She Devil

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Lorenzo P.O.V.

"Vincenzo you better get your shit together, tomorrow we're going to have an important meeting, and if you show up drunk like the last one i will kill you."

"Chill fratello[brother] i promise I'll behave."

"You better, i saved you too many times from mom and dad."

"Si, si, grazie." He said sarcastically.

"Get out of my face and go take a shower you reek of alcohol." I said and he got out of the office.

This kid is destroying his life, always drinking and partying, i know he is suffering, i am too, we all are, because we can't find her. It's been seventeen years since the last time i saw her. Seventeen years of sadness and anger inside of us. We don't know what else to do to find her we keep searching every day but the result is always the same. We don't know if she's alive or not, mom says she is, if she was dead she would feel it. Her words not mine.

After she was taken the recovery of dad took longer, he didn't want to do anything. He was always with a laptop in his hand, checking hospitals, morgues, orphanages, everything but never foud anything. How could Catarine do this to us, she was good to us, our friend and mom's friend. Shes a backstabbing bitch and if i ever see her again i will kill her in the most painfully way.

The triplets don't remember her, that's normal, they were one year old, they see her in the few pictures we have around the house and they want so much to meet her. We all wonder how she is, if she looks like any of us. I hope she's okay. The door opening pulled me out of my thoughts.

"Hey son, how are you?"

"Fine." I said, I don't try to be cold or harsh i guess that is just who i am now.

"Do you have everything ready for tomorrow."

"Yes dad, it's just an alliance it's nothing big."

"It is big, haven't you heard what people say about the greek mafia?"

"What are they saying?"

"People talk about how dangerous they are and how they steal from other mafias and gangs that don't want to have an alliance."

"Dad we are the most powerful mafia, I'm not afraid of them."

"You shouldn't be afraid, but always cautious."

"Si papà, how's mom?"

"The same, she tries to hide the sadness with her smile but we all know she'll never be the same."

"We will find her sooner or later. I have to go deal with a rat problem. See you at dinner." I said, checked my guns and making my way to the car.

I got in my sports car and drove to the warehouse were we have the cells. Lately we had received some threats and they claimed to know a lot about us and what's going on inside my office, they even sent a recorder with a bit of conversation me and my men were having. Since then we had been looking for the mole and we found it. I parked the care, got out and went inside the warehouse, i took my jacket of because mom said blood is hard to take off, but in the shirt is okay because they can go to the trash and are cheaper. Like we aren't rich! I thought.

"How are you Santiago?" I asked to the rat.

"Please, dont do this. Ho una famiglia[I have family]"

"I have family too and you put them in danger. To who did you sold information?" I asked through greeted teeth.

"To the new gang Poisonous Skulls. Please don't kill me."

"You're begging to the wrong person, rat." I said and pulled my gun out and shot him between the eyes. I turned around to get to one of my guys and said.

"Send him to that gang."

"Yes boss."

I got out of the warehouse and went home it's almost dinner time and mamma hates when people are late. I drove fast enough to get there and i still have a few minutes before dinner. I went to my room took a quick shower, dressed in more casual clothes and went downstairs.

"Finally, if i say dinner is at 7pm it's because dinner it's at 7pm not 7:05." Mamma said to me.

"Sorry mom." I said. I can be a ruthless and cold hearted but when it comes to my mother I'm the complete opposite.

"So tomorrow-"

"Why is everyone talking about tomorrow's meeting?" I said a little harsh.

"Lorenzo Xander Rossi you better not be talking to me! Like i was saying, so tomorrow i was thinking about inviting our guests for dinner."

"Sorry mamma. But why you don't invite anyone in here anymore we don't even have maids." And is true, since Nortia was taken she fired everyone, the ones allowed inside the house it's aunt Emilia, uncle Luca, our cousins and the guards mamma saved when papa was kidnapped by Iosif and even for them it took at least two years.

We all have trust issues, don't judge.

"I don't know Enzo i have a good feeling. It's just a dinner, if i feel uncomfortable in their presence we cancel."

"As you wish mamma."

"Good, now all of you, eat."

We all ate in silence, the air around us seemed different more tense, even the triplets were quiet and Vin said he would stay home for a change. I just think everyone is doing a big thing about this meeting without any reason.

We'll see tomorrow.
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