She Devil

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Isabella P.O.V.

It's been a week since everything happened, Nortia isn't the same as before. She's not happy but she's not sad or angry too, i don't know it's like she doesn't feel anything. She barely talks to us, including her friends. I just wished she would talk to any of us. She's been out of the house a lot and i don't know what's she's doing out.

Sometimes she's gets home late, drunk and other times she has a couple of bruises on her, i think she's been fighting or something like that. But what should I do? I tried and tried to make her talk, but she only says ' I'm fine.' in a coldly way.

Saulo betraying her made some real damages on her spirit. I can see the hurt in her eyes. I don't understand why he did what he did to her, my baby girl is hurting and i can't help her. It breaks my heart to see her like this, she's not fine and she knows it.

Stefano P.O.V.

"What's up?" I asked after answer the phone.

"Nothing much, and you? Are you fighting tonight?" Enzo asked.

"Yup, I'm on my way right now, does Vin have a fight too?"

"No, not today. Things have been a little crazy over here, since that day."

"How's your sister?"

"That's a good question, no one knows she doesn't talk to anyone."

"Maybe she just needs some time." I said.

"Yeah maybe. Do you know who is your opponent tonight?"

"Something devil, didn't cought his name."

"Alright call me after, i want to know who wan. See if i made any money tonight."

"In who did you bet? If you say the other guy Enzo I'll beat your ass. I always win."

"Chill Stef of course i bet on you, but we don't know this knew guy, so just give me a call after, bye." He said and hung up.

I drove to the fight club and when i got there it was packed, there was people everywhere. I gave my name to the registration guy and went to the balneary, i change my jeans for my blue shorts, took of my shirt and started wrapping my hands. When i finished i just sat there until i heard my name being called.

"And tonight on the left side of the ring we have Morningstar, our undefeated fighter." The owner of the club introduced me and i made my way to the ring, everyone was cheering.

"And now our newest fighter, on the right side of the ring She Devil." He shouted. Wait she? As in girl? I'm going to fight a girl?

I saw the crowd opening way as a girl was walking towards the ring, the was beautiful. Wait the fuck up! Focus! I scolded myself. I looked at her eyes and that's when i recognized her, she's Lorenzo sister. Oh fuck, i can't fight her, they will kill me. But i also can't tap out now. What the fuck should i do? I don't think she recognizes me.

"3-2-1- FIGHT!" The owner shouted once he got out of the ring. I just stayed there, trying to think of what to do. But i guess she wanted to fight.

She started walking clockwise, her arms up with her fists clenched. Should i attack? Fuck it, I'll win this shit and i won't tell nobody. I mean i only saw her once and she was mostly covered with blood so if someone says anything i didn't recognized her. Right? Not a bad idea. Right?

I stepped forward and attacked her, i was going to punch her but before my right fist could touch her, her leg made contact with my right ribs and i swear i heard a crack. I stumbled back trying to catch my breath she had a fucking evil smirk on her face like it was fucking scaring me. She came towards me i put my harms up trying to block her attacks but she punched me in my stomach and ribs, she was too fast.

I bent over and lunged at her waist, my hands around it and i pushed her back, her fists were pounded into my back but i kept pushing until she hit the ropes. I took that moment to punched in the stomach, she gasped and i hit it two more times until she was on her knees. I stepped backwards catching my breath and in a second she jumped on me, like really jumped, she wrapped her legs around my waist and started throwing punch after punch until i started bleeding and she jumped down. She gave three steps back and then out of nowhere she round kicked me, i fell to the ground i think i probably lost conscious for a minute or two.

When i came to my senses the bell had already rang and everyone was cheering her, i looked at her, her face emotionless and she got out of the ring, put a jacket on, went to the registration guy, took the bag of money and got out of there, like nothing happened. And i sat there thinking what the fuck just happened.

I got my clothes and went to my car, i can't go home, if my dad see my face like this something bad is going to happen, to me. I have broken ribs and i think my nose is too. I took my phone and called Lorenzo. Probably it isn't a good idea to go to his house because she lives there but he's got the medical wing and, she's probably home already and I'll get out early so we don't cross paths.

"So how much did i win tonight?" He asked.


"You gotta be kidding me."

"Look dude tomorrow I'll tell you but now i need a doctor and a bed can I come over?"

"Sì, stupido. [Yes stupid]" and he hung up. Well now i have until tomorrow to think of something to say.
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