She Devil

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Twenty eight

Nortia P.O.V.

After cleaning the kitchen i pulled Mila, Lara and Theo to some private room we could talk.

"So you and Stef?" Mila said wiggling her eyebrows.

"We're taking things slowww." I said, dragging the word 'slow'.

"If you're happy we are happy Tia." That nickname still brings goosebumps to my skin, everyone of them call me that but Saulo started it. But I can't think of him anymore, he's in the past, he will always have a part of me but all the thoughts of him the feelings, i have to let it go of that and slowly i am.

"I wanted to talk to you because I've been thinking of something for some time now."

"Tell us about it." Lara said.

"What do you think abou merging the two mafias? I haven't talked to my brothers yet, because we all own greece and I wanted your opinion first but what do you think of it?"

"We would be the most powerful in the worl, the American mafia would be nothing compared to us, we would be untouchable." Theo said.

"For me is fine as long as i can keep going on missions and help in the medical wing." Lara said, i looked to Mila waiting for a response.

"All good to me as long I'm the first sniper being called." She said.

"So tomorrow we will talk to Lorenzo, we are all in the same page about this?" I asked.

"Yes." They said at the same time.

We talked for a little while until we decided to join the others, my brothers were all around Stef when we got the movie room. Poor guy, i can only imagine the threats they did to him, but he doesn't look afraid. I made may way to him and sat on his side, he lifted his harm so i could cuddle with him.

Once again we were all watching another action movie, that's all they have. Soon enough I traveled to the dreamland. I woke up with a wight in my shoulds and head, then I noticed i had Stef arm around me and his head against mine, everyone was asleep too in the big black sofa, even mom and dad were cuddling. I took my phone out and saw the time, 9:38am. Slowly i got out of Stef embrace and made my way to the nearest bathroom, i had to pee urgently.

I finished, washed my hands and pulled my hair in a messy bun and decided to do breakfast for all of them, i made cofe, eggs, bacon, sausages, toasts and sliced some fruit.

"Oh my god it smells ao good." I heard on of my brothers say. Soon enough one by one came to the kitchen and saw what was laid for them on the counter.

"Good morning baby girl." Dad said and kissed me on the head, mom followed him.

"Thanks for the breakfast." She said. After her my brothers and friends followed thanking me. And then it was Stefano's turn.

"I hope you like it." I said once he was in front of me.

"It smells delicious." He said. We sat and ate, not even a crumb was left.

"Enzo, brothers can we meet in the office in thirty?" I asked.

"Sure." Enzo said.

We all made ou way back to the rooms to get ready for the day. I took a shower, got dressed, combed my wild hair and went to the office, they were all there including my group.

"So what's up sorella?" Enzo asked.

"So I'm going straight to the point. What do you think about joining our mafias together."


"Because we are family, it makes more sense. And we will grow stronger together."

"And how would this work?"

"As you know we four are the leaders, but we don't mind passing all the paperwork work to you fratello." I said and he groaned.

"Of course we will help Enzo." Theo said.

"Yes brother i was kidding, we will help, Theo joins your tech team, he's the best hacker you'll ever know. Lara keeps going on missions but also helps the doctors, she's very skilled. And Mila will be your number one sniper."

"And you?"

"I'll do anything brother." I said he looked at the others, they all nodded.

"Alright then. Greek-Italian or Italian-Greek?" He asked. The four of us answered quickly.

"Greek-Italian." And we laughed.

"Let's give the news to mom and dad. And Stef I'm thinking of giving him a place between us, i don't know yet." Enzo said.

We got out of the office and mom and dad were making out again in the sofa. Okay it was cute at first but now it's getting gross. Enzo cleared his throat and the triplets started making gagging sounds, that took them from their trance. They looked at us and their cheeks turned red from the attention.

"We have some news. We are no longer the Italian mafia." Enzo said proudly.

"What did you chose, italian-greek or greek-italian?" Dad asked and we all looked at him dumbfounded.

"How did you know?" Alexi asked.

"It was obvious sooner or later you would merge. Who had the idea?" He asked and I smiled brightly.

"I did papà." I said.

"Of course the brains of the family." He said. There was a lot of 'heys' from the guys.

"Where's Stef?" I asked.

"I think he's in his room." Mom said, i thank her and went to find him. I knocked on his door, two seconds later it was opened by a shirtless Stef, I couldn't take my eyes from his six pack. Fucking perfection.

He grabbed my arm and pulled me inside, i collided with his chest and he didn't waist time joining our lips, i can't get tired of his kisses.

We sat on the bed and talked, i told him about the mafias and he was happy for us. He said a few words that made my heart beat faster and my stomach evier with fear.

"I decided what i want to do."

Two more to the end!

My heart can't take it 😭😭
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