She Devil (book 3)

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Third person P.O.V.

Finally the Rossi family was complete, Dante and Isabella daughter was happier than ever. She and Stef did what they wished they traveled, traveled and traveled some more, one month after they left Italy Stef officially made Nortia is girlfriend and in their last destination he made her his fiancee. Nortia was over the moon. She thought of everything that happened that led her to her she was now, even though it was hard and there was times she thought she wouldn't be happy or even find love, she did it. She found her family, she had her friends and brothers by her side and now she had the love of her life. The one she would marry, the father of her future kids. She had Stefano.

Dante and Isabella couldn't be happier with everything, the family business was thriving, once the word about the two mafias that got together no one dared to crossed their paths.

Lorenzo found his queen, actually he had already found her one year before Nortia came back but he didn't said anything. But when he introduced it was a bittersweet moment because his girl was pregnant and Isabella was furious not because of the pregnancy everyone knew how much she loved kids, she was furious because Enzo hide this from them. But she got over it fast.

Mila and Theo are still together, and super in love. Vin finally grew a pair and asked Lara to marry him, but it took him some time. The triplets? Well they each found their other half, it took them some tries to find the perfect match but they did it.

Alexi decided to share his deepest secrets so he introduced to the family his new boyfriend, although somehow most of them weren't suprised they welcome Santiago with open arms.

Oh god, what else can be said about this extraordinary family?

Do you remember how all of this started? With a simple interview, Lorenzo was four years old. It was a long journey to all of them. There was tears, laughs, death and a lot more but they got through it all.

A simple nanny working for the mafia leader who fell in love with her, they created a family and they would do all or nothing for them and even though they went to the hardest of times when they babygirl was taken away they survived and it took them some time but they got their little she devil back.

Dante P.O.V.

"Who would've thought we would have all of them." I said to my bella looking around the table and seeing all my family.

"Are you happy?" She asked.

"I couldn't be happier bella."

"Thank you." She said.

"For what my love?"

"For hiring me to be a nanny for the mafia."

"I love you."

"I love you too Dante."

The end.

Yeah people it's over. I can't believe it.
What a ride it was.
I completely loved to write this for all of you.
Thank you for reading.
I really hope you all liked it!

Writing a new story soon, hope you keep reading my work!
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