Midnight Mercy (wlw)

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"hey baby, could you do me a favor and grab the last box from the garage for me?" Barry asked, making his way back into the house. "it's nothing but pillows in it, i wouldn't want you carrying anything heavy."

i nod just slightly, "yeah, ill grab it." making my way towards the back, i walked off into the garage. grabbing the box, i held it in my arms as i made my way back into the house. sitting the box off with the others, my eyes landed on Barry, watching him from a distance.

"this was really happening," i told myself for the millionth time. my eyes fell upon the engagement ring that sat on my finger, sadness rising in my soul as slight realisation hit me. i was living a life for my mother, in constant fear of upsetting her but really i was hurting myself.

why did i do this to myself? why was i allowing my mother to get to me in such a way?

Barry was an amazing person, don't get me wrong but i didn't want him. i wanted nothing from him but a friendship but everyone always eggs it on. not caring about me.

i sigh, holding onto the countertop as i shut my eyes for a brief moment, taking everything in.

"you okay, beautiful?" Barry asked, making his way over to me. resting his hand on top of my shoulder, he stroked it slow with his thumb.

"mhm," was about all i could conjure up, a slight nod of the head as i kept my attention forward on the wall. "i uh i have to go by the school, get familiar with it and run down the basics with the principal."

he nods, removing his hand from my shoulder as he steps back, "do you plan on staying on campus..?"

i shrug, pressing forward as i quickly made my way over into the living room. "i don't know yet Barry, i haven't decided but whenever i do, ill let you know."

"okay, uh well be safe for me, please?" he asked, his voice ringing with sadness.

turning, i faced him before making my way back over to him, wrapping my arms around him tightly. squeezing his body firmly, i rubbed my hand over his back, "i always try, Barry."

"i love you," he whispered against my neck, embracing me tightly. my heart sank just slightly as he spoke those words, i loved him but never how he loves me.

"i love you, Barry," i whisper, shutting my eyes once more for a second. letting him go, i grabbed my keys and my purse as i opened the door.

"no, let me grab that for you," he says, rushing over to the door as he removed my hand from the doorknob. shutting the door, he opened it back up as he motions his hand in a "continue" manner. "go on, love."

"thank you," i tuck my bottom lip, waving him off in a dismissive manner.

grinning just slightly, i grabbed my coat as i made my way out of the door and over to my car. unlocking it, i practically threw myself inside as i turned the engine over, relaxing into the driver seat for a moment.

after a few seconds, i pulled out of the driveway, flooring it down the road. my mind wondering, i couldn't help but think of Barry and i.

why did i do this? why was i sucking up to my mom to make her fantasy come to life? i could just simply cut my mother off and live my life for me and me only. but that's crazy, she'll just find another way to contact me.

but fuck, i was so unhappy. desperately trying to live by rules and live with a man i had no interest in. Barry was amazing, inside and out—not like that—well, he was but you know what, no.

i couldn't marry him though, i was not happy with this kind of promise, this kind of life.


after a long while, i had finally pulled up, my eyes analyzing the building from head to toe. shit it was huge. quickly, i parked, gathering my belongings before dragging myself out of the car.

throwing my purse onto my shoulder ever so gently, i began my walk towards the building. as i inched closer and closer to the door, i felt an unwanted nervousness wash over me.

shaking my head, i desperately tried to shake it off, "no need to be nervous, Rebecca, relax." i spoke upon myself.

the front entrance doors flying open, i was greeted by the two security guards whom held the doors for me. "evening, madam," they spoke in sync, a small head nod.

i grin stepping inside, my head slightly hung down, "good evening"

"you must be Rebecca Gracia?" one asked, standing off beside me.

i nod, "that's me, yes."

he nods, walking ahead of me just a bit, "okay, well welcome to Mercy Academy. my name is Michael, you won't see me that often but it's lovely meeting you. also, this is my partner, David," he says, gesturing his hand behind him towards David. waving my way, David smiled.

"nice to meet you, Rebecca," David greets.

"you as well, David," i wave his way, a small grin appearing on my lips. "if you don't mind, could one of you show me to the principals office..?"

"no, not at all," Michael spoke, a slight shrug of his shoulders. "Watch the door David?"

David nods, "you know i can, take your time."

walking behind Michael, my eyes took in my surroundings, landing on random painting that resided upon the walls. the lightening was just right with the brown toned walls. the chandeliers that hung from the ceiling, set just right.

the atmosphere was perfect.

"so, what made you choose Mercy Academy? out of all schools around here, why this one?" Michael asked, looking over his shoulder at me.

"uh i don't know truly, ive just always wanted to come into the teaching field. though my mom never liked it," i shrug, the words falling from my lips with pure ease.

"hmm, okay," he nods, gesturing his hand forward. "well this is her office, if you need anything, from me at least, ill be at the front."

i nod, "i appreciate that, thank you so much."

he nods just slightly, "you're welcome, have a good one."

as he stepped away, i took a small breather before knocking on the door. waiting a few seconds, the door soon flew open and i was immediately greeted by the principal.

"hi, you must be Mrs. Garcia," she greeted, stepping aside as she allowed me inside. "welcome to Mercy Academy."

i grin, stepping inside as i quickly took a seat, "no, uh it's just Miss, Miss. Garcia, but thank you for the warm welcome."

"oh, im so sorry about that, i didn't know, im sorry. it's just the ring on your finger—i just you know, thought-"

shaking my head, i chuckled just slightly as i pulled my purse off of my shoulder. "you're totally fine, i understand completely, we're engaged, not married but i understand."

she nods, "okay well it's very lovely to meet you, Miss. Gracia, welcome to Mercy Academy, my name is Miss. Black."

"it's lovely meeting you as well, Miss. Black," i grin, tilting my head a bit as i gnaw away at my inner bottom lip.

"i am the principal here, as you can see," sliding out of her chair, she slid from behind her desk. "would you like a tour of campus?"

i nod, grabbing my purse as i pull myself out of the chair, "yes, that'll be lovely."

"would you be staying on campus along with the other teachers?" she asked, opening up the door as we made our way out.

"i was thinking about it but i believe i will be, yes," i nod.

"okay, i will keep your room open," she nods, stepping forward as she motions her hand. "well this the science, biology, chemistry, and health classrooms."

shifting my head to the left, i took in the classrooms, my eyes scanning the inside ever so quickly. watching the students as their attention stayed put on their papers.

rounding the corner, we walked a bit further as we made our way to a few more sets of classes, "right this way is your English and math classes. English on the left and math on the right."

"it's very well put," i stated, grinning as i scanned my surroundings.

she nods, giggling soft as she motions her hand forward, "yes we get that a lot but over that way, around the corner, you'll have your ap classes."

as the tour came to a close, we soon made our way into a classroom, standing off towards the entrance to the door. all pair of eyes landing on me, i felt paralysed in my position.

"good evening, twelfth grade," Miss. Black starts with, folding her arms, a small smile appearing on her lips. "i don't mean to interrupt but i know you all don't mind. this will be your new Chemistry teacher for the year," she says, gesturing her hand towards me.

i raise a hand, waving a bit as i smiled, "evening, everyone, my name is Miss. Garcia, it's lovely meeting you all."


laughter ringing through the room, we sat at the table all sharing a small dinner as we made small conversation. we never had many gatherings, and when we did, it was practically only with Barry's family.

"Barry, you're hilarious," my mom conjured up, hitting Barry across his bicep as they shared a laugh. "oh my goodness, isn't he funny, Becca?"

i grin a bit, hanging my head down low as i chuckle just slightly, "yeah, he's funny."

"so," Barry spoke, a gentle clap of his hands as he eyed my parents and i. "uh how did it go, baby? the school thing i mean..? did you enjoy it?"

before i had the chance to speak up, my mom quickly interrupted, "what? what do you mean, school? you're not thinking about becoming a teacher, are you?"

i scoff lightly, lifting my head as my eyes fell upon hers, "i am actually. i was even thinking about living on campus grounds."

"no you're not," she spoke in such a defensive manner my heart kind of stopped. slamming her hand on the table, she rose from her seat. "you're not just gonna throw your life away for some teachers position that'll probably barely give you ends meet."

i scoff once more, shaking my head as i relaxed into my seat, "well it became my life a bit over a while ago and you? you," i say with a pointed finger, pointing directly at her, "you're just my mother. i am twenty-three and for you to sit here and try to demand i do something that's not benefiting me makes you look bad."

"Rebecca," she uttered, a frowning expression coming across her face.

"that's all you ever can say is my name?" i asked, frowning my brows as i watched her closely. "you know what, just leave. go home."


"i said leave," i spoke calmly as i folded my arms against my chest. "you know exactly where the door is so please see yourself out. dad, take care." i waved him off, picking up the plates as i made my way over to the kitchen.

not even a moment later did Barry follow up behind me with a hand full of plates, "you—you okay..?" he asked, concern filling his tone.

"yeah," i mumble, not bothering to make eye contact as i began washing the dishes. "ill take care of this, could you just uh get the table for me?"

"yes," was about all he could say as he walked away.

taking ten to fifteen minutes, i washed the dishes before putting them all away. after cleaning the sink and the countertop, i threw away anything else that was trash before making my way up to the bedroom.

entering the bedroom, i found Barry off on the bed, sitting down on the edge of it. not bothering to say anything, i made my way into the room and over to the dresser, opening it as i pulled out a pair of sleepwear.

"Rebecca," Barry finally called out. looking over my shoulder, i watched as he sat still, his head low as he toyed with the bracelet on his wrist. "can i ask you something?"

"you can, yes," i spoke, shutting the dresser.

"do you not want to marry me?" he asked, sadness in his tone as his eyes never fell upon mine.

i sigh, sitting down my clothes as i made my way over to him. flopping down beside him, i sat my hands in my lap. "Barry, you're an amazing person and i love you, i always have but never more than a friend. you knew that, ive told you several times."

he sighs softly, gently lying his head down onto my shoulder, "im sorry if ive forced you into this..or anything for the matter."

shaking my head, i rested my hand on his back as i rubbed circles over it, "you've never done anything wrong, Barry. again, you're an amazing person and i love you, i always have, and i always will. just never the way you love me."

he nods, "i understand."
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