She Devil (book 3)

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Nortia P.O.V.

I woke up this morning feeling the heavy harm of Saulo on me, yes we share a room. No, we don't have a relationship, we don't do feelings, i don't know how to do that shit. Sometimes i look to Mila and Theo, i see the way they look to each other and sometimes i wish I had something like that, but i don't know how to have that. How do I know that you love someone? And most importantly how do I know that what the other is saying is really the truth? See? Too complicated. And also it's too early to think about this shit.

"Saulo, let me go." I said, trying to get out, i really need to pee.

"Shut up, sleep." He said with his head buried in his pillow.

"I swear to God or you let me go right now or I'll pee on you."

"Golden rain? So early?" He said laughing.

"You're such a pig." I said and finally got free from his grasp.

"You're free, go away, let me sleep."

"No, dumbass, you have to get up and pack we leave in less than two hours."

"Alright, five more minutes." I turned around and went to the bathroom, i did my business, brushed my hair and teeth and went to my closet to get dressed, when i got out of the bathroom, he was still in bed, so being the good person i am, i helped him getting up. I went once again inside the bathroom filled the glass with cold water, went to his side of the bed and spilled it on his head.

"I can't believe you." He shouted.

"Oh you're awake now." I said innocently.

"You better run." He said getting up.

I turned on my heels and started to run out of the room, i was laughing so hard i don't know how i kept running. The others got out of their rooms when they heard us, and i heard comments like.

"They behave like a couple."

"I ship them so much."

"If that isn't love i don't know what it is."

"I want to play with someone like that." This last one was Lara, i think i will have to find a man for her in Italy.

I was so deep in though i didn't saw Saulo getting closer. He grabbed me from behind, turned me around and put me over his shoulder, he started to smack my ass.


"That's for the cold water."

"Alright, alright I'm sorry. Now every one get ready, pack, we need to get to the jet." I said.

It's in this moments we can be ourselves, we laugh, cry, we do a lot of things. But once we set foot out of the house it's like we turn everything off. We all are good people, but our faces show otherwise. I don't know why, it was always like this so I guess it come naturally now. I dress in all black and a red leather jacket, i did some light make up.

When you are this beautiful, you don't need much!

I picked my travel bag and went downstairs, but one person is missing, Camila, i bet she will bring the biggest suitcase she has. We're going just for a few days, but even if it was just one she would bring her whole closet.

"I'm here, I'm here." She said dragging a enormous suitcase.

"Why do you need all of that Mila?" Lara asked.

"We never now what might happen and also my gun is somewhere in side so it's not all clothes."

"And why do you need a sniper rifle with you?" I asked.

"Like i said we never know what might happen. Now are we going to stay here talking or?"

"Let's just go." Theo said, he knows better than to discuss with her. No one ever wins.

We went outside, everyone went to the car except me, i don't like closed spaces so i went to my bike. I know i will have to endure on the plane for a few hours but that's it. When we get there i already asked for a bike to be waiting for me. I rode to the airport, parked my bike and went to the jet, everyone was following behind. We all sat in our places and the air hostess came to us.

"We will be taking off in a few, can i get you something?" She said looking to Saulo for some reason. I mean i kinda know why. But bitch please!

"Five waters please." I said, it's what we always ask when we fly. She kept looking to Saulo and the bitch was getting on my nerves. I nudged Saulo ribs and he looked at me, i pointed to the girl and he seem to notice.

"Give us what she asked." He said to her, she gave me a nasty look and i stayed in my seat dumbfounded think of what i did to her.

It took us two hours, more or less to land in Italy, i loved Italy, just like Greece it has a lot of beautiful places and the food is great. We went to the hotel to freshen up and leave our bags, when everyone was ready we found some place to eat lunch, of course that everyone wanted pizza, so we went for pizza. When we were done it was time to go to the Italian Mafia house. I ride on my bike, i got there first but parked outside the gates and waited for the other, once i saw their car i made my way inside.

We parked, they got out of the car, we checked our guns. We don't want to create a war or came here to fight but always expect the unexpected. I rang the bell and a few minutes later a lady opened the door for us, she had a plate and a cloth in her hand but when she looked at me, she let go of them and the plate shattered in millions pieces.

"Let me help with that." I said.

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