Midnight Mercy (wlw)

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neatly folding the rest of my clothes, i placed them down inside of the suitcase with the others before closing it. shutting the suitcase, i zipped it up as i dragged it down from off of the bed.

taking a small look around the bedroom, it looked empty, empty to the point that it looked like we were moving in. but no, i was moving out.

to say the least, id really miss this place. the memories Barry and i shared in this beautiful home was wholesome. he was wholesome. though i didn't love him the way he loved me, i still loved him enough.

sometimes Barry didn't act as though we were engaged, he held such a playful personality, he acted like a best friend more than a soon to be husband. but i get it, that's how marriages worked, most of the time. if you weren't marrying your best friend, what were you doing?

yes, Barry was my best friend but never my best friend, i loved him deeply just never that way.

as my eyes scanned the room, they soon fell upon a picture of Barry and i, a wholesome moment, Barry and i shared a simple kiss. our glasses of champagne raised, a soft light in our faces.

turning back around, i placed my hands on top of my luggage, sighing softly as i laid gently down against it. i was really doing this, no more living for Evelyn. fuck, that didn't sound good, dammit.

"he—hey," i heard Barry's voice suddenly. shifting my head to my right, my eyes landed on him as he stood in the doorway of the bedroom. "you alright..?"

i gulped down hard, a slight nod of the head as i frowned a bit. "yeah, just trying to come to terms with it all, you know?"

he grins, nodding as he approached me, "i do, yeah. but you'll do amazing, you've been doing amazing all this time, don't let nothing stop you now."

"Barry," i uttered, a tear rolling down my cheek as i tried to contain the sadness that rose in my bones.

"yes, love?" cupping my face, he stroked his thumb gently over my cheek as he wiped my face. our eyes meeting, i could see the sadness in his eyes.

"you okay?" was about all i could conjure up. placing my hand on top of his, i felt his warmth under my palm. "i can tell that you're sad.."

he chuckles just slightly as he hangs his head down low, rubbing his face. "im losing my best friend, of course im going to be sad."

i grin, sadness washing over me as i wrapped myself around him, embracing him tightly. "just because ill be miles away, doesn't mean ill ever leave you. we'll have the holidays.."

he chuckles softly, "yeah but that's not the same, you know? what will i do on the other times? i won't have your energy to fulfil the rooms anymore."

shoving him gently, i crossed my arms, "im a phone call, email, FaceTime, and text away. again, just because im not here, doesn't mean i left."

"mhm," he says a bit sarcastically, tilting his head. his eyes landing in mine, "are you—are you uh ready to go?"

i nod, grabbing my suitcase, "i am, yes."

"well," he sighs, a gentle clap of the hands as his eyes land on me. "let's get going, shall we?"

"no no," i shake my head, grabbing my things as i walk over towards the bedroom door, standing in the doorway. "you have work, don't worry about it. ill text you whenever ive made it, okay?"

another sigh was heard from Barry as he hung his head a bit lowly, toying with his fingers as he watched me. "but it's the last time i get to see you until like December."

i sigh, dropping my bags as i approach him, wrapping myself around him once more, i embraced him firmly. "you can always text me, Barry. i promise. keep your head high for me? im always here."

"yes, i promise," he chuckles lightly. letting me go, he held me at my shoulders as he looked into my eyes. "take care of yourself?"

i nod, my eyes falling upon the engagement ring that sat ever so nicely on my finger, "what—what about this, bear?"

"keep it. you don't have to wear it but i gave it to you, so i want you to have it," he grins widely, stroking his thumbs over my shoulder gently before letting go. "but go on, don't let me keep you for long."

a slight nod of the head, i planted a quick kiss upon his cheek as a grin appeared on our lips. stepping away from him, i grabbed my things, exiting the bedroom as i made my downstairs.

rounding the corner, i made my way over into the living room as i headed over towards the door.

"let me grab that for you," Barry blurts, making his way over to the front door fairly quickly. opening the door, he motioned his hand in a "continue" manner, proceeding, i made my way out of the door.

"thank you, bear," looking over my shoulder, i shot him a smile as i slowly made my way to my car.

throwing my things inside, i shut the door before getting over into the drivers side. turning over the engine, i sat and watched Barry in awe as he watched me from a distance. apart of me didnt want to leave, because this was my life you know? but i was so unhappy. to finally get out and live for me and no anyone else, lit my soul up in ways it hadn't in years.

i shut my eyes as a faint tear rolled down my cheek. relaxing in the seat, i grinned widely as i watched Barry once more before pulling off. my heart thumping as i floored it down the road, sadness washing over me a little.

i never thought in the twenty-three years of living that id finally be doing this. i was finally free, though it felt weird as fuck to say such things but i was, right?

i was sad, yes, but i was done, done living a life that didn't benefit me. finally.

after a long drive, i had finally pulled up, eyeing the building from head to toe as i grinned. slight happiness filled my soul as i dragged myself out of the car, gathering my belongings as i pushed forward towards the door.

as always, the doors flew open and instantly, my eyes landed on Michael and David. not wasting any time, they quickly grabbed my things, leaving me only with my purse that hung off my shoulder just a bit.

"good morning," they greeted in sync, a slight head nod as they grinned. "room three-b, correct?"

i nod, entering the building. pushing forward, i walked up the steps and down the hall. my eye analysing the building, i grinned from ear to ear as i took it all in. using my fingertips, i ran them over the edges of the walls, the pure brown toned walls glowing as the light reflected just perfectly off of it.

as my room came into view, i heard David rush to the door, pushing it open as he motioned his hand in a "continue" manner.

"thank you," i grin, my head a bit low. entering the room, i was a bit blown away at it all. my eyes taking it all in, i was quickly interrupted and pulled from my thoughts as David entered the room.

"where would you like me to put these, Miss. Garcia?" he asked, a concerned expression across his face as he held my luggage.

"uh, right here works. i still have to go through it all and separate it all, thank you, i really appreciate it."

he shakes his head, a simple chuckle was heard as he say the bags down, "it's really no problem, it's my job."

"well thank you again," i say, flopping down ever so gently into the bed. the comfiness of the bed nearly swallowing me whole.

"okay," he started with, causing me to look over at him. "breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all served in the same area around the same times they fall. breakfast starting at around four a.m and ending at about twelve p.m. lunch falling at around one thirty p.m and ending around five thirty p.m. dinner begins around five p.m and ends just before midnight."

i nod, sitting up, "thank you."

he nods just slightly, slowly exiting my bedroom, "if you need anything, Michael and i are in the front and Miss. Taylor is always in her office, if not, she's busy or out, so Michael and i are here."

nodding, i watched him exiting the room completely as he shut the door behind him. taking a small breather, i took a small look around the bedroom as i again took it all in. my eyes piercing every little detail about the bedroom.

pulled from my thoughts, i ran my eyes over my engagement ring on my finger, instantly thinking of Barry. reaching in my purse, i grabbed my phone, pulling it out as i opened it.

pulling up messages, i sat for a minute or two as i messaged Barry.

" i don't mean to bother you but uh i made it. i was just checking in as i promised id do. it's only been two hours but i hope you're having a good time at work, i hope your day goes lovely and you get home safely. if you need me, just text me and ill try to get back to you as soon as possible..i love you, bear. ill see you soon.."

a tear rolling down my cheek, i sniffed lowly as i sat with my feelings. my emotions. looking over the message, i watched as it sat in the message bar for a second before i pressed send.

"fuck," i mumbled, a shiver running down my spine as i collapsed backwards onto my bedroom. my eyes piercing the ceiling, i felt exhausted.


"ah, okay, well my name is Jennifer but everyone calls me Jen," one of the many teachers whom stood amongst me spoke. extending her hand, we shook hands. "it's nice to meet you, ive heard amazing things about you."

i grin, pleased by her words, "thank you, thank you. same for you all as well, it's just so nice to finally be here."

"yes," another speaks, hitting the table gently as we all shared a small laugh. "i started about three years ago and honestly, i still love this place."

"yes, absolutely," another chimes in, a slight cock of her brow. "ive only been here for two and i still find it to be a lovely school."

"i don't mean to be a buzzkill but i have to get going. i haven't finished unpacking my belongings..but it was lovely meeting you four, i hope to see you all around again."

"oh no, you're fine, hun. go on and get finished unpacking. we'll catch you later."

grinning, i waved them all off as i made my way out of the dinning area and back up the stairs. heading down the halls, i made my way back over to my room as i entered. shutting the door behind me, i made my way over onto the bed as i flipped down on top of it. the comfort of it swallowing me while once again as i smiled to myself.

grabbing the rest of my things, i sat on the edge of my bed as i begin folding it all nice and neat, sitting them next to me. finishing up the small amount of folding, i pulled myself out of bed and over to my dresser that was seemingly tucked in the corner of the room. placing my clothes inside of the dresser, i shut it close before grabbing my suitcase, wheeling it over into the corner before flopping back down into bed.

sighing softly, i relaxed into the mattress as i shut my eyes, "finally, im finished." i mumbled, scoffing softly

interrupted, my phone rang, indicating that i had a message. reaching over, i grabbed my phone and grinned as Barry's name flashed on my phone.

opening my phone, the message read, "lol, you're never a bother, love, no need to think like that. but work is going well, it's pretty slow so there's nothing much to do or going on. i hope you're having an eventful day because there's nothing going on, on my end. uh, i don't wanna keep you long so ill let you go. i love you, becca."

my heart fluttered as i read his message a few times over, sadness and happiness washing over all at once. i didn't know how to feel nor how to make out how i felt. everything was happening but nothing was happening, you know?

"don't be sad, Rebecca," desperately, i tried to encourage myself as tears ran down my cheek. a soft chuckle coming from me as i wiped my face. "no more being sad."
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