She Devil (book 3)

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Nortia P.O.V.

I got out of the bed and went to the bathroom to get ready for the day, i already texted Lorenzo to know we're to meet and what time, he said at their house and whenever i wanted. I used the toilet, took a shower, brushed my teeth and hair, did all my routine. Today i had to use a little bit more of make up because of the black bags under my eyes, i didn't sleep last night, Saulo was all i could think about.

For some reason his words really hurt me, we don't do feelings so why did it hurt so fucking much when he said 'just fuck buddies'?

I tried to clear my head, my mood today was bad, like really really bad. I got dressed, this time before i leave i sent a text to Lara saying i had to take care of some business. Saulo was still sleeping on the couch so i silently got out of the room and made my way to my bike, i put my helmet and started the engine.

The drive to the house was fast and soon enough i was parked outside their house, after i got out of my bike i went to the door, i didn't even took my sunglasses off, I'm just not in the mood. I rang the bell and after a few seconds Alexi opened the door.

"Good morning." He said.

"Morning." I mumbled.

"Ookay, follow me to the medical wing, we got the doctor waiting for us, they already collected samples from mom and dad." I nodded and followed him. We went down some stairs, he opened the door and on the other side it looked like a hospital even the smell. He took me to a room where Isabella and Dante were.

"What do you need for me?" I asked.

"Good morning, you must be Nortia, we just need a small blood sample and to swab the inside of your cheek." Is it me or is everyone happy this morning?

"Do it." I said, pulling my sleeve up and opening my mouth. He swabbed my mouth and took the blood.


"How long until the results are out?"

"In five hours i should have your answer." The doctor said.

"I'll be back in five hours." I said and went back to my bike, i need to think and to be alone right now.

I drove for an hour until i stopped close by the beach. This is exactly what I need. I went to the sand and sat there watching the waves come and go. I was thinking about everything, how my life after today will change dramatically or keep exactly the same with so many unanswered questions.

I thought about Saulo, even though it hurts me to say it, he's right we are friends and fuck buddies and i realized that maybe we should stop with the fucking part, it will only bring more problems. Both of us are fucked up in so many ways we don't know how to do things properly. I was so deep in thought i didn't noticed that a guy sat close to me, too close for my liking.

"Ciao bella." [Hello beautiful]

"Vaffanculo." [Fuck off] I said.

"Dai, parla con me."[come on talk to me] This guy is getting on my nerves.

"Fuori dalla mia vista." [Get out of my sight] Is it too much to ask to be left alone?

"Come on darling, we can have some fun." He said and tried to touch my face. Keyword tried and when he was close i grabbed his wrist and twisted making him scream with pain.

"I said get out of my sight." I said and shoved him away, he wrapped his hand around his wounded wrist and ran away. Finally!

I just sat there for hours and hours, lunch time passed but i wasn't hungry, as i was checking my phone for the time i saw that i had a message from Saulo.

"Where are you? Are you okay?"

"At the beach. Fine. I'll talk later." I answered and put my phone away.

I went back to my bike and drove to the Rossi's house, an hour later i was once again at their door. It is now the moment we all been waiting for. To be honest today more than any day my heart is surrounded by thick, tall walls.

I already feel kinda of broken because of Saulo, maybe I'm just think to much about it but anyway I'm already hurting, if i open my heart to this people and let them in, my hope will be back, and i can't let that happen. I can't think already that they are my parents and that i finally found my family, no, because there's the possibility they won't be and i think that would break me beyond repair.

So i put my mask on and my heart safe, i never been this close to find my family and to be honest i think that if it's not them, maybe it's time to give up. I'm almost eighteen, isn't at this age that you become an adult? Don't people that live with their parents always say that when they're eighteen they'll move? So maybe i should move too, move on with my life. I survived this long maybe i don't need parents. Maybe it's how my life is written to be or some destiny shit.

Once again i rang the bell and this time was Lorenzo opening the door for me. Maybe they take turns? I got inside and we went downstairs to the medical wing, everyone was there and the doctor was with some papers on his hand.

"So? What's the result?" I asked the doctor when i got inside.

"Your DNA it's a 99.99% match with Isabella and Dante Rossi."
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