She Devil (book 3)

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Twenty four

Nortia P.O.V.

So mom keep telling me to trust people, she says hurt is inevitable and even if i say i don't trust, i care and in one way or another i can get hurt. It's been a little over two weeks since Stef kissed me, and all the betrayal thing more than a month. I have to be honest i kinda turned into a coward, since he kissed me i didn't said a world. We kept walking around the park and he took me home and i didn't say anything, he even apologize and i didn't talk a fucking thing.

I like Stef, he's kind, caring, understanding, he makes me smile and he's hot, I'm not saying i love him, but i do like him. But I'm afraid of something more, is it too soon? For how long should I mourn my last love? I feel like shit, he helped me when i need it, and now he need me because of what his father wants, and I'm here with my phone in hand almost shiting myself. Just fucking text him Nortia.

SD:"Can we meet?" Not even a hello, nice job Nortia. Note the sarcasm.

MS:"Sure, I'm in a meeting, I'll be at your house in two hours."

SD:"Great." You couldn't be more awkward even if you tried.

I got out of my room and went to the living room, mom and dad were making out on the sofa. It's awkward and cute at the same time, because they've been together for so long and still love each other like the beginning. They are relationship goals.

"Hi babygirl, is everything okay?" Dad asked.

"Yeah, can i sit here or do you want to continue what i interrupted?" I asked with a grin on my face.

"We can continue tonight, come sit with us." He said, opening space between the both of them for me to sit. I got horny parents, thank God for soundproof walls. I went to them and sat on the sofa, dad pulled me close to him and i rested my head on his chest.

"What's bothering you?" Mom asked.

"Stef is coming over, so we can talk." I told mom everything when it happened, she told me that she understood my apprehension. I'm sure she told dad, i don't mind i don't like secrets. And not having them is part of trusting people.

"What you're going to do?" Dad asked.

"I don't know, what do I do papà?"

"So you like him?"

"Yes, he's so nice to me, every time i was with him we talked for hours and he made me laugh, he seems to be a nice person, he helped me getting out of the dark place i was in, and he held me when i needed to cry. But-"

"But what baby girl? Look, we know him almost since he was born, yes he's a good boy, a little old for you if you ask me, but if he makes you happy, then go for it Nortia, what did mom say to you?"

"Hurt is inevitable and one way or another can happen." I repeated my mom words.

"Exactly, you can't hide forever, what if he is your person? I'm not saying to marry the boy but go at your own pace, go at your own rhythm, and if he don't accept that, well then he doesn't deserve you. But open your heart babygirl, we will be here for you to everything laughs or cries."

He's right, i can't hide forever, I'm eighteen years old i have so much to live and to see. I can't be a cold hearted bitch forever, i know i will laugh and I will cry but knowing i have my family for everything makes it a little easier.

"Thanks papà." I said and hugged him, mom joined us. I really feel at home with them, with all of them, my brothers and my friends, i have to trust them.

We choose a movie to see, mom made popcorn, soon enough Lara and Vin came join us, they came together from upstairs, i know something is going on there, they are always whispering and Lara's giggling, she doesn't giggle, like ever but now she does with my brother, i don't mind all i want is everyone happy and if they make each other happy, then I'm happy with them.

Mila and Theo came after, Theo with his laptop in hands, he's scheduling some shipments. The other day i had an idea about the mafia but i don't know what everyone is going to think, I'll have to talk to them soon.

My favorite triplets joined us too, i love them so much and I'm so attached to them, I'm to everyone but I'm very close to them, they came and sat in front of me, mom and dad on the floor. Now the only one missing is Enzo, of course he must be in his office. We all screamed his name and he came running with his gun in hand, we laugh so hard, it was hilarious. But after he saw we weren't in danger he joined us. And that was how we spend our time, watching some action movie, talking and laughing with each other, until the bell rang. He's here. I got up and went to open the door.

"Hi." I said with a smile.

"Hello." He smiled back.

"Get in. Everyone is in the living room if you want to say hi to them." I said he nodded and we went to met the others.

"Stef what are you doing here man?" Vin was the first to ask.

"I'm here to talk to your sister." He said and all their heads snapped to us and gave him a nasty look. Before they could say anything i grabbed his hand and pulled him to my room. Protective brothers.

Now i just have to find the right words, how difficult can that be.

Breath Nortia, in and out. Stop being such a pussy.
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