She Devil

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Stefano P.O.V.

"I really am sorry Isabella and Dante but she needs to know that this isn't okay, i know you are trying to give her time and don't want to push her away, that's why i talked." I said to them and they nodded.

I might have been a little harsh but it really isn't okay the way she talked or treated them. It isn't their fault what happened. I wasn't supposed to be here at lunch but when i was getting down the stairs Isabella saw me and made me stay, she never accepts a no for an answer. After we all finished eating i bid my goodbyes and made my way home.

I can't stop thinking about Nortia, that girl isn't fine in any way. I can't understand what she's going through, but for what Enzo and Vin said it was really traumatic for her. I think she needs to let everything out. I mean i don't know mich about girls and fellings are complicated, everyone knows that, but is also known that the more you keep it in the worse it is.

I feel like i have to do something, and i already know what it is. The rest of the day passed quickly, i had a couple of meetings with gang members and some paperwork to do, but when i finished i went to my room, took a shower got dressed and went to the Rossi house again. I saw that her bike wasn't here so I didn't even bothered entering. I leaned against the wall and waited for her, twenty minutes later i saw her parking in front of the house, i made my way to her, she didn't even said anything and i could smell the alcohol in her.

"Come with me." I said.

"How about no?"

"Stop being so difficult and get in the fucking car."

"I don't do cars." She said rolling her eyes.

"Look I'm trying to help, please. It's just for a few minutes." I said pleading with my eyes , after a few seconds she started walking to my car.

I got in and drove away from the house, when we got out of the gates i looked at Nortia and she was already sleeping with her head agains the windows. Good, this way the two hour drive will be peaceful. I know i said a few minutes, but it's a special place. I don't know why I'm taking her there, i never took there anyone, but i really want to help her.

For what their brothers told me she's a good girl, smart and strong but they also said she really loved that guy, they told me bits and pieces of their story and what he did is truly fucked up. He used her for years, not even her friends suspect about anything. If something like this happened to me I wouldn't know what to do. And i think i would lose all the trust in everyone. Maybe that's what she's thinking. In who she can't or can trust.

I drove two hours and fifteen minutes until i parked between the trees. I turned to Nortia and started waking her. I tugged a piece of hair behind her ear, she was beautiful, flawless tanned skin, long brown hair, now i couldn't see her eyes but when she slapped me earlier i did look at them and they were mesmerizing.

"Nortia, we are here." I said and she started waking up.

"We are in the middle of the woods? Are you going to kill me?" She said sitting straight and pulling out her gun from the waistband.

"Wow, wow easy there, if i wanted you dead I would've done it when you were sleeping, now put the gun down will you?" I said with my hands raised in surrender, reluctantly she did and i got out of the car with her following behind me.

"What are we doing here Stef?" She said my name like it was something bitter in her tongue. I can't with this girl attitude.

"Just follow me."

"Sure, why not? Just following the gang leader who might kill me and let my body to rot in the middle of nowhere." She said with sarcasm dripping from every word. I stopped abruptly making her go against my back, i turned and looked at her.

"If you are so afraid of me, why did you got in my car, amore? [love]"

"I'm not afraid of you stronzo[asshole]"

"Then follow me." I said and started walking again. Ten minutes later we got to my special place. It was a lake in the forest, it had little blue flowers all around and the water was clear, mirroring the starry sky.

"Wow." I heard her whisper. I grabbed her hand and pulled her to the edge of the water, looking down we could see our reflections.

"Look first of all, I'm sorry for what i said earlier. I don't know what you are going through, actually i don't know you at all, but everyone can see the pain in your eyes. I know this feelings shit is complicated, it is to everyone but let it out. Let everything go, scream, cry do what makes you feel better. Do you want to be alone?" I said, she was looking at herself in the water, she didn't say anything so I turned around and started walking but after two steps i felt a hand grab my wrist.

I looked back and saw Nortia with tears in her eyes.

"Stay." Was all she said before breaking down in tears.

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