She Devil (book 3)

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Nortia P.O.V.

Another fight i wan, more 20 thousand euros to my pocket. But this time i will have to go see the doctor because i think my ribs are broken and it's hard to breath and even though I feel like I'm dead in side i don't want to die. I rode my bike all the way back to the house, once there i went straight to the doctor, mom and dad always keep one here just in case.

"Miss Nortia what can I do for you."

"Check my ribs." I guess I'm being a bitch talking like that but that's the new me.

I sat on the bed and lifted my top, big bruises were starting to form in my ribs and stomach.

"I need the get the x-ray machine to make sure everything is how is supposed to be." The doc said and i nodded to him, he got out of the room, five minutes after i heard footsteps.

"Doc?" I heard Lorenzo's voice.

"What can I help you with?" Doc said.

"I need you to see Stef." Who the fuck is Stef?

"Give me just a few minutes I'm examining your sister." Great, here they come!

"My sister? Where?" A few seconds later he barged the room followed by the doctor and the guy i fought tonight.

"What the fuck happened to you? Did you get in a fight?" He asked.

"You should see the other guy." I said sarcastically looking to his friend. Lorenzo was looking at me and then he looked at the other guy.

"Her? You fucking fought with my sister?"

"You know once your inside the ring you can tap out. And she was the first one to hit."

"So doc?" I said bored with their conversation.

"Yeah yeah sorry, one minute and I'll be right back. I need you two to get out and you need to undress from the waist up." He said and went to get the machine.

Those two were still talking about the fight. And they were starting to anoy me.

"Can you both shut the fuck up and get out?" They both looked at me, Enzo with an hurt look but nodded and got out. Doc did what he had to do and said i didn't have anything broken just a big bad bruise.

I guess I'll have to race or gamble for the next days, that's it tomorrow I'll go to the casino. I went to my bedroom, took a quick shower and went to sleep. Soon enough i was waking up with the sun shining through the window, my ribs were aching but i ignored the pain, i did my routine, got dressed and went downstairs. The way my ribs are hurting and my bitchy mood, i don't want to be bothered today.

I got to the kitchen and everyone was there, even Lorenzo's friend, when i got in the room everyone of them stopped what they were doing and looked at me.

"Good morning baby girl, how are you?" Mom asked.

"I'm fine." I said coldly. I sat on the table and put some food on my plate, i started eating but the others didn't, they were still looking at me.

"How are your ribs?" Enzo asked.

"What? What happened to your ribs?" Everyone started asking.

"I'm fucking fine." I shouted, hitting my hands on the table.

"I'm sorry Isabella and Dante for this. What the fuck is your problem? Everyone is worried about you and this is the way you talk to them?" Lorenzo's friend shouted to me.

"Who are you? And what the fuck do you know?" I shouted back.

"I know what your brothers told me, you are behaving like a fucking child. It wasn't their fault that your boyfriend betrayed you." And then i snapped. I got up, went to him and slapped him with all my strength.

"If you ever talk about him you're dead. I don't care if you are their friend or not, talk more shit and i will fucking kill you." I said, i went to my room, got my jacket, keys, money and phone and got out of the house. I drove to the casino.

I was here for a few hours now, i lost some money but i wan a lot more, i was smocking, having drink after drink, but i was bored here now, i need to find another thing to do. I trade my chips for my money and made my way to my bike, I'll admite i was a bit drunk, but i can still drive. I think.

As i rode to somewhere, i was thinking about everything. I'm i being unfair to my family and friends? Probably, but right now I'm dealing with a lot and i don't know how to react. I know that's not a excuse but what can I say?

I feel broken, if i let myself cry i think i might drown in my own tears. I don't know what to do, what to think or how to act, that's the truth. I fucking trusted him, i fucking loved him and he did this to me and died saying he was sorry and loved me back. How is that right? What am I supposed to do with it? And the worst of it all is that i still love him, and that's what hurts the most.

I can't get him out of my head, he's in my dreams, in nightmares, he's everywhere and at the same time he's nowhere, nowhere i can beat him, nowhere i can shout to him. He's dead and he's driving me crazy. I looked to the sky, it was dark and with the city lights i can't barely see the stars.

Somehow i made my way home, but when i parked, Lorenzo's friend was standing, against the wall but when he saw me he walked to me.

"Come with me." He said.

"How about no?"

"Stop being so difficult and get in the fucking car."

"I don't do cars." I said.

"Look I'm trying to help, please. It's just for a few minutes." He said pleading with his look, i sighed and made my way to the grey audi.

Don't ask me why i did it, because I don't know what to tell you. But what's the worse that can happen? His death? Probably let's see how this shit goes.

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