She Devil (book 3)

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Nortia P.O.V.

It's them, they are my parents, i have brothers, i have a family and i finally found them. It only took me almost twelve years. What am I supposed to do now? Do i move and go hug them? Should i say something? I didn't have the time to think more into it because Isabella or better yet mom came running to me. She hugged me and i could hear her cry.

"My baby, my baby girl is back." She said between sobs.

I was still in chock trying to digest that big information i just got, for years a searched for them but i never thought of what i would do when i meet them. And now here I'm felling glued to the floor, with ragged breathing and with a heart beating way to fast. I look around the room and i saw everyone with tears in their eyes, while my face is dry. How can I cry about a conversation with my best friend and not cry when i finally met my family, maybe I'm broken.

How do I let this people in? What if I'm not what they wanted? What if I'm not what they were waiting for? I killed so many people, what if i they don't forgive me? Or even like me?

I got away from Isabella and ran, i ran to my bike and drove away. I'm a coward, i finally found my family and what do I do? I run away from them. I'm already a failure to them. I drove to the hotel, i ran to my room and closed the door, Saulo was on the bed watching tv, but i just ignored him and went to the bathroom i locked the door, took my clothes off and got under the water in the shower. The water was freezing cold but i didn't felt anything, everything was numb.

Saulo started knocking on the door but i didn't open or talked to him i just kept there, hidden from my parents and my best friend, hidden from the world. I stayed there for what if felt like hours until i started to shiver, i turned off the water and was now standing in front of the mirror.

"I swear to God Nortia if you don't open this door right now i will kick it down." Saulo yelled from the other side. I slowly opened the door and went to sit in the edge of the bed.

"Why did i get a phone call from Dante Rossi asking for you?" He asked. And i answered, i said the words i wanted to say for so long and i still found it hard to believe them.

"They are my parents."

"What? how do you know?"

"DNA test."

"When did you do all of this? Why didn't you said anything?"

"Because i wanted to be sure before saying anything."

"I'm so happy for you Tia, you finally found your family."

"What if they don't like me Saulo? You know all the things i did all this years."

"Nortia they will love you no matter what they are your family, and they are in the mafia, for sure they aren't saints." He said and came to hug me. Even though my body is freezing i feel so warm in his embrace.

How can he say that they love me because they are my family? He had a family too and they didn't loved him.

"You're freezing cold Nortia, let me get some clothes for you." He said and let go of me, he went to get some clothes.

I went to the bathroom to get dressed, usually i would dress in front of him because he already saw me naked more times that i can count, but things are different now and to be honest, awkward. When i got out, Saulo was next to the door with a large bouquet of roses and an card on his hands.

"This came for you." He said.

"That must be a mistake." I said, i took the card from his hands and read it out loud.

"Roses are red
Violets are blue
Don't get to comfortable
I'm coming for you."

I will take you from them again.

With love,
Your future husband.

What the fuck? This must be some sick joke. I can't catch a break, if it's not the search for my family, it's a gang attacking us, or Saulo's words in my mind, or the fact that i found my family and ran away from them, and now i have a twisted fan? Fuck me!

"Garbage, please." I said to Saulo.

"Do you have any idea who might this be?"

"No." I said, but suddenly the words from those two came to my mind 'he'll come for you and you'll marry him'.

"Anyway what are you going to do about you're family?" He said after putting the roses and card in the trash.

"I don't know, i ran from them."

"Maybe you should go back there."

"No, not tonight please. Let's just go out, i don't want to think tonight."

"If is that really what you want, I'll get the others, do you want to tell them the news?"

"You can tell them. I going to get ready, then we are going to get dinner and to some club." I said and he got out.

I changed my chothes into a short black dress, some heels, smokey eyes and a tight, high ponytail. When i got out of the bedroom Saulo was waiting for me, he didn't changed but he didn't need to he was hot with his dark jeans and white v neck. No, bad Nortia!

We got down to the lobby and waited for the others the first to show up was Theo.

"Congratulations on finally finding them." He said and hugged me.


Almost an hour later Camila and Lara showed up. We walked to the restaurant near the hotel and got a table, the food was delicious as always. We talked and laughed, this was what I needed, to be with my friends, my first real family, i may have found my mom, dad and brothers but i can never forget this people around this table. We've been together for years and they are my family. When we finish we went to the club also not too far away, all of us want to drink tonight so we couldn't bring cars we gotta be responsible and all of that shit. We'll probably catch a cab on our way back.

We got inside and the music was loud, there was people everywhere, some almost having sex in the dance floor. With a few euros and a little bit of persuasion we got to the VIP area, we started drinking. I didn't liked closed spaces but the alcohol was helping me letting go of that.

"Let's dance." Camila said, she grabbed mine and Lara's hand and we went to the dance floor. We started swaying to the rhythm of the music, Theo came to dance with Mila and soon enough Lara found someone to dance with, i was alone but the alcohol in my blood didn't let me feel lonely. Mid way through the music i felt a pair of hands on my waist, i look over my shoulder and saw that it was a good looking guy, but not like Saulo. No thinking of Saulo tonight! I said to myself.

We kept dancing but he started to move his hands and started to grab my ass and breasts. I was drunk but i wasn't that drunk that i would let a random guy take advantage of me. I started pushing him away but he would bulge.

"Let me go." I said through the loud music.

"Don't be like that i know you like it." He said and kissed me, i didn't kissed back, i tried to get away but i couldn't. He had a tight grip on me. Suddenly the guy is pulled off of me. I was thankful to whoever did that, when i searched for that person i saw it was Saulo he was beating the guy to a pulp. When he was satisfied with his handy work, he grabbed my hand and pulled me outside the club.

"Why were you kissing that guy?" He shouted to me.

"I didn't kissed him he-"

"It wasn't what i saw."

"Why do you care any way?" If the sober me didn't have a filter, what can I say about drunk Nortia?

"I care because..."

"We are just fuck buddies right?" I asked sarcastically.

"I care because i love you Nortia." He said that way too calm.

I started to feel nauseated, i turned my back to him and started vomiting. Suddenly i feel light headed but sober than before.

"You what?" I asked.

"I love you." Was the last thing i heard him say before everything went black.
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