She Devil

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Twenty seven

Lorenzo P.O.V.

"Did you see the way they held their hands?" Alexi asked.

"I'm going to fucking kill him for getting close to our baby sister." Vin roared.

"You won't do shit." Dad said.

"How are you okay with this." I asked. Stef is our best friend, and I'm sure there is a rule in bro code that says to 'not touch your best friend sister' right?

"Don't you boys see that she's happy?" Mom said.

"Yes, but-"

"But nothing Alex, if you guys must know it was Stefano that helped your sister when she most needed, thanks to him she talks to us again."

"He's good to her?" I asked. All i want is that she's happy, and if they have my parent's approval, they will have mine too.

"Yes, she's starting to trust and opening more because of him. So be supportive." Dad said and we all nodded.

"Do you think that the girl obsessed with Stef will come after her?" Lara asked from beside Vin.

"She can try." Mila said.

"And his dad?" Xander asked.

"Fuck his dad, nowadays nobody does arrenged marriages anymore. And if he comes for us let him." Dad said.

"Can we keep talking to the triplets?" Alex asked.

"Yes, but be cautious. We never know if he's trying to get them to allure you to marry you for power. I guess it's his thing now." Dad told him.

"Should we break our alliance with his gang?" Vin asked.

"No, let's see want he's going to do. If he's the first one to break the contract none of them will live for much longer." I said.

"If you need anything from us, just say." Theo said and the others nodded.

We finnished watching the movie and i went back to the paperwork on top of my desk. Two hours later I finished all the paper and did my calls. I filled half of cup with bourbon and just sat on my desk, enjoy the peace at this moment. That was until the fucking phone started ringing.

"What?" I asked coldly.

"Lorenzo it's Bruno." Stefano father. Great! What the fuck does he want?


"Your sister is creating a lot of problems, first she made my son back off from a big deal and now she attacked his fiancee? Her father is not happy."

"And you are calling because?"

"You better break them appart or we will have to-"

"You will have to what? I fucking dare you finish that, listen here and listen good Bruno your pathetic gang can't do shit, even if you join forces with another, i have two mafias living under the same room that can make you and all of your men in half an hour, so I advise you to think about your next words carefully."

"I-I'm s-s-sorry Don."

"Good choice, now take care of your friend. If any attack is made against any of us you'll be the one responsible. And you know what we do to our attackers." I said and hung up.

Who the fuck does he think he is? Trying to threaten my little sister, oh hell no. I finished my bourbon and got out of the office for today, it was almost dinner so i went to my room took a shower, got dressed in sweatpants and a tee and went downstairs when i found everyone laughing and talking, the new couple were here too. I can't forget to have a chat with Stef later.

We ate and after everyone helped cleaning the dirty dishes, this house never heard so much laughs as now. Before Nortia came back everything was so dark, even the house was always closed, we barely talked to each other.

Now? Now everything is so alive, all the doors and windows of the house are open, mom and dad got their flame back, my brothers are not so closed off and talk my head off, but i don't mind though, we are happy, I'm happy. She came and brightened our house, our lifes, and I'm so grateful for that.

I'm so gratefully for my sorellina return. We had a few bumps on the road but looking around me it seems worth it, of course i wish thing were different. I wished my sister was never taken from us, i wished she had grow up with us. I wish that that mother fucker didn't betrayed her the way he did. But it happened and we are here alive and happy.

"I got a call from Bruno today." I said loud to everyone hear me.

"Did he said anything? Look maybe I'll just leave, I don't want to bring any problems to you, i grew up with you like i said I don't want any problems." Stefano started rambling.

"He threatened Nortia." I said and everyone went tense.

"Figlio di pittana. Lo ammazzo, cazzo.[son of a bitch. I'll fucking kill him]" Vincenzo shouted.

"Don't worry i told him what will happen if he does anything. He or his friend." I said.

"Now see Stefano, no need to get out of here, we want you here, alright?" Mom asked. See what i talked earlier, all the years Nortia was missing, Stef never slept here, all his family rarely came to our house.

"Are you sure?" He askes.

"Sì." We all said at the same time, once mom says something we do it.

Almost at the end 🥺🥺🥺

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