The Greatest Love Story

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From fast hands to I love yous

Romance / Adventure
Sadie King
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Chapter 1

Nov. 30th, 2019
Well, there I was laying on the floor of my room. I was getting ready with my friend Alyssa, we were going out with my family to a family thanksgiving. I didn’t have my license yet, or a car, so my friend and I had to ride with my stepfather's grandmother to the event. By the way, she drives like a maniac. Because she drives like a maniac we arrived before anyone else. My mother who was driving along with my step father, aunt and cousin, decided to be gracious and pick up my youth pastor's son along the way. My mother also drives like a maniac. A slow yet fast one, but you get my point.. a maniac. So she and everyone with her arrived last. Unknown to my knowledge, when my mother picked up my youth pastor's son, she also picked up his friend. My friend and I were sitting at a table kind of away from everybody because we were a tad antisocial. When I seen my mom walk in I got up to greet her, but from the corner of my eye I saw this handsome, about 5’6 boy walk in behind her. Mind you he was not my youth pastor's son. So I greeted him as well, with a more subtle and sweet approach. When I approached him with my greetings, he greeted me back. Almost exactly the way I did. He was wearing his school's name across his chest on a long sleeved shirt with a jean vest and a tan Carhartt coat, and his hat was Notre Dame, with a blue bottom coat. He was wearing blue jeans, and a buckle belt with cowboy boots. He has black hair and hazel eyes. It was like finally realizing what the man of your dreams really looks like. Finally after what felt like forever, he took my hand in his and gave me his name. Cole. His name was Cole. He looked like a Cole. It felt right. Suddenly, I didn’t feel so antisocial. I wanted to know everything about him and I wanted to know right then! Well now that I have just met Cole, I wanna be all over him. Not in that way, get your head out of the gutter! Of course I moved tables. Eventually we caught ourselves eyeing each other and paying no attention to everyone else. He asked me if I’d like to play fast hands. Willing to do anything for his number…I said yes. He should have warned me what I was getting myself into, but he likes surprises. He wanted to share the effect of them with me. The night was coming to a fast end and we had to say our goodbyes. Cole and I both stalled to be the last ones in the room. We managed. He was filling up his drink and I waited behind him like a puppy with separation anxiety. He turned around and I rushed in for a hug. Awkwardly it felt right. When we walked out, I felt like we had an enormous audience waiting for us.
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