important day of her life. Come to this address at 1pm, dress code is formal, after all it's a wedding. P.S.: NO GUNS." Lorenzo read out loud.

"Alright we're going to bring her back." I said.

"But how dad? We can't even take guns." Alexi said.

"No, but you are forgetting the training your mother gave you? And I'm sure we can hide a blade or two." I said, since their young age Isabella taught them how to fight.

"Should we get guards?" Vin asked.

"No we can't, if we showed up with other people who knows what this guy might do or he might recognize them outside. What time does Emilia and the others get here?"

"12." Isabella said.

"Alright this is what we're going to do. He said that family can go, so we can take your cousins, Luca and Emilia they can fight well, everyone has to be careful because we don't know how many people will be there and there's only us. Lorenzo talk to Stefano and his family will wait outside for us, they will only go in after one hour, they will think we are alone, hopefully. Go make the calls and start to get ready, they might have metal detectors so you know what knifes to chose." I said and everyone of them got out of the room.

"We have to get her Dante, i can't go through this again." Isabella said.

"We will get her bella, this time they won't take her without a fight. For now let's hope she and Saulo are okay." I said and hugged her.

Everyone did what was told and we all got ready, all the boys and me were in all black tuxedos and Isabella was in a safire dress and Emilia's esmerald. We all hid our blades, some in the tux sleeves, others in the collar, the girls hid in their hair and in the sole of their heels.

"Alright, is everyone ready? Everyone knows what to do?" I asked.

"Don't worry Dante we will help you get her back." Bruno said. His family are our best friends, they helped when i was taken by Iosif, since then we became good friends, they aren't mafia but they are a gang, a big one. They have triplets girls and Stefano their oldest he's Enzo and Vin best friend.

This day was not supposed to go this way, we were going to have a nice intimate party, with family and friends, to celebrate my daughter eighteen birthday and the fact that she was back, we were going to have big meals, a lot of conversation and laughs. But like always there has to be something or someone ruining our plans. This time she will come back to us, eighteen years ago we didn't have the chance to fight for our baby girl but today we will.

"Let's go." I said and we all went to our cars and drove to the address on the note. Bruno's family parked a little far away from the gates and we made our way to the mansion.

We got out of the cars and rang the bell, i was holding hands with Isabella, i could feel her shaking. Everyone's face was cold but in their eyes you could see the anger ready to explode.

"You must be the Rossi family, welcome to my house. Guards search them." The man that opened the door said, he wasn't much older than Lorenzo, a group of guards came and started searching us for any weapons, everyone held their breath, but they didn't find anything.

"All clear boss." One of them said.

"Great, now let me introduce myself, my name is Francesco and I'm the leader of the Poisonous Skulls, Dante you must remember my father, Giordani." He said with a smirk on him face. And now everything makes sense. He's revenging him.

"I remember, such a shame his death." I said sarcastically, his face turned red with anger.

"Possa il diavolo riposare la sua anima.[May the devil rest his soul.]" Isabella said beside me.

"Do you regret what you did to him?" He asked me.

"No." I said truthfully.

"And you Isabella, do you have regret of this?" He said and a man i recognized as Rafaello came from behind the wall.

"Isabella." He greeted her.

"Rafaello." She said back.

"We should go, the ceremony will start soon." Francesco said.
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