She Devil

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Nortia P.O.V

After Saulo left not one person came back, it was just me and the girl in the corner, i tried to talk to her but she doesn't answer i have to think of something to get out of here. To be honest i feel like doing nothing, I'm so hurt not phisically, but what Saulo did to me, left a big wound in my heart.

I thought he loved me, he said he did, he said he wouldn't hurt me, so why is he doing this? I still feel very protective of the others but something in me can't trust in them 100%. What if they do something like that?

"Are you ready?" Saulo asked, standing in front of me. I guess i was so deep in thought I didn't even notice him getting in the room.

"Ready for what?" I asked coldly. I had to get up slowly because i was feeling a little week, probably from the drug they use to put me out.

"Your wedding."

"Why are you doing this?"

"It is what it is Nortia."

"You're going to regret this."

He opened the door and grabbed my harm, he took me out of the room and through some stairs I didn't even bother looking my surroundings, but i saw guards in every door.
He pushed me inside a room.

"They will help you getting ready." He said pointing to the two girls in the room. I didn't said anything, i just stood there. He ran his hand through his hair and sighed, he grabbed my wrist and pushed me to a chair. This was not the Saulo that was with me yesterday, I couldn't see any hint of love in his eyes, actually I couldn't see any emotion, if I didn't heard him breathing i would thought he was dead just looking into his eyes.

The girls did my hair and make up, I didn't even had a shower. If this was a different situation i would like their work, but not today.

"Here's the dress." One of them said, it was a princess dress, with a corset and all puffy.. I don't have any intention of getting in hit.

"Wear it or I'll make you." Saulo said.

"Nope." Was all i said. He came towards me, grabbed my arm once again, i will get a bruise from all the times he grabbed me. He ripped the clothes from my body until i stand there only on my panties.

"Put it on Nortia."

"I will not get married with that freak." I shouted in his face. I didn't care if i was naked, he already saw everything and the girls for sure don't have anything I don't, so fuck it.

"Shut the fuck up Nortia." He called one of the girls to hold the dress. With a lot of struggle they put the dress on me.

"I swear Saulo if you don't get me out of here i will fucking kill you." I said through gritted teeth.

"Let's go, your family is waiting."

"My family? They are here?" What are they doing here? Are they with him? Did they betrayed me too? This were the thoughts running in my head.

"Yes, they were invited for your wedding. Now walk."

We started walking, well he was dragging me, we stood in front of two big doors, the music started and the doors opened. When i looked at my family they looked worried and angry at the same time. Saulo dragged me all the way to the altar.

"Can you see the irony in this? You were the one saying you wanted to stay with me forever and now you are dragging me to another guy."

The Priest started talking but i was about do explode, and now it's the 'i do' part.

"Francesco Moretti do you take Nortia Rossi as your beloved wife, to honor and care for the rest of your life?"

"I do." He said with a big smile on his face."

"And Nortia Rossi do you take Francesco Moretti as your beloved husband, to honor and care for the rest of your life?"


"What?" The Priest asked shocked. Francesco was about to have a stroke.

"Say 'i do' Tia." Saulo said from behind me.

"I will fucking not. And don't call me that." Francesco came closer to me and whispered in my ear.

"Or you do or they start dying." I looked at my family, and mom mouthed.


"I do..." I started to say, a smile appeared on Francesco face. Not so fast bitch!

"NOT! " I shouted. And all hell broke lose. My family got up and started fighting with the guards that were around them.

I had Saulo behind me and Francesco in front, Saulo was holding my hands, it was hard to do anything with this dress and i was weak but i wouldn't stay here watching. I jumped using Saulo tight grip on me to support, my feet crashed into Francesco chest and he fell backwards. With the pressure from the jump Saulo also fell and with my back on his chest, both of them tried to get up quicky.

My elbow made contact with Saulo's face sending him to the ground again, Francesco was again standing in front of me he raised his harm to hit me but i dodged and punched him in the stomach. Everything was happening so fast, i was fighting with two strong man and i was felling weaker and weaker. My legs and harms were starting to fail me.

"Hold her." Francesco shouted to Saulo. He came in my direction but i started backing away.

"Nortia." Mom shouted and threw a knife at me, i clapped my hands together and cought it between my palms.

"Saulo don't."

"I have to."

"Why? Please stop i don't want to kill you."

"I'm sorry Nortia, i did love you. But i have to." He said and lunged to me, as he made contact with me my knife got deep into his stomach. He backed away with his hands clutching the deep wound. I had tears in my eyes but this isn't over, i ran towards Francesco, punching in the dick he bend down in pain so i went behind him, kicked behind his knees and he kneelt.

I gripped his hair with my fist, the other hand with the knife went to his neck and i slit his throat. His body fell limp on the floor, a pool of his blood getting bigger and bigger around him. Everyone stoped fighting and the few men that were alive ran. I look behind me and saw Saulo barely alive. I went to him, knelt by his side and he took my hand with his bloody one.

"I'm sorry." He said.

"Why? Just tell me why?"

"They raised me."

"No Saulo we raised each other, we grew up together."

"I was born in the gang Nortia, when you knew me i already had killed thousand of people."

"You could've changed Saulo, i fucking loved you. " I said tears running down my cheeks.

"I'm really sorry to all of you." He said looking over my shoulder.


"It's alright Nortia, there's nothing you can say. I'm really sorry and my feelings were true. I love you Nortia." He said in a whisper, he kissed my hand and his body went limp right in front of me. My once white dress was now crimson, i swallowed the lump in my throat, just like a switch i turned all my emotions off, this was too much, i was feeling too much i couldn't take it anymore. I turned to my family, my face void of any emotion, they started coming towards me but i held my hand signaling them to stop.

"There's a girl in the cells." I said and started walking away. People came running in our direction shouting to my father and Enzo but i wasn't listening, i was numb to everything around me.

Francesco died but he did what he wanted.

I was broken beyond repair.

I feel so sad for my girls 🥺

Should I give her a new love?

Who wants to know the triplets and Stefano?
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