She Devil

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Twenty six

Nortia P.O.V.

We made our way downstairs, everyone was waiting for us, well more like waiting for Stef. Even i want to know what this is all about, he ran from home? When we got down he intertwined his fingers with mine.

"So Stefano, what's going on?" Dad asked.

"I didn't ran from home, i left because of my father." I pulled him so we could sit in the sofa next to the others.


"He wanted me to marry with the daughter of his friend, he's the leader of a smaller gang than ours but they have a larger territory. He's been talking about this for years but i never thought he would go through with it, but kept talking and i said no over and over again, always threatening me with the gang so today i finally end it. He told me if i left to never show my face ever again." He said.

"What are you going to do now?"

"I left, I'm in a hotel, i have money, i don't know what I'm going to do, but for sure i won't come back there."

"Well to start you'll get out of the hotel and come here." Mom said.

"What? No, Isabella i don't want to bother. This is my problem i don't want to put you in the middle of it."

"Oh shut up boy, i said to come here and you will. Now just so we understand, the other girl knows that there won't be a marriage?" Mom asked.

"She's obsessed with me, she was the one convincing her father to do all of this. I said that it wouldn't happen but she keep coming to me."

"Do you know what your father is going to do now that you are here? Because my dad told him you were here." Enzo asked.

"I truly don't know i don't want him to come after you."

"Oh don't worry about that even if he did, he didn't had a chance against us." Enzo said chuckling.

"Come, I'll go with you to get your stuff, but you already know-" I started to say but he interrupted.

"Yeah, yeah i know, windows down." He said and everyone laughed.

I put some shoes on, he put his arm around my shoulder and we made our way to his car, even that he changed for me. I only ride my bike, i really have a hard time with tight spaces, but i like to go in his car, with him, i don't know I'm so fucked up.

"Want to go on a date tomorrow? With me?" He asked.

"I would love to." I said with a smile.

We went to the hotel, we just grabed his suitcases and got out again.

"Let's go to starbucks." I said and he nodded.

We got to the starbucks i asked for a caramel frappuccino and he a coffee frappuccino, once again we end it up in that same park where he kissed me, while we were walking he placed his hand on mine. We were silent, but it wasn't awkward it was a comfortable silence, but it was disturbed with a high pitched voice behind us. We rurned around at the same time.


"Yes Olivia?" Stef asked, he never let go of my hand.

"You canceled our marriage because of this slut?" Oh no she didn't!

"First of all i never wanted to marry you and second Nortia-" and then i stoped, i put my hand on his chest and nodded to him for him to know i got this. I let go of him him and got closer to her. She reeked of cheap perfume, her face was full of make up.

"If you ever talk about me or even look at me, I'll put a bullet between your eyes. Now that we cleared that let's clear another thing, he doesn't want you, capire?[understand]" I said and got back to his side. But of course she couldn't keep her mouth shut.

"Do you know who my father is? Don't you ever talk to me like that or you'll be the one with a bullet in your head." She said. Stef started laughing, i would too but truthfully I don't think it's funny I don't take threats from anyone. I'm not afraid but nobody talks to me like that and walks away unharmed.

"While you need your father, I don't. Do you know who i am?" I asked.

"Olivia just shut up and move on."

"No baby, you're mine, i love you, you love me." She whinnied.

"Girl you're delusional." I said.

"I'm gonna tell my dad and he's going after you slut." Oh fuck the public, i don't care if they see anymore. I took my knife from the back of my bra, grabbed a fist full of her hair, and slid the blade from her cheek to her chin.

"Don't insult me, don't threaten me, tell your dad it was Nortia, leader of the greek mafia who did this to you. Now go, you're making a scene." I said and let go of her dry platinum hair. She looked at Stef for help but he didn't gave her any and then she ran away. Finally, some silence again.

"Sorry for her, she's obsessed with me since high school." Stef said when we returned to our walk.

"It's alright but i think my dad will get a phone call or something from your dad." I said.


"I don't care though. Let's get back, i have to talk with my friends and then brothers about an idea i have."

He pulled me close to him, put his harm over my shoulder and we went to the car. In a comfortable silence.
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