She Devil (book 3)

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Isabella P.O.V.

Tears threatening to spill blurred my vision as i picked the pieces from the floor, i want to talk but nothing comes out. It's her i know it's her. She has his eyes and my hair. I can see her brothers in her face, she's the most beautiful girl i ever seen. Her face shows no emotion but i know it's her, i feel it.

"Be careful you cut yourself." She said. I took my eyes from her face and looked at my fingers, i saw the blood but i was numb to it all. I can't believe this, i have to say something.

"Hmm, I apologize. Don't bother with that, I'm Isabella please come in." I said and moved to the side so they could come inside.

"Thanks." One of the girl who came with her said.

"Give me just one moment to call the boys. Make yourself comfortable." I said and went to the office, I didn't knock, i just barged in. Everyone was there, Dante and all my sons. They looked at me expecting me to say something but the words i wanted to say didn't come. I fell to my knees and let the tears run free. Vincenzo was the first one beside me, after they all came running.

"What's wrong mom?" Vin asked, worry was clear in his voice. My sweet boy.

Dante came in front of me, put his hands on my face and said.

"Breath bella, in and out, breath." I started taking deep breaths and my heart was finally calming down, but my thoughts were running wild.

"It's her." I finally managed to say in a whisper.

"What?" Vin asked.

"It's her, she's here."


"Our baby girl." After i said those words the room went deadly quiet. Everyone was looking at me with disbelief in their eyes.

"You think our sister-" Lorenzo said coldly. I think of all of them he was the one who suffered and blamed himself the most.

"I know it's her." I said. The triplets were sat in the sofa with all kind of emotions passing through their eyes. Happiness, sadness, anger, disbelieve, love.

And Vin was rubbing my arms without saying a word, just like Dante. I know i might seem crazy right know but i know it's her, you can see her whole family in her face, she's a beautiful woman. I grown up woman and i missed all of those steps. But wait a minute we were expecting the greek mafia, does that mean? Oh my god!

"We need to go, she's with the greek mafia." I said.

"What? Are you sure?" Lorenzo asked. Roughly i cleaned my tears, got up and said.

"I'm not crazy or imagining things, when you see her you'll know that I'm right, she's beautiful. And of course she's with the Greek mafia we aren't expecting anyone else. I want to be present in that meeting. Now let's go, and don't stare, it's rude." I said and started walking away i could hear their footsteps behind me.

When we got there, the five of them were sitting in the sofa, their face was free of any emotion. Obviously the boys were staring at her. I cleared my throat to get their attention.

"Introduce yourselves." I said.

"I'm Dante, nice to meet you all."






"Nice too meet you, I'm Theo, this is Camila, Lara, Saulo and Tia." The boy said pointing to the others.

"Tia what an unusual name." I said.

"Yeah i know, actually is Nortia but they call me Tia." When she said that everyone's eyes widened. It is really her.

"The goddess of luck." I said more to myself.

"Let's get down to business?" She asked.

"Sure. Please sit I'll get the papers, we can stay here, there's no one around and we're more comfortable." Lorenzo said and went to the office to grab the alliance contract.

"So do you guys had any problems lately with other gangs?" Vincenzo asked breaking the silence.

"I'm sorry but we only talk about our problems and enemies when the contract is signed."

"Wise. So they won't get anything against you if the alliance doesn't happen." Dante said, surprised.

"Here's the contract, mostly says you can be on our territory, to trade merchandise or something similar. Also says that you or us will help when one or another needs..." Lorenzo kept explaining, but I couldn't hear it, my mind was racing. All i wanted to do was hug her and kiss her. She read the contract attentively and passed to her friends.

"So who's going to sign it?" Lorenzo asked.

"All of us." Nortia said seriously.

"No need, usually is just the Boss and second."

"In our mafia there isn't second or third. We all are the bosses so we all sign it."

"Alright." Lorenzo said and gave a pen to them. One by one they left their signature on the piece of paper.

"So now to answer your question Vincenzo, yes we had a little problem with a gang, we're still trying to find their name, they passed our gates and started shooting, one of our guards saw two guys with the same tattoos skulls and snakes." Lara said.

"Poisonous Skulls. They have been creating problems for us too. Maybe we can work together." Lorenzo said.

"Maybe. Are they new or were under the radar all this time?" Nortia asked.

"They were supposed to be dead, they didn't called themselves for that name for a long time, i was the one who killed their lider, but I don't know who is in charge now. " Dante said.

"Very well, we will try to do some research too. We'll meet tomorrow and talk more about this." Nortia said and they all started getting up.

"Wait." I said a little too loud and fast.

"Yes?" She asked.

"Stay for dinner please." I said, i was begging with my eyes. They looked at each other like they were talking mentally or something until she turned to me, gave me a almost unnoticeable smile and said.

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